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Katham 2002-05-25 06:00

Long live the russian basses!!!
Got a Jolana 5-string fretless. I think the type name is Alexander, not sure, it isn't printed on giutar anywhere...

Kicks serious ass...

The only electronic fretless bass I've met sounds good electric...

Get one, while you can, it was only 40,000 Ft, which is about $150, and it worths 100x more than a fretless Ibanez or such...

MetalPoldi 2002-05-25 08:29

Do you have some informations about this bass? I didnīt find anything on the web, just some reviews and all said that they donīt know whether this brand still exists or not. Did you buy it second hand?
I just played some fretless, they sounded all very good, but the price!!!

Back to the thread.
In Germany the east-european-brands become more and more popular, because mostly these brands are build in small manufactories (?), so you can get more individual instruments. Well, they are expensive, but less expensive than custom shop- models from Fender or Sadowsky,...

Katham 2002-05-25 11:31

I bought it from a friend's friend. He didn't used it anymore, his brother gave it to him. His bought it about 7-8 years ago. Don't know if he bought it used or not. It isn't in the best condition now, but it still sounds greeeaaaat.

Def 2002-05-25 13:16

did you ever hear about the brand "riverhead" they also make kickass basses!
I tried one today, it costed that guy 150$, but it's an active bass with a really nice neck!

TheKtuluCall 2003-01-05 03:03

[This is the only post of yours that is staying, unless you start posting something intelligent: Walpurgis]

Deadfall 2003-01-06 17:33

From what I know Jolana basses are made in the Czech republic.......i should know because I own one, but mine kind of sucks :rolleyes: big time, I've repainted it and stuff, and now I can say it's custom made :p but actually the strings that I've put on it are worth more than the bass itself :mad: (no shit, I use very expensive strings)
I would like to see a picture of that happen to have one?

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