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L,B'XXX 2004-12-09 08:27

Spontaneously written after the sad news about the Damageplan tragedy. I've read threads here and at tabcrawler plus remembering how Bob (Walpurgis) would walk home from school wearing one of his collection of Pantera shirts and listen to them almost everyday. They were one of the first metal bands I really liked. The worldwide collective emotion and unity is amazing.
God bless the band, their friends and families, and all the fans.

" Tribute "

Around the world kids picked up guitars
And turned amps up to ear bleed levels
In living rooms and stages their axes screamed

Around the world drum sticks sought out rhythms
Dexterity and pulsating beats
Showmanship dreams abounding

Around the world cd players jammed
And voices would sing
Headbangers born anew

Around the world time stopped
As tears flowed and bodies shook
As another rock angel entered heaven


BLS 2004-12-09 13:57


Dime will be missed :(

Def 2004-12-09 14:10

I feel this.



Slabbefusk 2004-12-09 14:26

Dimebag will always be remembered :bawling: .

guitar_demon 2004-12-09 16:25

very good bobby!
not to sound like a pussy that brought the tears back to my eyes...:(

L,B'XXX 2004-12-09 16:59

Yeah, it hit me like a ton of bricks. Thanks for the comments, but it was a comment about the situation poetically spoken.
You guys rock.

Trendkill 420 2004-12-09 17:04

thank you. That was very nice.

SuNioj0369 2004-12-09 18:00

I'm sure Dime is smiling somewhere. This shit has hit me like a ton of bricks (or a "Primal Concrete Sledge", if you will). He will never be forgotten.

PST 88 2004-12-09 18:05

Nice work Bobbi.

Knight 2004-12-09 18:32

This is the saddest event in metal history, Dimebag will always be remembered, R.I.P

DeathCS 2004-12-09 19:43

RIP dime.
We love you.

sirejones 2004-12-10 01:05

Haiku's for legend
Dime, forger of might
Usurper of thunder gods
Stalled by mortal coils

walpurgis 2004-12-10 01:20

Tippin back a few blacktooths of my own tonight. It's fuckin crazy, really hard to fathom. This shouldn't have happened, that's all there is to it.

L,B'XXX 2004-12-10 10:12

Whoa! Wally! When I saw your name here I actually got one of those little head rush type things! You know it's your fault I ever heard Pantera. And how could I help it when you played them all the time? It's cool though.

Trendk' --yeah, I remember it. I cried then, too. Even though Dec 9 was the anniversary of when Wally's dad and I got married the first time. I must have listened to my Lennon album a zillion times back then and I saved the newspaper clipping from the AKron Beacon Journal. It's packed away somewhere in my Beatles Complete music book somewhere in the attic or the barn.

I wonder if they'll do something special up at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland for Dime'. It wouldn't surprise me a bit.

Trendkill 420 2004-12-10 21:12

when i've strolled through troubled times.
You're screaming has calmed me.
those times i've felt i wanted to die,
your soul touched mine.
fallen through many cracks,
and you were always there.
not by your choice,
but in a way it was.
You chose to hand me music.
and i accepted comfortably.
When i found out you had died,
a part of me went with you.
And if other's feel the same,
you've got a party wherever you went.
It took awhile to cry,
but when the tears came,
they were accompanied by the beauty of your guitar.
staring into your face,
a man i've never met,
but seem to know so well.
You've held me up.
put me to sleep.
Through acid trips and many drunks.
You've been there when i've fucked,
grew, been.
your life raped.
I hope you find peace in your after.
I hope you find the serenty, you sought with your music.
And I thank you.
For all that you've given me.
And all that i've taken.

Rest in peace you crazy motherfucker.

guitar_demon 2004-12-10 21:42

very nice trend

i found this, this mourning on the back of some pantera tabs that i had written(imo not as good as your guyses but)


from out of a blind spot
no warning, no reason
the britist star in our sky extinguished
in one instant...gone

bigger then life then
now a legend still standing tall
a whole world wept and mourned
his impact like an atom bomb
his death a sickening low blow

gone from this relm
we'll meet in the next
the mighty stage of our fallen
bright lights, screming axes
will rattle once more

guitar_demon 2004-12-10 22:16

i know how you feel, dime was one of the last true metal legends we had

i printed out and enlarged that pic, put one on my door, and taped one the my cab

metal=life 2004-12-10 23:20

There was a big article in the newspaper with large picture of Dime shredding on stage in the "obituary" section. Of course I cut it out, framed it, and hung it on my wall. Its the only thing I have on any of my walls.

good poems by the way

andrewc 2004-12-10 23:24

i need to cut a few out, quickly before the rubbish goes out. was what made me cry as well.

Mordor 2004-12-11 08:21

these poems really hit you in the heart, i m sure dimebag would thankyou guys for righting this stuff and he'd probably give you some drink. Its such as shame he's dead. R.I.P DIMEBAG :bawling:

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