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Freke 2002-05-17 13:33

Star Wars
Yesterday the new Star Wars opened up on theatres all around the world!!!!! Anyone seen it yet? Was it good?

memnoch 2002-05-17 17:47

Haven't seen it yet.......i'm not the type to rush to the theatres to see movies on opening night.......the movie will still be the same 4 weeks from now, so there's no point in rushing it.

Henry Wolfe 2002-05-17 18:19

I'm not a huge Star Wars fan, but I think I'm going tommorow with a chick. Lots of little dorks in my school have seen it, they all brought their lightsabers to school. I just wanted to smack them.

Freezer666 2002-05-17 18:34

i saw it a week and a half ago:p
hurrah for warez*giggles*
was cool
especially the last 30 mins
the love story was a bit cheesy...kinda like iced earth lyrics

ScreemnDeemn 2002-05-17 19:27

love stories are cheesy usually, they are also pretty predictable as well... but no, i have not seen the movie yet, i might... someday... :rolleyes:

but by any standards, i seriously hope jar jar dies... he sux

jar jar--->:behead:

Freezer666 2002-05-17 20:17

lets just say yoda makes the movie worth seeing
a lot
and no not cause of his speech it is:p

Def 2002-05-18 03:51

yeah I hope jar-jar dies!
aoh, anduhm who's luke's mother? amidala?

I sometimes have trouble with the storyline heheh...
it's pretty cool though, but I don't like obi-wanker-nobi and jar-jar

The Crying Orc 2002-05-18 04:28

Muthafuckin Yoda n' shit! - Jay (Mallrats)

DissectedCarcas 2002-05-18 05:04

i see we like kevin smith

DissectedCarcas 2002-05-18 05:06

whats gonna be betyer star wars or goldmember?

don't get me wrong im still gonna see attack of the clones...when i get around to it.

memnoch 2002-05-18 12:19

Goldmember is going to suck, i'm just gonna see it to see what new whore he has playing in it.

It's the same stupid jokes since the first movie.......the second one wasn't even that great.

MetalPoldi 2002-05-18 12:34

Whatīs about Goldmember. Donīt know about the movie. Tell me and what other movies did Kevin Smith?

I wasnīt already in the new Star Wars, but i will see it. Heared a bit of my friends and they say i will laugh about Yoda, and i think i will.:D

memnoch 2002-05-18 13:12

Goldmember will be the 3rd movie in the everlasting movie series we all know as Austin Powers.

powersofterror 2002-05-18 14:03

ya know...i HATE sequals...
1. the last 3 star wars were the best..they stayed the same characters
the whole way through and no computer crap jar jars everwhere
2. now they come up with a new one(BEFORE THE OLD ONES)and suddenly
star wars has new tech with droids instead of troopers
3. the same with jarassicpark
4. the only series that was good was superman...the superman series
is the only set other than startrek the stayed consistant with no added
and ive also heard that episode 1 is the first one actually by gearge lucas
someone told me that someone else wrote the last 3(so ive heard from
ononomous sources)

ScreemnDeemn 2002-05-18 14:47

@ Freezer666

yeah i heard that yoda gets into a fight in the movie, with his lightsaber and everything. that sound's pretty funny!:smash: :smash:

p.s.- jar jar------->:behead:

DissectedCarcas 2002-05-18 16:30

austin powers rules. i thought the second one was better. i think this one's going to be good.

kevin smith did
clerks, chasing amy, dogma, mallrats, and jay and silent bob stike back

and about sequels:
night of the living dead, dawn of the dead, day of the dead
best series ever


memnoch 2002-05-18 17:29

The Terminator series was pretty cool.......even though it was only 2 movies, not really a full series, but whatever.....good movies.

holding fears 2002-05-18 18:58

Just watched Ep. II, awesome movie, eventhough Anakin and Amadela was overdone. And Yoda does get into a fight, and let me tell you one thing, he can kick some fucking ASS! I was laughing when I seen him reach for his saber, but he fucking shut everyone i nthe theater up, I don't know why he uses a cane yet he manages to do all that stuff he did during the fight.

Longjocks 2002-05-18 19:16

Originally posted by holding fears
I don't know why he uses a cane yet he manages to do all that stuff he did during the fight.

The Force.

Freezer666 2002-05-18 19:20

yeah its weird...
he crawls around with his cane then POOF jumps around everywhere...then back to the cane lol
maybe he hides his lightsaber up his [...] which makes him crawl around

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