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Six_Feet_Under_420 2005-03-30 05:18

good trade ?
Someone offererd me a ENGL powerball head in exchange for my mesa boogie dual rectifier head. Would that be an improvement ? They don't sell any engls in my local guitar shop so I can't try it out. and this guy comes tomorrow, and he lives pretty far away. So if it's not an improvement he could save the trouble for coming over.

All advice is apreciated :beer:

Ademus 2005-03-30 06:47

well, would he be willing to swap back if u didnt like it? why dont u sit down with it as hes coming over and jam with it and see

Six_Feet_Under_420 2005-03-30 06:59

well, that's also and option. And I don't know if he wants to swap back. But yeah, I can check it out when he is here. But if someone thinks the dual I own now is better. Then I could spare him the long drive.

xdislexicx 2005-03-30 10:38

well, they're two totally different beasts that's for sure...

personally i like the powerball much better...

and then you get the resale involved... a used dual recto normally goes for about $1,000.... a used powerball usually goes for about $1,300.

so as far as improvement in tone... i say yes, but that's only my opinion. but increase in value makes it a total no brainer.

if you don't like it as much for some reason... sell it and buy another dual recto, then keep the change.

Def 2005-03-30 12:33

I chose the Powerball over a recto, whilst mesa's are more expensive here. it's the other way around in the US.

just figure out which one you like best, its all about preference, I can rant on about my powerball for half a week, but in the end it's up to you to see if it suits your need.

Mordor 2005-03-30 13:18

i'd take the powerball

Necro_Butcher 2005-03-30 15:21

you can give me the powerball if you dont like it.

btw if you do get it i want a full review of on it and i will endless bombart you with questions

BLS 2005-03-30 22:46

Play the Powerball.. then make up your mind, it should be easy.

Six_Feet_Under_420 2005-03-31 11:46

the day has come...And I said farewell to my beloved dual recto. But that powerball kicks so much ass. :smash: And it's easier to get a good tone of than the dual recto. It's still running on my mesa cabs though

thanks for al the advice :beer:

Def 2005-03-31 11:54

holy shit, so I'm not the only dutchy with a powerball on these forums anymore!

congratulations man! :beer:

Six_Feet_Under_420 2005-03-31 12:25

thanks :beer:

Def 2005-03-31 12:30


what kinda mesa cabs you're running it with?

Six_Feet_Under_420 2005-03-31 12:39

Ill try. But I have no digital camera :p I'll figure out a way to post some pics. And I'm running it through a 2 4x12" traditional slant cabs. 280 watts
One with the actual slant front. And 1 with the straight front.

Def 2005-03-31 12:45

Nice, how do you like the cabs with it? I tried my powerball on two mesa cabs, the traditional one and a half open back that looked damn old. the half open back one sounded better, the recto cab was a bit too 'midrangey' for me.

still, good cabs, I'de prefer them above the 1960b cab that I've got, though I'de rather get a VHT or Engl v30 cab. those Engl cabs are heavy fuckers!

Six_Feet_Under_420 2005-03-31 12:51

Well, I only played the mesa cabs so far. But they sound pretty good. A nice tight sound. But I also heard engl cabs sound way better. Maybe I should try one of those engl cabs and if I like them better I'll exchange my 2 mesa cabs for 2 engl cabs if possible :p

Def 2005-03-31 13:14

if you want the good ones, get the ones with v30's. I could let you try my powerball through a 1960b and a engl v60 cab, if you'de like.

those v30 engl cabs are pretty expensive but they do sound really deep compared to most other cabs, they work great with the heads, shame they're daaaamn heavy in weight too ;)

guitar_demon 2005-03-31 14:59

why would anyone give up a powerball for a damn recto?!

HermanRi! 2005-03-31 15:46

Originally Posted by guitar_demon
why would anyone give up a powerball for a damn recto?!


def, is it alright if you post pics of your powerball? i wanna have a loook see, and btw, Six_Feet_Under_420, get some pics...quick! :p

borrow someone elses digital camera :p

Def 2005-03-31 15:49

there it is.

the one on the bottom. the one on top is a ritchie blackmore signature

MoonRaven 2005-03-31 16:40

Originally Posted by Def

there it is.

the one on the bottom. the one on top is a ritchie blackmore signature

GODDAMIT DEF, take a few nonblurry pictures, i want definition.

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