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Slasher 2005-05-14 00:06

Vader, Decapitated, Dew-Scented US Tour

VADER, DECAPITATED and DEW-SCENTED will be teaming up for a US tour later this year. Dates confirmed so far are as follows:

November 7 - New York City, NY @ B.B. Kings Blues Club w/ SUFFOCATION, CRYPTOPSY, CEPHALIC CARNAGE, ABORTED
November 8 - Cleveland, OH @ Peebody’s Down Under
November 9 - Chicago, IL @ Joes on Wood St.
November 11 - Winnipeg, MB @ Royal Albert Arms
November 14 - Edmonton, AB @ Starlite Room
November 15 - Calgary, AB @ Warehouse
November 16 - Vancouver, BC @ Richards on Richards
November 17 - Seattle, WA @ Studio Seven
November 19 - San Francisco, CA @ The Pound at Pier 96
November 21 - Tempe, AZ @ The Clubhouse
November 24 - Corpus Christi, TX @ El Palacio Ballroom
November 25 - San Antonio, TX @ Sanctuary
November 26 - Houston, TX @ Mary Jane’s
November 28 - St. Louis, MO @ Creepy Crawl
November 29 - Dayton, OH @ Elbo’s
November 30 - Utica, NY @ Albie’s Bar

More dates to be announced soon.

nyc show is going to be insane

younguitarist 2005-05-14 00:21

Originally Posted by Slasher
November 25 - San Antonio, TX @ Sanctuary


BLS 2005-05-14 09:41

Why do Cryptopsy and Cephalic Carnage REFUSE to play Chicago? :mad:

Nihilist 2005-05-14 10:34

slasher is a bitch. =p

Transient 2005-05-14 11:53

vader cancelled my concert. i was talking to one of the roadies who said that vaders vocalist's voice blew out, so they cancelled their dates calling it a "bus engine failure". that really made me mad

The Doctor 2005-05-14 17:46

pretty homosexual that vader isnt honest about it.

Transient 2005-05-14 21:26

i wouldnt have been nearly as upset if A vader were honest and said petes voice blew out. it happens, this was like the last date on the tour anyways. or if they played a show with a differnet vocalist. its been done. it was realy irritating. they wont be coming around here for a while either

BLS 2005-05-14 22:08

I remember when Peter broke his arm so Vader had to cancel all their shows with Cannibal Corpse, Kataklysm and Napalm Death...

Like they couldn't have another guitarist play for Peter while he sang? You dont need an arm to sing.

Transient 2005-05-14 22:27

really. those guys are pussies

BLS 2005-05-14 23:33

Give em a break! There Polish... :p

The Doctor 2005-05-15 08:16


Transient 2005-05-15 16:20


i never see decapitated cancelling shows. but jeez, i never see them playing shows either!

BLS 2005-05-15 21:02

Yep.. :p

Transient 2005-05-16 18:37

i meant that as, they dont seem to play many shows. they gig, but i dont think they tour

The Execrator 2005-05-16 19:36

I want to see Decapitated.

Soeru 2005-05-29 11:23

Originally Posted by Slasher
November 7 - New York City, NY @ B.B. Kings Blues Club w/ SUFFOCATION, CRYPTOPSY, CEPHALIC CARNAGE, ABORTED

I'm going to the NYC show. Fucking fucking awesome, as I love all of these bands.

kin 2005-05-29 21:52

November 19 - San Francisco, CA @ The Pound at Pier 96

I'm there.

younguitarist 2005-07-05 23:56

Vader/Decapitated North American tour dates updated
Polish death metallers DECAPITATED have revealed the tentative routing for their upcoming North American tour with VADER (headliners) and DEW-SCENTED. The schedule is shaping up as follows:

Nov. 05 - Worcester, MA
Nov. 06 - Springfield, VA
Nov. 07 - New York City, NY
Nov. 08 - Cleveland, OH
Nov. 09 - Chicago, IL
Nov. 10 - Minneapolis, MN
Nov. 11 - Winnipeg
Nov. 12 - Regina
Nov. 13 - Saskatoon
Nov. 14 - Calgary
Nov. 15 - Edmonton
Nov. 16 - Vancouver
Nov. 17 - Seattle
Nov. 18 - Portland
Nov. 19 - San Francisco, CA
Nov. 20 - Los Angeles, CA
Nov. 21 - Santa Ana, CA
Nov. 22 – Phoenix, AZ
Nov. 24 - Corpus Christi, TX
Nov. 25 - San Antonio, TX
Nov. 26 – Houston, TX
Nov. 27 - Oklahoma City, OK
Nov. 28 – St. Louis, MO
Nov. 29 - Dayton, OH
Nov. 30 - Utica, NY

Right after the dates with VADER, DECAPITATED will embark on a 10-date headlining tour of Canada. The dates are as follows:

Dec. 01 - Toronto, Ontario (ON)
Dec. 02 - Cambridge, Ontario (ON)
Dec. 03 - Rouyn-Noranda, Quebec (QC)
Dec. 04 - Ottawa, Ontario (ON)
Dec. 05 - Montreal, Quebec (QC)
Dec. 06 - St-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Quebec (QC)
Dec. 07 - Montreal, Quebec (QC)
Dec. 08 - Trois-Rivieres, Quebec (QC)
Dec. 09 - Rimouski, Quebec (QC)
Dec. 10 - Quebec City, Quebec (QC)

DECAPITATED are about to embark on a European headlining tour, with support from bands like GOREROTTED, DETONATION and DAM. The tour schedule includes 12 dates in England, Scotland and Ireland and 14 dates in such countries as Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Denmark and Czech Republic. Exact cities and dates will be announced soon.

DECAPITATED recently parted ways with vocalist Sauron and replaced him with Covan, formerly of ATROPHIA RED SUN.

EZURATE 2005-07-06 23:11

Can't wait for DECAPITATED on November 9th !

younguitarist 2005-11-26 02:12

Sorry to bring back an old thread...

DAMN this concert kicked ass. Decapitated were great and the sound was perfect though Vogg's amp was a little low in the mix. I got to talk to him for a little bit and I got to touch his RAN :eek:. Dew-Scented were alright. I really didn't dig the singer's vocals but he was a great frontman and got the crowd going. The pit was insane when Decapitated started playing winds of creation. They also played tracks off the negation too. Vader were badass too. The only thing I didn't like was that it took them almost 40 minutes to set up. Their bass kick sounded techno-ish which was funny. They started off with "this is the war" and they played some tracks off Litany. After the concert I remember seeing a bunch of skins jumping some guy.

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