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The Execrator 2005-05-20 21:50

My new set!
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I havent really finished adjusting everything to how i want it yet, but here it is.

younguitarist 2005-05-20 22:36

Nice! is that transient's amp in the first pic?

The Execrator 2005-05-20 23:41

Nope, thats MTMs. Transients is right next to it though.

The Doctor 2005-05-21 02:22

looking darn good man

jimmers 2005-05-21 04:07

Looks sweet as beans, man. I wish I'd gone for 2 floor toms on my kit.

Slabbefusk 2005-05-21 04:08

Nice kit dude.

Transient 2005-05-21 07:51

aha i will tell you guys how it is when i go over there today and tear it up :P

i have pictures of us jamming, if you guys want em ill upload them somewhere. that room is TINY. there is now going to be standing room only!

The Execrator 2005-05-21 09:46

Haha, thanks for the complements guys. Im going to test it out with transient right now. :beer:

The Doctor 2005-05-21 09:55

watchu paid for it?

The Execrator 2005-05-21 16:16

Drums: $1,000 US
Hardware: $450 US maybe
Cymbals: $800 US
It sucks being a drummer :bawling:
The drums are the only new things though, along with some stand.

guitar_demon 2005-05-21 16:36

looks sick man

NZ black metal drumm 2005-05-22 01:59

Fucking awesome dude!!!

The Execrator 2005-05-22 13:20

Haha, thanks. I just tuned everything and it sounds sick. I wonder how good its going to sound when i get some good heads on. The pedals suck ass, im getting axis pedals in like 2 months. Oh yeah, and it really is immpossible to get 2 bass drums to sound the same.

The Doctor 2005-05-22 13:46

guess you'll have to get yourself some triggers then

The Execrator 2005-05-22 16:59

Yeah, i guess so. I'll probably just get the e-kits after i get my axis pedals.

IRON FART 2005-05-22 20:01

Just get electric drums. :/

That is a sick set man. Enjoy.

John Holland 2005-05-22 23:59

Nice set.

Those flowers on the wall give it a kvlt atmosphere perfect for metal.

Transient 2005-05-23 05:50

i have no idea why all that stuff is hanging in his basement. theres a medical reference diagram of human muscles, a V-E day 1945 boston newspaper , and a fram with a bunch of pictures in it. its pretty funny

The Execrator 2005-05-23 14:19

Haha, it was just a storage room before i moved my drums down there. It looks like shit because no one ever goes down there besides me.

Lord.Worm 2005-05-23 15:03

Originally Posted by The Execrator
Drums: $1,000 US
Hardware: $450 US maybe
Cymbals: $800 US
It sucks being a drummer :bawling:
The drums are the only new things though, along with some stand.

I paid 1200€ for my set...and about 2000€ for cymbals...
and I bought new pedals...380€ what? ;)
It really sucks being a drummer.

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