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2002-05-26 22:51

ok, i know that everyone here hates it, so do i. however, it seems like there are arguements as to what nu-metal is, like when that guy posted Kittie tabs. how does a band get classified as nu-metal? i know that rap/rock fusion is nu metal. are bands like godsmack and static x (both of them suck) considered nu metal? what makes a band nu metal?

powersofterror 2002-05-26 23:06

i dont know, i kinda think that nu metal bands are just fags who try
to look cool by copying other bands

oh by the way, your right,....godslap and static-ahole do suck
(along with limp dick, linkin park, and any other band that
suck and i cant come up with a catchy name for):D

Father Death 2002-05-26 23:36

static-x is oneof the most nu-metal bands you can find
godsmack is more hard rock/crappy metal then anything else

basically, nu-metal is talentless garbage in which if you have been playing for guitar for a month, and make a band, you can make it big if you pretend to be pissed off while playing crappy or "aggressive" music

2002-05-26 23:41 i'm trying to say is like what classifies it. how is kittie (ive never listened to them) considered nu metal?

DissectedCarcas 2002-05-27 01:00

i liked static-x (there first cd was ok, never heard much else). i didn't consider them real nu-metal just because they play with nu-metal bands and got stuck in that wave. they were more like techno-industrial metal. i also don't consider godsmack nu metal. more like alice in chains wannabes who can play guitar for their life.
nu metal is any band that wishes they were a real metal band but at the same time want to make millions of dollars so instead they play shit that will get them signed to major labels. i would say that all nu-metal bands have really simplistic song stuctures, but mortician's not nu metal are they? or are they?

nomad 2002-05-27 06:03

pretty easy to me... if a band is not metal but claims to play metal then it's numetal...

i think the question "what IS metal" makes more sence... ;)

far_beyond_sane 2002-05-27 06:22

Could we have a technical answer, and not some random teenage shite please. "They are just fags" is quite possibly the most useless thing I've ever read.

Def 2002-05-27 08:39

I would say:

metal but with less cool guitar solo's, more riffs that everybody likes and not all that chaotic.
ohyeah, sometimes nu-metal uses weird vocals, you know uhm the boyband kinda like vocals, It's metal but in a diffrent way, more uhm accesable or something?

however there are some cool bands that are considered nu-metal but are cool, like Agrésion, Locomotiv and Dimesion Seven, those are cool bands but are classified nu-metal, maybe cuz of their early cd's. don't know.

memnoch 2002-05-27 10:36

I'll give it a try........

Nu-Metal: Very repetitive music. Seems the writers don't really care much how the song sounds....wether it's 3 minutes or 7 minutes, there's never more than about 3 different riffs. Your intro, verse (which is usually almost the same as intro) and then a chorus. Solos (seldem found in nu-metal to start off with, but some bands like Godsmack make an effort at least) are very simple. Sometimes no more than about 5 notes, played slow, with a digital effect to make it sound "hard" to play.

Just about any nu-metal band's albums are similar from their first to their last. Bands such as Godsmack, Distrubed, Static-X all play in Drop-D form, which has been adopted by 99% of nu-metal bands (which is why most metal fans hate that has ruined it). When using this tunning, only things played are power chords and palm-muted open strings. I hardly ever see any nu-metal bands doing some fast picking on single notes. Just slow power chords (slow enough, compared to death metal) and they never seem to pass the 7th fret.....they only use the first few frets and power chords there......i guess they don't feel the need for variety.

I think one of the best examples this year of nu-metal is a song by Project Wyse. I forget the song name, but the chorus is repeated about 100 times (no joke) throughout the song...actually it takes up about 80% of the song, and it's just the same chords played with the 2 rapping singers screaming "jump jump jump scream" or something like that. When i first saw this video, i nearly threw the tv down on the ground......i couldn't believe that such childish, stupid music would actually been signed to a label and played on national tv.

Anyways........that's how i view sucks, but that's why so many teens love it.

Def 2002-05-27 12:23

well, you should not judge them all by this kinda shit, most nu-metal bands ARE shit, I know, but there are some better bands out there that are also considered nu-metal, but they rock... okay, they don't deserve that title but somehow they obtained it from magazines and stuff..

Trendkill_420 2002-05-27 17:01

nu metal is just a label that metal-head's slap on every newer band that they don't like.:D :D :D
then older metal must be the noise pollution that was belted out from the spandex clad "rockers" with teased hair, and girly screams.:rolleyes:

And ol' metal must be sabbath.
does it really matter?

Disciple 2002-05-28 10:36

Re: Nu-Metal
Originally posted by BolognaSandwich
as to what nu-metal is, like when that guy posted Kittie tabs.

Kittie should play NUde-metal

Katham 2002-05-28 11:48

Nu-metal in my definition has...

- Whining singer, who can growl like a 10-year old child, and sometimes he raps too
- One DJ (optional)
- 16/32/64 hit-hat rhytms combined with repetative high-pitches (optional)
- No giutar solos
- 3-4 riffs/a song
- Lyrics about their "messy" life, when they were children
- See them very often on TV
- You can always find their CDs at any CD-store
- They are overrated
- Their musical technic is at a pretty low level
- At least two or three songs from their every CD includes such words as 'Fuck' 'Fuck Off' 'Motherfucker'
- Short hair (expect for some new band, I forgot it's name...)
- 5-string basses with using only 2 or less strings (optional)
- Their shirts are mostly wore by 8-16 years old kids
- Has 9 members (optional)
- Their singer is their frontman
- The singer's biography overwritten by some specialists.
what written: Poor childhood.
what it really means: He was not as rich as Bill Gates nowadays.

what written: His daddy used to be an asshole, and raped him.
what it really means: His daddy sometimes shouted on the kid.

what written: Learnt to play his instrument for 7-8 years.
what it really means: He played first a giutar 7 years ago...

what written: Being in plenty of high-school bands.
what it really means: He helped to bring the band equipment from one place to another.

what written: Influenced by Iron Maiden, etc. etc..
what it really means: He saw once 'Number Of The Beast' on TV...

That's a typical nu-metal band...

Def 2002-05-28 12:23


Katham nailed this one :D


atifman 2002-09-07 23:53

Originally posted by Katham

what written: Influenced by Iron Maiden, etc. etc..
what it really means: He saw once 'Number Of The Beast' on TV...

yeah i hate that with any band, they say their biggest influence is so and so, but they don't sound anything like their influence.

metal=life 2002-09-08 00:00

TRUE- metal comes from the heart...NU-metal comes from the money......i personally HATE that nu-metal even has the word "metal" in its dosent deserve that.:angry:

walpurgis 2002-09-08 00:15

Originally posted by atifman

yeah i hate that with any band, they say their biggest influence is so and so, but they don't sound anything like their influence.

My biggest influence as a guitarist is 2Pac..

metal=life 2002-09-08 00:18

you must REALLY suck on the ax....

walpurgis 2002-09-08 00:26

No way dude, my mom says I'm awesome. I'll be the next Mark Tremonti!!!

metal=life 2002-09-08 00:32

is that the guy from creed?:confused: ...if it is..i REALLY HATE that band..A LOT! But theyre guitarist is actually decent. I heard him playing off stage on tv. He was doing a sweep picking/ pick tabing solo....he's in the wrong band/looks preppy/dosent use his talent in his songs

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