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GuitaristAt13 2004-11-09 23:58

Send some more Cattle Decap. and Decapitated
Can somebody please start tabbin more Cattle Decapitation and Decapitated!!! The Winds of Creation!! Blessed!! And from Cattle : Testicular Manslaughter, Chunk Blower, Humanure, Colonic Villus Biopsy Performed on the Gastroinstestinally Inacapable!!! Its too hard u a guy guy like me..

philkilla 2004-11-10 00:07

hey bro, this is in the wrong forum. You need to go over to tab request before someone that isn't quite as nice lights you up. ask nomad to nuke this thread.

DeathCS 2004-11-10 00:11

Originally Posted by GuitaristAt13
Its too hard u a guy guy like me..


metal=life 2004-11-10 01:46

Sure I'll send you some if you do me a favor. Send me a picture of your penis and to make sure its you, hold a sign up saying "I love anal".

Funeral Procession 2004-11-11 16:21

Fukin David
Why dont you just tab Winds of Creation yourself? You know how to play it....

Funeral Procession 2004-11-12 11:40

no it hasnt

Funeral Procession 2004-11-12 17:51

Opps well sorry i was talking about on metaltabs and it was tabbed by the #1 tabber on this site

"to thrust the liquified carrion into my orifice"

- Cattle Decapitation :behead:

Disincarnate 2004-11-16 11:54

also 2 cattle decap. songs have been done

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