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the lamb 2006-02-17 07:30

the 3mm pick that i love right now took me some time to adjust to.
but i had no other go as all my other picks were either lost or fucked and the nearest guitar shop is somewhat 230 kilometers away(seriously.... i live in a village away from all of the other human civilization...)

Cyberwaste 2006-02-17 07:52

Originally Posted by sqol
Yep, same for me, although i wanna try these 3mm picks that people are going on about.

I tried the tortex 2.0mm & it was too much, it didnt give like the 1.0's did. Ive just always been confortable with the 1.0's & for me i think 3.0mm is way too much!

fatdanny 2006-02-17 08:32

I used to use the dunlop .96 (Delrin or derlin can't remember, smooth and pink) but since using dunlop Jazz IIIs, I've never looked back

Shreddist 2006-02-17 16:31

Dunlop 1.5mm (Green Alligators) and Dunlop Ultex 1.14

dimespider 2006-02-17 18:58

tortex, 1.14mm, metal death/metal...

XeroX. 2006-02-17 19:08

dunlop nylon .38

thats right

Shreddist 2006-02-17 19:17

Somebody doesnt play lead :p

philkilla 2006-02-17 19:49

dunlop Ultex em

deadnight_warrior 2006-02-18 01:58

Dunlop Tortex 0.88mm
Dunlop Gator Grip 2.0mm

*insert name here* 2006-02-18 05:27

Assorted d'andrea jazz pro's,I have like 200 of them.

NuMustDie 2006-02-18 10:32

Dunlop Gator Grip 1.14mm

ihave27frets 2006-02-18 11:56

Caparison No.23 sharp 1.2 mm

Vardanstalt 2006-02-18 12:57

Damn, I didnt know so many people like the Dunlop III. Whatever, those are what I use, for everthing I play.

ThisIsColossus 2006-02-18 15:45

I use Dunlop Jazz III - Black.

blizzard_beast 2006-02-18 16:28

Yep, same here. The red ones are too slippery for my liking.

LuciferianSoul 2006-02-18 18:08

Dunlop Tortex, yellow and sharp, 0.73mm. Going to upgrade to a thicker pick soon, thicker than 1mm I think. Play black metal, death metal.

arvina 2006-02-19 16:45

same as above but am not upgradong.

Deathmaster213 2006-02-19 18:21

Gibson USA/Pure Rounded Triangle Heavy.

I play Death / thrash.

kin 2006-02-19 22:46

.88 Green Dunlop Pick for Thrash/Death or most kinds of metal
Generic thumb pick for everything else

the_bleeding 2006-02-19 23:38

pickboy 1mm scorpion, 1mm randy rhoads polka dot, .75mm scorpion

i play black metal and death metal... these picks are nice because they are slippery which prevents that scratchy sound you get when you use a rough pick like dunlop... that and the tone is so much fatter.

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