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Mortalis 2005-03-16 01:25

Who Listens to Online Radio
Who listens to online radio and if so what are some good stations?

Sam Hudson 2005-03-16 01:37

Not me,rather watch Family guy on online tv.But ti's hard to get the signal though

Agent-Orange 2005-03-16 05:17

Mortalis 2005-03-16 14:31

Originally Posted by Agent-Orange

snake radio is pretty fucking sweet, any others

guitar_demon 2005-03-16 15:19

Rapture 2005-03-16 15:52

yeh, snakenet and rothmetal pretty much sum up the best of the online metal radio stations.

Corpsevomit98 2005-03-16 20:08

Black Metal Radio has some decent shit. Not neccesarily all black metal.

LordofStorms 2005-03-16 21:18

Originally Posted by Corpsevomit98
Black Metal Radio has some decent shit. Not neccesarily all black metal.

Thats the only one I listen to.

NZ black metal drumm 2005-03-16 21:43

it is great to listen to at school when doing some assignment and I have not my MP3 collection on me!

YOUR_GOD_IS_DEAD 2005-03-16 21:52

I used to listen to MetalLegions radio before it got shut down. That one was badass, if you liked the song, you could download it. and it had cd/show reviews.

I listen to
and whenever my connection is kicking ass or if im at a place with fast connection. plays some slow stuff sometimes, but they were playing Carcass the other day.

Dissection 2005-03-16 21:55

iTunes has a few good comedy and metal stations. And I usually listen to Punk 45, too.

Kylito 2005-03-17 03:35

There are several death metal stations. :)

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