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Darkenelf 2002-06-02 00:51

re: star wars

I was a kid, when I looked at that.

c'mon grow up and get a life.


atifman 2002-06-03 09:51

i actually haven't seen the original star wars trilogy or episode 1. i like to tell people just to "shock" them or whatever. i even keep it that way 'cause whenever the trilogy comes on tv i refuse to watch it.
i was planning on waiting til Episode 3, and then watching each star wars in order of episode, but then my stupid-ass friend dragged me to see Episode 2. he sucks! he ruined my plan. oh well.

it was a little bit confusing though when you haven't seen the sequels, so Anakin is Amidala's son? j/k ;)

Longjocks 2002-06-04 07:26

Re: re: star wars
Originally posted by Darkenelf
I was a kid, when I looked at that.

c'mon grow up and get a life.

I think I'll ignore that piece of advice. But thanks anyway.

I was a kid when I first heard metal... if I followed your logic I wouldn't have that now either.

powersofterror 2002-06-04 11:01

i dont have a life......:cool:

Freke 2002-09-08 13:09

Originally posted by Freezer666
yeah its weird...
he crawls around with his cane then POOF jumps around everywhere...then back to the cane lol
maybe he hides his lightsaber up his [...] which makes hi mcrawl around

metal=life 2002-09-09 17:44

i saw that movie like....4 or 5 months ago or something. Yoda does kick major ass in that movie.

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