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DerMeister 2002-06-27 05:57

Curse you!
Mister Nemo asked me to put in this thread just before he left me for hot, sandy beaches and even hotter chicks: Since we all speak a lot of weird languages, he thought we should teach each other how to curse/swear/whatever it is called! Since those nasty words are the first we learn of new languages, this could prove useful.
In the spirit of Nemo, let us get to work.

I'll start with some Norwegian:
Faen - like "fuck"
Helvete - Hell
Jćvel - Devil ("ć" is like the "a" of damn, I guess...)
Hćstkuk - Horse's cock
(more coming up...)

I'll add some Finnish too...
Kyrpä - Cock
Kulli - Cock
Vittu - Vagina
Paholainen - Devil
Perkele - Devil

Feel free to add. Let us learn and have fun. And make Nemo happy.

Katham 2002-06-27 06:56

Fasz - Dick
Pöcs - Cock
Ördög - Devil
Kurva - Whore
Punci - Cunt

far_beyond_sane 2002-06-27 07:34

Now how can I, as a monolingual English speaker, tell you rude things you already know? I will write you some interesting strings of f_b_s invective instead for I am drunk and you speak English like old people fuck - sloppily.

"You nasty fetid foul-mouthed syphilitic whore. I hope you rancid crotch rots and falls off your drug-emaciated body."

"What you are afflicted by is nothing more than weak and pathetic genetic stock coupled with your own massive insecurities and facial deformity that would make a hunchback vomit."

"You listen to Kylie Minogue. You are not a human being. You are the lowest form of life. You, in fact, are lower than a snake's arsehole. The fact that you are still alive causes me pain at nights and keeps me from sleep. The one tiny flickering fire inside me that keeps going is my corrosive hatred of you and everything you stand for and the hope that one day you will be eradicated like the insignificant, pathetic mollusc that you are. I pray with every fibre and shred of my being that you die - horribly, painfully and soon."

You should all put that last one in your breakup notes. I do hope added a little light to your collective days :vampire:

Katham 2002-06-27 07:39

Some dictionary if you're going to Hungary

Isten megbassza az eget! - I'm happy about that.
Isten húzza rá a retves faszára! - I'm having quite a good day.
Hülye fakabát pöcs! - Oh, hello, Mr. Policeman!
Kell kaja! - Two hamburgers, please!
Egyé szart! - I agree.
Kapd be! - I disagree.
Köcsög kulák, mutasd csak az órád! - Excuse me, what's the time?
Ferencváros, éo! - I love football.
Ne nézzé, bazdmeg, de leszakítom az arcodat. - What's the problem?

far_beyond_sane 2002-06-27 09:21

The problem is, we can't actually pronounce any of that stuff :)

MetalPoldi 2002-06-27 11:12

And i don´t believe that "Hülye fakabát pöcs!" means " Hello, Mr. Policeman".:uzi:
Perhaps more like "Fuck off, you son of a bitch". I don´t trust you, Katham. I think i could start the WW3 with your dictionnary.:D

Schwanz - cock
Möhse or Fotze - vagina
Arschloch - asshole
Wichser - wanker
Teufel, Belzebub - devil
Schlampe - bitch
Hure - whore

Katham 2002-06-27 12:35

Actually it meant 'stupid ass policeman', but when I translated, I checked in even the slang.

Euronymous 2002-06-27 12:36

Some more Hungarian:

Ringyó - Whore
Ribanc - Whore
Prosti - Whore
Lotyó - Whore
Ribi - (see: Ribanc)

Fasz - Dick
Pöcs - Dick
Pénisz - Dick
Kéjrúd - Dick
Ivargerenda - Dick
Tök - Used as "Dick" but means "Pumpkin" in literal sence
Fasz szopó - Dick Sucker

Geci - Sperm
Hugy - Piss
Pisa - Piss
Vér - Blood
Bőr - Skin
Hús - Flesh, Meat

Szar - Shit
Kaka - Shit
Fos - Shit (more like Diarrhea)
Kula - Shit
Fekália - Shit

Random stuff:
Bazdmeg - Fuck you
Anyád - Your mother
Faszom kivan - Means "my dick is out" in literal sence, in slang shows sign of annoyance.
Kabd Be - Suck my dick
Nyald ki - Eat my ass

Pokol - Hell
Ördög - The Devil
Isten - God
Mennyország - Heaven
Angyal - Angel
Démon - Demon
Sátán - Satan
Metál - Metal
Euronymous az Isten - Euronymous is God

Good learnin'

Katham 2002-06-27 12:38

Originally posted by Euronymous
Kéjrúd - Dick
Ivargerenda - Dick


Haven't heared that two before :D

Euronymous 2002-06-27 12:40

yeah i just recently learned them :) :) :)

powersofterror 2002-06-27 14:42

for us americans...who only speak american,
it would help if you wrote down pronuctiations
it would be humiliating to learn something,
and say it around someone who also knows what it means,
and look like a total jackass:scatter:

memnoch 2002-06-27 16:44

Why bother using it at all??

I wouldn't go around swearing at people in hungarian.....i don't know the language, so why the hell would i swear in it??

I knew lots of kids back in high school who loved calling each other spanish names and shit......i thought and still do think it's uterly useless. The only people who will understand it will be those who speak the language.....and they're too chicken shit to call real spaniards by those names they're just hypocrites.

Why can't i just be called a "mother fucker"? Why does it have to be some unknown language which these kids find so amusing??

That's just my opinion on this.......i'd be much more offended by what sane said then any other remark in here.

Trendkill_420 2002-06-27 19:06

fuck = fuck

powersofterror 2002-06-27 21:05


and shit=shit

Slaytaniac 2002-06-27 21:32

Originally posted by MetalPoldi

Schwanz - cock
Möhse or Fotze - vagina
Arschloch - asshole
Wichser - wanker
Teufel, Belzebub - devil
Schlampe - bitch
Hure - whore

Schwanzsluscher - cock sucker

(I don't know if the spelling is right but, who the fuck cares..........isn't that German?)

atifman 2002-08-29 12:38

how do you say cunt

mrweijia 2002-08-29 13:27


penis(pronounced pénis) - penis
baisier - to fuck
merd - shit
vagina - poontang
i forget the rest

AngelOfDeath 2002-08-29 13:47

Not sure if its totally correct, but it made my french friend laugh...

Je déteste faire de foutre avec un anana - I hate being fucked with a pineapple.
Va tu faire foutre - Go fuck yourself

and Spanish

Mi padre es un grande vaso de suero - My dad is a glass of sour milk
Pené - Dick
Merde - Shit


Lort - Shit
Fisse - pussy
random danish bad words: pis, rřv
Jeg elsker dig - I love you
Fisk fisse - fish cunt

Thats about all I can think of and remember right now

AngelOfDeath 2002-08-29 13:50

Oh yeah, and I can't spell it, but I'll spell it phonetically,

Igormissyu is fuck off in Greek. and it sounds like, Im gonna miss you hehe

mrweijia 2002-08-29 13:55

hahaha greek

penis is pronounced "chuchunee"
fuck is pronounced "malaka"

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