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guitariste 2004-11-29 12:48

Fucking solo battle
Lets play our fastest solos and record them. then just post 'em here....

Def 2004-11-29 12:59

oh wow, that's cool.

so where's yours?

brainsforbreakfast 2004-11-29 14:31

Maybe he's ashamed because he can't solo?

Whatever. Nobody is worse than me at soloing. :(

metalpro 2004-11-29 14:32

im alright at soloing. i can play fast but i cant write my own solos yet.

G_urr_A 2004-11-29 15:15

Hmmm...... Where did this guy get this idea??? Maybe he used the search button and found one of the older threads about this...... *hint* *hint* :rolleyes:

TheDreadfulHoroscope 2004-11-29 15:16

Im tempted to put up an 8 minute recording of me tremelo picking a note really fast :smash:

guitar_demon 2004-11-29 15:18

nah man 10 min of just whammy dives and feedback and other annoying noises

G_urr_A 2004-11-29 15:19

Come on (postw)horoscopedude, post it!!!!! :) :stoned:

(nothing personal)

younguitarist 2004-11-29 17:41

heres an old recording of me..Ill make some more recordings later on because i fixed my soundcard yesterday.

555slipknot666 2004-11-29 18:10

thats really good!!! :beer:

fatdanny 2004-11-29 19:45

pretty cool, whats the beginning bit?

DeathCS 2004-11-29 20:35

Originally Posted by 555slipknot666
thats really good!!! :beer:

That isn't much of a compliment coming from you.

But that ain't bad, Younguitarist.

TheDreadfulHoroscope 2004-11-29 21:15

It sounds like a classical music piece on electric guitar.

Young guitarist "won", since no one else has posted anything :)

DeathCS 2004-11-29 21:56

Meh, not my best effort.. :

younguitarist 2004-11-29 22:19

Not bad CC.

Heres another one

JoeYngVai 2004-11-29 22:57

When I don't have a lot of homework, and my hands aren't freezing, I'll post one too. The background music that CC(hope you don't mind that name) was playing got in the way of the solo. Maybe if it was a simple riff it would sound better. I don't know if this means much to you, but you both sound good to me. The second solo that YoungGuitarist posted sounded like the As I Am solo(John Petrucci).

Morbid+Roach 2004-11-29 23:43

If I KNEW how to record and post one, then I would. But I don't... :(

FearFrost 2004-11-29 23:51

I should post something, but I'm out of my game this last little while... Fucking work.

JoeYngVai 2004-11-30 00:55

Since I can't get my version to be under 100kb, here's what I am trying to play.


Sound Clip:

VERY difficult(Steve Vai playing it) Any tips on how to make the file size smaller? I hope to post my sloppy version soon! Maybe some other people could try playing it, and we could see who is truly the best guitarist! 'Cause if you can play this, then you should get a record deal.

AnubisXy 2004-11-30 02:47

Putting up a backing track for people to improv over would be a better judge than who can play something that's already been done.

Regardless I've never really looked at guitar as a competition. I did enjoy the stuff you posted youngguitarist. How old are you again? Keep it up dude.

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