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Freke 2002-06-26 13:22

Internet lessons
I made threads like these in both the guitar and bass forums, so why not in here too?

Katham 2002-06-26 13:24

Hmmm... I prefer learning from a teacher...

Drum-learning through net is kinda shitty and hard.

Tattered 2002-06-29 12:28

yeah and u cant ask qwuestions and shit like that internet lessons is skanky!

MeTalManiac555 2003-03-09 23:42

Yeah man, internet lessons suck ass, because the people that make them aren't pros or nothing, and they probably didn;t go to school, and also liek whoever said this but you can;t ask questions, and if you are trying to do something you could be doing it wrong and not even know it and learn wrong.

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