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Mortalis 2005-05-07 21:10

3 Inches of Blood
3 inches of blood is a new band for many people including me, they just finished touring across there home country Canada opening up for motorhead. Now they're in Europe with Trivium.

These guys are just fucking amazing, probably my most fav band at the moment. Has anyone heard of them or enjoy the music they produce because i fucking do. (tell me what you think)

Pandemonium 2005-05-07 21:17

Do you think that was crafty of you to throw your band page in there? I see you getting banned, or at the least, this thread being flamed incessantly and inevitably closed.

BLS 2005-05-07 21:20

Thier funny, my Uncle knows the Bassist.. hes a cool guy. Some good power metal.. but still original.

rapeandruin 2005-05-07 21:24

3 inches of blood is pretty fucking good. I wouldn't mind seeing them live.

Pandemonium 2005-05-07 21:30

I saw them live, it was an average show. There were people going crazy with joy about seeing them, but they were few. It may have been better if I had been slightly more familiar with their set.

BLS 2005-05-07 21:30


Anubis 2005-05-08 04:13

I saw them earlier this year, and they kicked ass. The other bands pretty much sucked, but they went ona nd played realy fucking well.

Ten Ton Alien 2005-05-08 11:39

kill the orcs, slain the orcs, destroy the ORCS

great, great band.

Mortalis 2005-05-08 14:20

Axes of evil is amazing song, however i got kicked out by security during that song! To drunk and trying to fight never mixes well!

TheDreadfulHoroscope 2005-05-08 20:12

As I have said before, damn good band. Very good for being so new.

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