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Transient 2005-06-03 21:15

hey, so i havent done anything useful here for a while. so i thought id make this thread. everytime i go to a concert i write down the setlist of the bands i liked and a few memories. so here are some of the concerts i've been to and their setlists. add on your own. its nice to have a log of what concerts youve seen and whether or not they played "that one song". plus, some funny things happen at concerts every now and then.

my first concert

Opeth/ Moonspell/ Devil Driver
February 21,2004

Opeth Set list:
Master's Apprentices
The Moor (First live US performance ever)
The Drapery Falls
In My Time Of Need (For those two Mikael used an acoustic guitar)
April Etheral
Blackwater Park
Demon of the Fall (Encore)

Morbid Angel/Suffocation/Satyricon/Premonitions of War

Suffocation Set List (Rough order)

Infecting The Crypts
Pierced From Within
Effigy of the Forgotten
Demise of the Clones
Subconciously Enslaved (At that performance Souls To Deny had not been released yet)
Thrones of Blood
Suspended in Tribulation
Liege of Inveracity

Morbid Angel
(Left early)
Pain Divine
Songs from Heretic
Drum solo from Heretic while setting up triggers

Lamb Of God/Children of Bodom/Fear Factory/Throwdown
November 13 2004

Children of Bodom Setlist
Intro (Yellow flashing lights and keyboard)
Silent Night, Bodom Night
Bodom Beach Terror
Needled 24/7
Everytime I Die
Six Pounder (Changed guitars)
Hatecrew Deathroll
Hate me!

February 19,2005

Suffocation/Behemoth/Cattle Decapitation/Misery Index/Devil Inside

Suffocation Set list(Rough Order)

Infecting The Crypts
Thrones of Blood
Subconciously Enslaved
Effigy of the Forgotten
Despise the Sun
Catatonia (Human Waste version)
Breeding the Spawn (Dedicated to all the women in the audience. "Because women want to kill people too!")
Tomes of Acrimony (Dedicated to Cattle Decapitation
Liege of Inveracity
Surgery of Impalement
Pierced from Within
Funeral Inception

All songs from Demigod except As Above, So Below and Christians to the Lions
Conquer All

Saturday April 2,2005

Cryptopsy/Cattle Decapitation/Skinless (The Autumn Offering cancelled)

Cryptopsy Setlist:

All of None So Vile
Drum Solo
Cold Hate,Warm Blood
We Bleed

During Cattle Decapitation's set Cryptopsy came out and dismantled the drummer's drumkit. They took off all his cymbals and after that Cattle Decapitation played one song (3 seconds long) and stopped playing.

Skinless's vocalist came out on stage with a popehat and and a gasmask. The popehat was later given to the "Pope of the Pit" a skinny black guy wearing a Pig Destroyer t-shirt.

Kreator/Vader/The Autumn Offering/Intraction

May 10,2005

A roadie told us before letting us in that Vader cancelled two days before. He said that Vader's vocalist had mad an excuse that their bus needed a new engine but that his voice was actually blown.

Kreator Setlist (Rough Order)

Choir of the Damned
Enemy of God
Voices of the Dead
Enemy of God
Terror Zone
Pleasure to Kill
People of the Lie
Violent Revolution
Riot of Violence
All of the Same Blood

Deicide/Immolation/Skinless/Despised Icon/With Passion
Wednesday June 1st 2005

Immolation Setlist(Rough Order)

Swarm of Terror/Of Martyrs and Men
Harnessing Ruin
Despondent Soul
Our Savior Sleeps
Challenge the Storm
Father, You're Not A Father
At Mourning's Twilight

Deicide Setlist (Rough Order)

Scars of the Crucifix
Once Upon The Cross
When Heaven Burns
Lunatic of Gods Creation
Children of the Underworld
When Satan Rules His World
and others

After Scars Glen complained that he couldn't hear himself in the monitor and that he would not play anymore if he couldnt hear himself and that he would break the monitors. Later on he began sweating so badly that his setlist ink was blurred by his sweat. Jack Owen's floyd rose broke so he switched guitars to a Hamer. Other guitar player was using a LTD DV-8.

well, thats it. post your own memories and set lists!

guitar_demon 2005-06-03 21:57

i cant remember the set lists but some cool things from shows

mike kept playing a sabbath riff over and over
somone shouted "play angel of dead" and he says something like
hmm, dont know that one

morbid angel
cant remember the song but I can distinctly remember the moment i lost my hearing at it. trey was doing some fucked up wicked solo and hits this note that has some slight feedback(plus other effects) and yanks the bar up making this (literally) ear shattering shreik. which made my ears ring for over a week
got to chat with him after the show aswell

front row played air guitar almost the whole show afterwards got to talk to kerry which he ask me if i was the guy playing air guitar
damn dude i got some competition *laughs*
then give me one of his picks

was cool shit

The Execrator 2005-06-03 22:37

haha, awesome

Rapture 2005-06-04 03:02

i went to a remembering never concert and a guy died of a cocaine overdose. Ironic, considering RN are hardcore straight edge fags. I still love the music though.

The Doctor 2005-06-04 05:39

dont remember setlists either, but here's to the memories!

I saw Rammstein 5 times and evertime it was fucking killer, they have awesome gimmicks like flamethrowers on their faces, a cannibal act, etc etc etc. Awesome, i'm gonna see em again in 2 weeks.

Also Peter Pan Speedrock, great live band, mucho energy, saw em three times i believe, and once they dedicated 2 songs to me and my brother because we posted a video of us wasted in their guestbook, haha.

it was cool, but i didnt really knew em well when i visited. A friend recommended them. But i fell in love that night :love:

great show, great enery, after the second song somebody threw beer on the stage and Lemmy cut of the song and warned us if somebody did that again he would leave, haha.

killer show, they played for almost 2 hours, a lot of classics but also cool stuff from the new album. Man i got pissed that night. Hatesphere and Ektomorf sucked, Dark Tranquility was ok.

Cool show with just the classics, i was the youngest guy in the audience that night, haha. Grey ponytails all over the place.

Graspop festival 2003,
great day with Antrax, Arch Enemy, Destroyer 666, Iron Maiden and what not. Def remembers :D

Wacken 2004,
best holiday ever, 3 days of metal and beer. Motorhead was lame though, played it quick as if they wanted to get out as soon as possible. Destruction, Anthrax, Cannibal Corpse, Saxon and the rest of the bill was great though!

And i work at a small venue near to my house where i've seen bands like Dew-Scented, Grave, Prostitute Disfigurement, Desaster, Pentacle, Mortem, Destroyer 666, Krieg, Abozagorath, Cliteater, General Surgery etc.

Transient 2005-06-04 08:45

does anyone else wear earplugs? i do. i didnt the first few concerts but i dont like my ears ringing and besides it makes it much easier to hear whats going on when your ear hairs arent falling out of place!

The Doctor 2005-06-04 08:47

meh, you ought to use them, but they fuck the sound up really bad, only the bass penetrates, it really sucks.

You can get those professional fitting things, but they're fucking expensive

Transient 2005-06-04 08:49

yeah, i dont know, everyone says they mess up the sound. yes they make it bassier but my ears rattle with so much treble i cant hear whats going on anyways. personal preference i guess

BeastOfCarrion 2005-06-04 09:28

I don't think I could tollerate a concert without them.
And Most of the time, the mixer wears earplugs - and they mix it as to what they hear.

Gig memories for me:

Metallica [1998] - That is quite awhile ago, and I was WAAAYYY up the back so my memories basically consist of small figures running around on stage and lots of noise.

Slayer/Machine Head [2001] - Still not many memories, this time, I wasn't quite so far away, but I was on a weird angle. They were both good though.

Devolved + others [2002] - Local gig, my last ever underage one too! Devolved were awesome, I was right up close. All other bands were somewhat to verry shit.

The Haunted/Blood Duster/Earth [2003] - First overage gig. Earth were fucking awesome, sadly that was the only time I ever saw them. Blood Duster, decent playing I wasn't quite so grind then, so I enjoyed it more than I would have now. The Haunted were quite noisy and screachy though entertaining.

Opeth/Alchemist/Chalice [2003] - 1 month later. Challice were utter shit, they had a fucking flute player for christs sake! Alchemist were quite good, though generally not my sort of thing, they played the songs I wanted to hear and I was happy.

SYL [2004] - There was some other band in support, but they sucked. SYL was tight and played quite nicely. Sadly they played many songs I was unfamiliar with, but it was still good.

Exhumed/Fuck ...Im Dead/Bludgeneor/Ebolie/Vaginal Carnage [2004] - Vaginal Carnage were really quite good. Another band I sadly will only ever see once (RIP Chris). Ebolie - Shit, and took too much fucking time, meaning that latter bands cut their set short. Bastards. Bludgeoner were quite good, but awfully generic. Fuck ...Im Dead were FUCKING AWESOME. It was the first time I have seen them live and I was in no way dissapointed, even though they cut their set short because of previously mensioned bastards. Exhumed, well what can I say, tight fucking good gore. They played the songs I wanted to hear, and they did it well.

Deeds of Flesh/Psycroptic/Fuck ...Im Dead/someone else [2004] - Fuck ...Im Dead were first, they were not quite as good as they were at Exhumed, but were still quite entertianing. Someone else went here, and were obviously quite unmemorable. Psycroptic were next. They played Lacertine Forest. I was happy. Deeds was next. Inresting. Tight. But slightly boaring. I had a good time headbanging along.

Devolved + other shit bands [late 2004] - Shit bands inspired much drinking. Rest of night = blur.

M.S.I./Garbage Guts/Rotten Chop/Gorverk [2005] - Gorverk had a shit mex, but were still pretty good. Rotten Chop were shit, plain and simple. Garbage Guts gave me wood. I love pitch shifted grind. M.S.I. were quite entertaining too. Sadly I was sick this night, and the bits of alcohol that I consumed didn't help this.

Megadeth/Dungeon [2005] - Dungeon got shit all time, and a poor mix. But they were decent. Megadeth were good, really good. They mixed songs togeather a bit (i.e. would start one song, and then change to another in the middle, then change back for the end) Their last song was something along the lines of "Holy Train of Mechanix ... The Punishment Due".

Hate Eternal + others -

There are probably more. But I don't remember.

Silent Night 6 6 2005-06-04 13:40

Oct. 2004, the Bodom/Lamb of God/Throwdown/Fear Factory thingy. Throwdown started and I wasn't really paying attention to them. Bodom was second and their set list was:
Silent Night
Bodom Beach Terror
Needled 24/7
Hate Me!
........and that's it, Mr. Laiho decided he was too sick and his foot was hurting to play much more. It was only like 30 min. and I was kinda pissed and I didn't feel like watching Fear Factory and shit so I left.

Transient 2005-06-04 14:57

there we go

good job guys

MetalThrashingMad 2005-06-04 17:06

Originally Posted by Transient
Jack Owen's floyd rose broke so he switched guitars to a Hamer.

No he went to a Schecter!!!!

Transient 2005-06-04 20:11


MetalThrashingMad 2005-06-04 20:15

And I saw the model name on the headstock too but I forgot :mad:

Father Death 2005-06-04 20:54

Damageplan/Shadowsfall/Haunted in Montreal sometime before x-mas:

during both Damageplan and Shadowfall sets "Best Dude" comes on stage and jumps into the crowd pouring a 40 of whiskey on all of us in the pit...about 4 people including myself all slipped and fell on our asses at the same time do to all the whiskey on the floor. Damageplan ended thier set by playing some classic Pantera - Broken, A New Level and Walk. I then met Dime in a bar after the show where he was too fucked to figure out the ATM.

Kylito 2005-06-04 20:58

Death - Spiritual Healing tour at The Stone in San Francisco (or was it the Omni in Oakland? Definitely one of those two.): James Hetfield was at the show. At one point he sat down at the bar behind me and was talking to his two buddies about different methods of killing people (maybe they were bodyguards and had nothing else to talk about). At one point I glanced over and he was silent and looking in my general direction, so I said "What's up James?" and he responded "Hey." Then two of the fags that were standing around staring at him looked at me with the old "How dare you speak to James Hetfield" look on their face and I shot them a very smug evil eye and had a good laugh with my brother about it. The show was awesome and was by far the best Death show I've ever seen live or on video.

Sam Kinison - Circle Star Theater in San Carlos, CA 1989ish: Lars Ulrich was there with a bevy of four beauties surrounding him. At one point a foolish heckler shouted at Sam to "Get with the program!". Sam responded: "Get with the program? I'm the one that was getting my dick sucked by twins while doing lines of coke in a leer jet on the way over here. YOU get with the program. (giggles) I'll bet you were riding your bike this morning on your paper route saying to yourself 'I sure hope I make enough money to go see Sam Kinison tonight!'." The guy stood up right there and walked out of the venue with his girlfriend in front of everyone and it was a very cozy crowd in a circular theater with everyone watching him and laughing at him. :rofl:

Megadeth - Peace Sells tour at The Stone in San Francisco: I had already been to The Stone for several speed/thrash concerts before and they generally had one large circular pit and maybe a smaller side pit sometimes. When Megadeth finally hit the stage the entire front half of the venue spontaneously turned into a huge rectangular pit of random mayhem with me right in the middle right of it. This phenomenom held up for most of the show which consisted of every song off the first two albums (except for the covers) plus a preliminary version of Mary Jane to start off the encore. Overkill had opened up, but they didn't stand a chance compared to Mustaine and the boys in top form.

Sam Kinison - Circle Star Theater (prior to the other show): A heckler decided to get in the action as usual. Sam had brought Jessica Hahn out and paraded her around. Someone shouted "Did you fuck her?" and Sam said "No, but I did fuck your mother in the ass while she knitted me this hat!!!" (At the following show Sam had already dismissed Jessica and had fucked her at that point. When the subject came up he tried to describe the experience by saying "You know the sound a plunger makes in a toilet? It was like fucking a big house slipper that made that plunging sound." [followed by his impression of the sound while moving his fist in a plunging motion])

Metal Blade tenth anniversary show in L.A. with Armored Saint, Lizzy Borden :sleeping: , and some other kooks: I was a college DJ at the time and a former DJ was working at Metal Blade and she introduced me to Jim Matheos of Fates Warning and I was like "You rule" or something. He said he was making a surprise appearance on stage and I misunderstood him to mean that Fates Warning would be playing a surprise set. My friend John and I set about spreading the rumor and there were a lot of very excited people near the stage. Jim Matheos and some other famous guy came out and jammed with Armored Saint on a cover of Judas Priest's "Livin' after Midnight". After Armored Saint finished a bunch of people were anxiously milling around expecting Fates Warning to come out and when they started to realize that it wasn't going to happen they started getting pissed off and we overheard someone say that they wanted to know who started the rumor so they could kick some asses or something to that effect. My friend and I slipped out quietly and had a good laugh about that one. I had made eye contact with the guy we had told (he was the one who spread it around) and he looked a little miffed, but kept his mouth shut. :)

Soulfly - Cane's Bar and Grill in San Diego 2004: I was wearing my "Jesus is coming... Look Busy" t-shirt which has Jesus in large print and the rest of it smaller plus a picture of Jesus with his arms spread up and out. Some drunk bastard actually got in my face and was rambling shit like "Jesus sucks!!!! Fuck Jesus!!!!" and actually looked like he was ready to fight about it. I gave him my "Boy, what in the HELL is wrong with you?" look and then continued on to the smoking area. :rofl:

Snoop Dogg - Coors Amphitheater in San Diego around 2002ish: Four songs into Snoop's set a bunch of bloods wearing red T-shirts started a riot in the orchestra section and then got onto the stage and trashed all the DJ gear while Snoop was being whisked away by security. The concert was stopped right there. Very weird experience.

GBH - Fender's Ballroom in L.A. 1988ish: My friends and I were among a very small group of people with long hair. Everyone else was hardcore punk and back then they didn't get along with the longhairs. We stayed in the back with our backs physically against the wall and kept out of trouble. There were at least 10 fullblown fights and two hardcore catfights. A large shaved skinhead was in the middle of the pit the entire time just punching people as they went by him. When we were leaving, one of my friends decided to talk some shit to this guy and yelled something at him. We had to hit the gas because four giant skinheads started running towards our truck at full speed. :eek:

Death Angel - Fender's Ballroom in L.A. 1988: Some clown pulled a rag off of Rob Cavestany's leg and appeared to be very excited and proud of himself until Rob grabbed him by the hair and kicked him in the face. MX Machine opened up and was phenomenal live and people kept climbing up in the rafters and dropping back down into the pit.

Dark Angel - Fender's Ballroom in L.A. 1988: This was the first time I ever witnessed a pit whore in action. This cute blonde chick kept stagediving and crowd surfing over and over all night and thoroughly enjoyed getting felt up by all of the savages in the pit. I suspect she climaxed more than once.

Testament - The Warfield in San Francisco on the Practice What You Preach tour: This was probably the best live performance I have ever seen put on by anyone in a club type venue. Nothing more to say about that...

Pantera/Slayer/Morbid Angel plus three crap nu-metal bands - Cox Arena San Diego: Scott Ian was hanging out near us for a while. He shook all of our hands and seemed very cool and very short. He got busted by security for drinking a canned beer that he had scored backstage earlier. He pounded the rest of the beer and scoffed at the bouncer. :smash:

That's enough for now. Or maybe it was too much? A lot of other good concerts, but the off the wall random shit always sticks out in my memory the most. I gotta get the fuck out of here...

Transient 2005-06-04 22:22

oh well i didnt know standup comedians counted. i saw george carlin, but it was very dissapointing. all he did was get more offensive and less funny as time wore on apparently.

youve seen some cool shows and have cool memories kylito!

Seve420 2005-06-04 22:25

The most rescent gig I've been to is Hate Eternal/Psycroptic/Fuck... I'm Dead at the Espy.

I can actually give the exact set lists of Psycroptic and Fuck... I'm Dead because I've got a couple of souvenirs from the show. Both their set list sheets along with Jay's dirty fucking foot print stamped across it. I was fucking close to getting Erik's Jazz III too when he chucked it into the crowd.

Fuck... I'm Dead:
Twist Of Death
Anal Abattior
Barefoot And Shitfaced
Coliteral Damage
Colon Commando
Ruthless Aggression
Force Fed Brutality
Licky Webster
Burnt To An Absolute Crisp
Shop Front Whore
Inject Me With AIDS
Toilet Tantalizers
Jeffrey Dahmer's Cookbook
Slowly Raped With A Chainsaw
Shotgun Facelift
Delicous Dolop
Spray Me With Fecal Matter
A Fraction Off Death
Army Of Hermaphrodites
Fuck... I'm Dead

The Sword Of Uncreation
Skin Coffin
Alpha Breed (new song)
Condemned By Discontent
The Colour Of Sleep
Epoch (new song)
Carnival Of Vulgarity
The Scepter Of Jaar-Gilon

I had a fucking awesome time. I brought along my fellow med student friends, who are into punk and they had a great time too. They spent as much time up the front headbanging and stage-diving as me.

They were actually disappointed that the pit wasn't as aggressive as they expected, with that fuckhead bouncer being the most violent out of everyone but we're all still finding bruises and grazes all over our bodies.

Transient 2005-06-04 22:30

ive found that mosh pits dont exist anymore. now its just the spin kickers

steves got a nice story to tell about that one, ill let him tell it

Father Death 2005-06-05 17:28

Originally Posted by Kylito
Pantera/Slayer/Morbid Angel plus three crap nu-metal bands - Cox Arena San Diego: Scott Ian was hanging out near us for a while. He shook all of our hands and seemed very cool and very short. He got busted by security for drinking a canned beer that he had scored backstage earlier. He pounded the rest of the beer and scoffed at the bouncer. :smash:

was that the Extreme Steel Tour?? man Morbid Angel was the first band...somehow Scrape and Static-X deserved to be after them...fucking jackasses...this was in Hamilton, ON. anyways me, my bud and two other random dudes sat down on the floor in defiance of what was happening. I also sat down when Soulfly was playing before Slayer in Montreal at some other show. people were tripping over us occasionally, but no one did anytihng about it, so we stayed seated.

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