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KoRn-d00d 2005-02-19 18:11

Y do u ppl not liek korn!?!?!
KORN is awesome, how com you dont like them!?!?!
You ppl are gay if you dont like them>!>!>! THey are awesoem :vampire: :confused: :confused: :idea: :idea: :love: :sickface:

blizzard_beast 2005-02-19 18:12

Oh for fucks sake. Mods...where are you?

Dissection 2005-02-19 19:12

If only I was... :)

1.) Gay is a third grade insult. Shut the fuck up.
2.) Korn play the same thing over and over again. You can't tell one song from another.
3.) Get out of here before the mods tear your ass out of you mouth.


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