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Tattered 2004-11-17 08:28

Post Your Rig
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Hey, Just thought i'd make a new thread, Write down your rig (amp, bass, pedal/effects) and post pictures of them, for us all too see and comment on.

Ok cool. so heres mine.

Warwick Thumb Bass Bolt-On
Ernie Ball Musicman SUB 5
Laney R4 300 watt Combo
Boss ODB-3
Boss TU-2

Heres a couple of pics of my Warwick that i took today, ill post pics of Amp and The rest soon.


Def 2004-11-17 12:49

Bass only I presume?

Ibanez SR5 '95 limited edition prestige
Cort AB 4 custom with EMG p/j set

Hughes and Kettner Bassbase 400 set

Boss ODB-3
Boss TU-2
Boss EQ-7
Boss BF-2
Morley bass wah
EH bassballs

Here's an old pic I once uploaded of my amp

Tattered 2004-11-17 13:21

Originally Posted by Def
Bass only I presume?

Yeah thats right man.....This is the Bass Zone you know. ;) :D

Trendkill_420 2004-11-17 21:07

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ibanez GSR205

yorkville XM100C - Bass Combo - 100w, 15 inch

SlayerDude 2004-11-22 22:45

Fender Squier P-Bass.

(and if I COULD get one- it'd be a washburn 5 string...I don't care which one. Not picky about my basses... :D )

arvina 2004-11-24 18:10

pedula cant remember what model ill tell you later.
GK 800rb, gk 1x15 cab, mesa boogie powerhouse 1000(1x15,4x10, tweeter)
and somtimes this old ashly preamp just for fun

Tattered 2004-11-25 08:55

Wow you have a mesa boogie! how much was it?

arvina 2004-11-25 11:08

600 had some scratiches and the tweeter diddnt work.but it was still under warranty!!so 600.

Tattered 2004-11-25 11:52

Lucky, lucky, lucky. :)

Trendkill 420 2004-11-25 18:21

dammit. Lust is a sin

Disincarnate 2004-11-26 07:11

what do u guys think of ibanez gsr thinking about buying it

currently using

local made indian bass 4 string n amp(duuno how many watts)

Tattered 2004-11-26 07:18

I do believe trendkill has that bass, ask him about it. it doesent look too bad and im sure it doesent sound too bad either.

Disincarnate 2004-11-26 07:37

how many frets does the gsr 205 have 22 or 24????

Tattered 2004-11-27 10:34

Count ;)

Trendkill 420 2004-11-28 09:00

22 :mad:

I like it. But obviously i yearn for a better one.

Disincarnate 2004-11-28 12:43

think i shouldnt buy it then....considering the fact that i may never buy another bass later n also prob coz it has an agathis body..unlike others which genrally hav a mahogany body

Tattered 2004-12-01 13:32

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Heres a body shot of my Ernie Ball Custom Musicman S.U.B 5 string bass


Trendkill 420 2004-12-01 17:12


Def 2004-12-01 17:30

did you customize it yourself?

Rattlehead 2004-12-01 18:49

Originally Posted by tatter3d
Heres a body shot of my Ernie Ball Custom Musicman S.U.B 5 string bass

I've always wondered about the pickups on those Musicmans. What kind are they, and how good would you say they are?

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