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rosy_crucifixion 2005-04-16 06:46

Advice for female metal vocalists.
I searched through all the threads and couldn't find any female specific tips or suggestions...any advice welcome.

andrewc 2005-04-16 07:33

1. sing.

blizzard_beast 2005-04-16 08:37

For females you say? Sucking cock helps.

Haha ,sorry, that needed to be said.


shimbolla 2005-04-16 09:48

I'm not sure if there is anything a female vocalist should do different than a male vocalist when it comes to metal. Male or female, black or white, republican or democrat -- it really doesn't matter. Whatever you can do that sounds good. Are you more up for singing melodically, or are you hoping to go for something harsher and along the lines of more extreme metal? As a simple little fact, female voices are higher than male voices. Yes, I know, I should work for NASA. But with that little statistic in mind, I'd have to say that it might be hard to really put forth a heavy metal vocal that isn't cheesy and/or melodic. There's nothing wrong with melodic, but it tends to make people more experimental and they end up doing shit like Evanescence ( :sickface: ). So all I can say is test your voice high and low, harsh and soft, clean and distorted, etc. Whatever sound fits what you'd like to hear, then go for it. It's all a matter of the individual voice -- no matter what gender.

powersofterror 2005-04-16 21:18

"republican or democrat"...:rofl:

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