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Schizoid 2005-01-14 07:41

What Key!

Can anybody tell me what key type COB uses for their songs. Are they major or are they minor or harmonic, etc.

Cloaca 2005-01-14 08:37

I doubt they would use only one...............

FearFrost 2005-01-14 08:42

is there a part of a song, or a song you want to know about?

johnmansley 2005-01-14 08:43

It depends but generally, 'happy' sounding songs use major key and major progressions while 'sad' or 'dark' songs utilize the minor key and minor progressions. This is only a rule of thumb though.

amerok 2005-01-14 15:49

A lot of it is in major keys. But what makes COB cool is that they use it in a different way, which is why they are good. Lots of bands think they need to play in a dark key to make it sound heavy, but COD disproves that.

Transient 2005-01-14 15:53

yeah ,but a lot of the solos have the same picking pattern and note placement. i dont know the major scales on guitar, but theyre all pretty much played on the 17th, 15th and 13th fret.

if youre going to try and figure it out, dont forget to tune down a whole step.

by the way, are you the schizoid from

powersofterror 2005-01-14 16:14

Most of his solos..that is..sweeps.. are mostly major on the hatebreeder album.

h4x5k8 2005-01-21 16:17

im pretty sure a lot of his shit is harmonic minor.

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