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Rapture 2005-01-09 02:00

Morbid Angel 2005 tours

North America 2005
w/ Soulfly

2/05/2005 - Sunset Station - 1174 E. CommerceSan Antonio, TX
2/06/2005 - Trees -2709 Elm St.Dallas, TX
2/08/2005 - Marquee Theatre - 730 N. Mill Ave.Tempe, AZ
2/09/2005 - House of Blues - Mandalay Bay 3950 Las Vegas Blvd.Las Vegas, NV
2/10/2005 - Key Club - 9039 Sunset Blvd.Los Angeles, CA
2/11/2005 - Key Club - 9039 Sunset Blvd.Los Angeles, CA
2/12/2005 - Galaxy Concert Theatre - 3503 S. Harbor Blvd.Santa Ana, CA
2/13/2005 – Fillmore – San Francisco, CA
2/14/2005 - Bossanova - 722 E BurnsidePortland, OR
2/15/2005 - Showbox - 1426 First Ave.Seattle, WA
2/17/2005 - Ogden Theatre - 935 East Colfax Ave.Denver, CO
2/18/2005 - Royal Grove - 340 W. Cornhusker Hwy.Lincoln, NE
2/19/2005 - Quest Club - 110 North Fifth St.Minneapolis, MN
2/20/2005 – Eagles club – Millwaukee, WI
2/22/2005 - House of Blues - Chicago 329 N. Dearborn St.Chicago, IL
2/23/2005 - Royal Oak Music Theatre - 318 W. Fourth St.Royal Oak, MI
2/24/2005 - House of Blues - 308 Euclid Ave.Cleveland, OH
2/25/2005 - Trocadero, The - 1003 Arch St.Philadelphia, PA
2/26/2005 - The Palladium - 261 Main St.Worcester, MA
2/27/2005 - B.B. King's - NYC 237 W. 42nd St.New York, NY
2/28/2005 - B.B. King's - NYC 237 W. 42nd St.New York, NY

The Masters of Chaos Tour Europe 2005
(Supports tba)

3/19/2005 Splendid Lille, FR
3/18/2005 Salle de la Cite Rennes, FR
3/20/2005 Osterport Groningen, NL
3/22/2005 The Rock Copenhagen, Denmark
3/23/2005 KB Malmo, SW
3/24/2005 Rockefellers Oslo “Inferno Metal Festival”, NO
3/25/2005 Klubben Stockholm, SW
3/26/2005 Karen Gothenburg, SW
3/28/2005 Markthalle Hamburg, Ge
3/29/2005 Columbia Halle Berlin, GE
3/30/2005 day off
3/31/2005 Proxima Warsaw, PL
4/01/2005 WZ Wroclaw, PL
4/02/2005 Kd Domovina Prague, Czech
4/03/2005 Wigwam Budapest, HU
4/05/2005 Estragon Bologna, IT
4/06/2005 New Age Treviso, IT
4/07/2005 Live Music Milan, IT
4/08/2005 Z7 Pratteln, Switzerland
4/09/2005 Live Arena Munster-Breitenfeld Dieburg, GE
4/10/2005 Zeche Karl Essen, GE
4/12/2005 Transbordeur Lyon, FR
4/13/2005 Elysee Montmarte Paris, FR
4/14/2005 Kulturfabrik Esch-Alsette, Luxemburg
4/15/2005 Hof Ter Lo Antwerp, BE
4/16/2005 Podium Hardenberg, NL
4/17/2005 Melkweg Amsterdam, NL
4/19/2005 Mean Fiddler London, Eng

they're from Tampa and they're not even coming here. TRAITORS!!! :bawling:

johnmansley 2005-01-09 09:11

Pft... One fucking date in England. And it's 200 fucking miles away.

Infinity 2005-01-09 09:43

When are they gonna fucken hit Aus?

SuNioj0369 2005-01-09 11:27

I'm definately not driving out to fucking Worcester to see them...and the fact that Soulfly are opening for them does not help that fact.

guitar_demon 2005-01-09 11:58

i drove out to worcester to see em last time, but with no new stuff and soulfly, that wont be repeated

FearFrost 2005-01-09 12:12

NO CANADIAN DATES!!! FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

BLS 2005-01-09 15:50

If this tour wasent right between Suffocation and King Diamond/Nile then I might go...

DeathCS 2005-01-09 16:14

I'd seen other dates that showed that they weren't coming here!

societys finest 2005-01-13 11:03

who else is playing with them?

johnmansley 2005-01-13 11:35

Soulfly in the US; to be announced in Europe.

The Doctor 2005-01-13 13:43

hehehehehe, soulfly

i wonder if they ever play 9-11-2004 live

SuNioj0369 2005-01-13 14:40

That's all they should play, *EVER!*. Live, in the studio, just silence, nothing but silence from a shit band that should have never existed.

fatdanny 2005-01-13 14:51

i would consider the London gig if the support was good

SuNioj0369 2005-01-15 19:47

Ha ha! I think that's the attitude of everyone not within walking distance of the venues they're hitting.

Cloaca 2005-01-15 22:56

Originally Posted by Infinity
When are they gonna fucken hit Aus?


lamb_of_god 2005-01-16 01:02

They ain't hittin' anywhere near me. :(

Rapture 2005-01-16 01:14

Originally Posted by lamb_of_god
They ain't hittin' anywhere near me. :(

same :bawling:

SuNioj0369 2005-01-17 11:22

Look at it this way: instead of having the misfortune of missing MA, consider it a fortune that your missing Soulfly.

GUITARFETUS 2005-01-17 17:27

ok, man why is everyone picking on soulfly? i bet youve never seen them live. my true love is death metal man, especialy morbid angel, but i also appreciate soulfly and fear factory, other than that its pure death metal for me, but soulfly is actualy realy fucking good live, probably one of my favorite live shows besides slayer, and napalm death, i have seen soulfly 4 times now, and everytime i see them they kick ass!! and if you wont go to a morbid angel show just becouse soulfly is opening then that is gaymode. especialy when david vincent is back on vocals. i am looking foward to this show, i do think it is an odd line up, but morbid angel always tours with different bands (motorhead, super joint ritual, pantera,) they always have, this is going to be a kickass show.

Cloaca 2005-01-18 03:43

Originally Posted by GUITARFETUS
ok, man why is everyone picking on soulfly?

umm, coz dey are shit and stuff.

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