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Baritoner 2005-02-26 11:20

For people who play low!
Time for a string set change up, not only from old to new but I've been playing the Scorpion decimators 13-62 for awhile and I'm thinking their are other more flexible, more stable sets out there that are good for electric baritone guitars (tuning B standard or B Flat). Any suggestions, I'm thinking of even getting a seven string set and just leaving the last one off. DR strings seem really good when someone told me they were on a 7 string I was playing in a shop. The top was felt thick and they felt "squishy?" It was good. I don't know I'm just going to shut up now and wait if anyone has answers. thanks

John Holland 2005-02-26 11:52

I'm contemplating a 7-string/Baritone guitar in the future. I think Schecter makes a baritone string set, but I'm not certain.

Dissection 2005-02-26 12:04

Try D'Addario, if they make them. While I don't play baritone, they are the only strings that I have ever really had much luck with.

Good luck on finding a new set.

CarnalAltar 2005-02-26 17:09

I don't play baritone either, but I like D'addario 13's for playing in Bb on a normal scale length guitar. Strange that you mentioned the "squishy" thing because since I switched to the Daddario 13's I've had exactly the same thought, that the thin strings feel squishy, and somehow good.

Don't know if those strings would work for bari or not.

morbid_priest 2005-02-27 10:36

I have ernie ball "not even slinkies" (12-56) on one of my guitars and it can handle B and Bb tuning fine.

7-string warlord 2005-02-27 22:25

Ernie Ball 7-string slinkies 10's

MoonRaven 2005-02-27 22:44

Originally Posted by morbid_priest
I have ernie ball "not even slinkies" (12-56) on one of my guitars and it can handle B and Bb tuning fine.

what he said

fatdanny 2005-02-28 08:19

Dean Markley 11-52 in B on a normal guitar - gets a tad floppy in Bb but OK. Probably shit strings, they were quite cheap, but they feel fine to me.

Rapture 2005-02-28 22:45

i like D'Addario 13-56 set for tuning as low as A. never gets too floppy

crispykid 2005-03-02 11:00

i use the ZW bommers 10-60 the high strings a like elastics. and from noah from skinless has told me the D'ADDARIO's break to easily im think of getting everlys.

Baritoner 2005-03-04 13:59

I think I'm going to go with the D'Addario strings they have heavy gauges on Big City Strings, which is where I'll order them. I didn't like Everyly's they seemed to lack bite or texture. The Boomers were just a little to thin on the top, plus I need the wounded d string or the g-string. The Schecter strings are what I have been playing and I think it's time to change they're good I just want to try something new, I just wish I could find DR strings in heavier gauges. Does anyone here know about how to get custom sets from a company? Anyways thanks people!

Baritoner 2005-03-04 14:05

S.I.T those are bad ass strings too that don't come in my set. I just looked and the D'Addario baritone set I found is D-XL157 14 18 26w 44w 56w 68w
I'm afraid those are going to be too heavy. Besides the fact that it's going to be hard to bend, do you think that will fuckup the action or construction of my 27" neck? I know I should know these things I just want to see what chyall think. Wow La Bella makes a pretty relevent set but I've never tried or heard of the brand (opinions on La Bella strings?)

MoonRaven 2005-03-04 15:58

make a custom set at your local guitar shop, they usually use either GHS, D'addario's, or ernie balls for single string sets, i used 13-60 for the longest time, that set worked fine, i believe it was 13-17-28w-38-48-60

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