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L,B'XXX 2005-06-25 06:46

"Watching and waiting for a friend to play with
I hope it won't be very long"

"I just had to make it with them 'cause they play my kind of rhythm
And the bees hummed in harmony
And the owl played his oboe then the frog's guitar solo
It was all too much for me"

"But time will tell of stars that fell a million years ago.
Memories can never take you back home, sweet home,
You can never go home anymore."

"I'm going to sing my song,
And sing it all day long,
A song that never ends.
How can I tell you
All the things inside my head? "

"Sunday roast is something good to eat,
Must be lamb today 'cause beef was last week."

"Some way I know I'll see you shining
When you're a free man,
When we're all free men again."

"Music is the traveller crossing our world
Meeting so many people, bridging the seas
We're just singers in a rock and roll band. "

Moody Blues

FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!! :guitar:

Zertonshfits 2005-06-25 07:34

At Dawn They Sleep - Slayer "Kill... kill... KILL... KIIIIIIIIIIILLLLLLLL!!!!!!!" :vampire:

simple but it gives me chills down my spine every time \m/

Dittohead - Slayer "Reality on vacation all across the blinded nation, mentally under sedation"

Serpent's Coil - Cryptopsy "rawr rawr rawr Fucking rawr" :p

Defenestration - Cryptopsy " reach, little one, reach"


Circle of Beliefs - Slayer "You're folowing on fate, everyone AWAKE!!!"

if you havnt noticed i like yelling :p

Cloaca 2005-06-25 09:02

Lord Worm has the best one liners by far. Here's one of my personal favourites....

"I just want to hold your pretty hand..... The rest of you can be dissolved in acid.... I just want to hold your pretty hand..."

newHELLonEARTH 2005-06-25 11:14

thats awesome... haha what song is that from?

Cunty Shunt 2005-06-26 02:37

Agoraphobic Nosebleed - Built To Grind
"real men dont just blow loads on jane doe, they grind them in."

Anal Cunt - Van Full Of Retards
"Van full of retards--hahahaha. Van full of retards--you drool on yourself"

Cloaca 2005-06-26 05:22

Originally Posted by newHELLonEARTH
thats awesome... haha what song is that from?

The mighty "Serial Messiah". Track 4 on Blasphemy Made Flesh.

Another golden one from Lord Worm, when read with the rest of the lyrics:

"And then we fucked it!" - Pathological Frolic

OpethFan 2005-06-27 03:18

"Peace a fragile lover left us fantasising war, on our knees or another fucker's shore." From the cradle to enslave - Cradle of Filth.
I know I know! Its cradle of fucking filth, but thats the only song i still kinda like, and that line I always thought was cool.

"I had a friend once, he took some acid... Now he thinks he's a fire engine."
Tool - Gaping lotus experience.


OpethFan 2005-06-27 03:27

Originally Posted by Cunty Shunt
"Semen tastes like gun-metal she said smiling."
Pig Destroyer - Cheerleader Corpses

Hahaha i just read that.

Cant remember what Pig Destroyer song its from but "Saponified fats, nibbled by rats."

I cracked up when i was reading the lyrics to that song

FinnishBass 2005-06-27 04:51

Mokoma - Takatalvi

Saapuu takatakatakatakatakatalvi! :p

Which is in english, btw:

Arrives cold spell cold spell cold spell cold spell cold spell in spring! :rolleyes:

FinnishBass 2005-06-27 04:58

Nah, seriously, I think the best line is in Ensiferum - Into Battle:

WE'LL FIGHT TILL THE END! And send our enemies straight to Hell!

twiztid rage 2005-07-01 14:37

Tool- Sober
I am just a worthless liar. I am just an imbecile. I will only complicate you. Trust in me and fall as well. I will find a center in you. I will chew it up and leave, I will work to elevate you just enough to bring you down. Trust me

Tulvox 2005-07-01 15:23

Thats not one line.

newHELLonEARTH 2005-07-01 22:06

once again i have another. this actually was my favorute, i only forgot about it. "the skyline was beautiful on fire, all twisted metal stretching upward.." GYBE!- the dead flag blues

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