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7-string warlord 2005-05-19 17:49

Sick brother
My bro is ill. Has something called Cushing disease. Does anyone have any experience with this.

Transient 2005-05-19 17:50

im sorry to hear that, but a metaltabs website is not a good place to look for medical advice. even if you were well liked here, id say the same thing. try some online websources or :idea: talk to a real doctor about it. good luck dealing with this disease, but this is just a bad place.

far_beyond_sane 2005-05-19 18:35

Someone said nerd?

Cushing's Syndrome is more correctly called hypercortisolism (i.e. too much cortisol). It's usually caused by a tumour on the pituitary gland, most likely in your brother if he's of age. There are other causes but if I remember correctly they tend to be more severe (e.g. Cushings as a side-effect of cancer).

On a more personal level, it can be a motherfucker of a disease. Google for some images - symptoms like "moonface" and "buffalo hump" are really not pretty. Cushing's patients bruise REALLY easily, retain water and generally get obese and squashy, ending up somewhat weird looking.

The only good part - Cushing's is eminently treatable these days. If it's been diagnosed, I'm sure treatment is in the works. Doesn't make it any less serious though.

My best to your brother, and to you.

brainsforbreakfast 2005-05-19 19:12

Shit man, that's heavy. Best of luck to the both of you.

L,B'XXX 2005-05-19 19:36

I've just recently started hearing about cortisol from the commercials on tv, but I've never heard of Cushings disease. I hope and pray everything works out well for your family.

Pandemonium 2005-05-19 20:06

One of the only things I learned in MLS class...FBS beat me to the explanation. :)

Good luck.

TheDreadfulHoroscope 2005-05-19 20:14

My friend has mitochondriasephylafictiacazrombosis disease, someone help me out here :sickface: :sickface: :sickface:

far_beyond_sane 2005-05-19 20:34

Originally Posted by TheDreadfulHoroscope
My friend has mitochondriasephylafictiacazrombosis disease, someone help me out here :sickface: :sickface: :sickface:

Excuse me fucktard, but I'm really failing to see the humour in this particular situation.

Jittery Sniper 2005-05-19 21:20

This may not be the right place for this particular thread, but at least the dude's heart was in the right fucking place. Best of luck to you and your brother. I once had pluerisy and it could have killed me, I lived though.

L,B'XXX 2005-05-20 08:26

There's a certain commraderie and familiarity that builds within some of the forums and I think that's why he asked it here. I've seen it happen loads of times at my other forum over the years over all sorts of real crisis situations. And even the ones that you'd like to string by the ears sometimes lend information or a listening ear. That's what makes these forums special.

Mordor 2005-05-20 12:51

i hope ure bro gets well soon dude :beer:

shimbolla 2005-05-20 15:04

My dog has cushings disease. (and I'm not making fun of the situation, he seriously does)
I don't know much about it for humans. But it's definitely treatable. I think it just depends on the individual who has it--how bad it is. Shouldn't be too much to worry about though. My uncle knew some kid who had it. Sometimes surgeries are needed; sometimes medications. Still, it shouldn't cause any dramatic problems. As the rest have said, talk to a doc. And best of luck to you and your bro.

Transient 2005-05-20 15:25

yeah, ive had some really major shit happen with my back that i dont even talk to with most of my friends. if you motherfuckers want, i can tell the tale, or i can keep it to myself. either way, everybody gets some kind of disesase in their life time. lets hope this is you brothers only, eh?

sqol 2005-05-20 17:24

Best wishes to your brother and yourself!

Zionist 2005-05-20 18:55

Damn, that sucks, I know how it feels. My brother was really sick when he was born, they had to keep him at the hospital for 5 months before letting him actually come home.

TheDreadfulHoroscope 2005-05-22 20:42

Originally Posted by far_beyond_sane
Excuse me fucktard, but I'm really failing to see the humour in this particular situation.

yeah, im sorry, that was rude of me (seriously), I shouldn't make fun of sickness.

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