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DissectedCarcas 2002-05-14 01:22

arch enemy, nile, and origin
arch enemy, nile, and origin anybody?
don't really like origin but archenemy would be nice to see.
anyone gonna check it out?

The Crying Orc 2002-05-14 18:40

Whoa! where's Nile playing?
And where can I see tour dates? since Nile's site is fucked up.

DissectedCarcas 2002-05-14 20:20

i don't know...i found this out in the newspaper, but its in san diego, ca

The Crying Orc 2002-05-16 09:24

I wonder of they're playing around Los Angeles...

DissectedCarcas 2002-05-16 16:56

they're playing at galaxy the 16th. holy shit its alot earlier than i though!

DissectedCarcas 2002-05-16 16:57

they must have played in LA yesterday

The Crying Orc 2002-05-20 16:07


Atheist 2002-07-18 14:18

7/16 I saw Nile\Origin\Hate Eternal\Arch Enemy

Oh my satan, my mind is blown. There's not a band more brutal than Origin - there's so much shit going on that is sounds like white noise, and the drummer didnt miss a beat.

Hate Eternal was decent, dragged out a little in the end, but very powerful for a 3 piece.

I was bored with Arch Enemy - the chick singer had a nice body however. Not my style of music.

Nile - what can I fucken say. As they played on they got tighter sounding. The new bassist/vocalist is fucken muscular. The pit was nuts, I dont think I have ever gotten more wounds from any other pit I have been in. Watch out for samoan looking chicks that are 5'7" 350 pounds wearing a t-shirt the size of new jersey with a big swastika logo on the front. I made sure to elbow her in the "fat"

Tattered 2002-07-20 04:02

I was bored with Arch Enemy - the chick singer had a nice body however. Not my style of music.

dude how can you be bored with arch enemy they fucking kick ass
and yes the lead singer has a fucking lush body!!!! damn i wish she was a porn star
oh star - Angela Gossow...mmmm good picture :idea:

Atheist 2002-07-21 15:33

Arch Enemy in my opinion is boring, it does not meet the extreme that I look for in music. Yes Angela is hot, but I can go down to the beach and see hotter chicks. Argument - well they arent a blackmetal singer or into metal at all - Answer - Yes I know this is true, but my chances with the bimbos wearing bikinis is better than my chances with Angela. Lets think logically here.

Feel free to hate me, the hate must be spread.

uuuuhhhhhhh 2002-08-08 19:02

im seeing them on 8/11 i cant wait...finally a good metal concert in miami

Cthulhu0610 2002-09-25 17:36

I saw Nile, Arch Enemy, Hate Eternal and Origin, it was pretty kick, the second time i've seen Nile and Origin, every time Origin has blown me away, for some really brutal shit it's awesome. i'm going to see them again with Immolation and Vader:beer: :D

Tattered 2002-09-30 12:32

Originally posted by Atheist

Feel free to hate me, the hate must be spread.

I hate you :D

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