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L,B'XXX 2005-03-16 23:05

Thanks for reading. Not sure if this could be a song. It started out that way, but turned into poetry by the end. I think I'd have to rework the last part if it was gonna be a song. Like I said thanks for reading. :)

" Dimensions "

I can feel your iron power grasping my sorrows.
Ripping away all the burdens I bear.
My face twisted, eyes closed.
You whisper my name
And all else fades into the distance
Like another world that has opened to me.
Your strength is pouring,
Molten and heavy, bringing me to life.

Tearing through shadows to softly rolling fields.
Pressing the earth with the back of my hands.
I am your sunlight and I am your star.
You, my thrist quenching water and fire.
Tip the rugged mountain and crash it to the shore
Omniously lying paralyzed in stone.
The ocean just a meer touch away.
The calling pulsing in the waves.

Biting and raging, shouting wildly into the wind.
Crazed eyes full of lustered depth.
Startled in a refracted point of light to silence.
The other side of a moment receding.
Showing mirth and sincerity, touching emerald petals--
Unplucked yet shared in youthful observation.
Bonded in a soul to soul passion of life.
Steel-strong roots intertwined.


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