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MyOwnSavior 2004-11-09 02:41

Halo 2
I was waiting from 11:30 in the mall for my copy and now I have the special edition with the extra dvd! They had four TVs set up in the mall so you could try it out linked while you wait. I can easily say beast game out now, Period! I nearly crapped my pants but didn't since I'd loose my place in line. Wait, what the fuck I'm doing here, I got some playin' to do!

Infinity 2004-11-09 02:44

Some fags in my group at school missed school just to buy that game and play it all day. Also, when the gamecube came out he slept outside of the shop to buy it first thing. You can't get much more gay than that. All that over a fucking game, I dont believe it.

However it is a great game, well H1 was. I'd expect H2 to be awesome.

BeastOfCarrion 2004-11-09 02:51

Personally, i didn't think too much of Halo, it was the same thing over and over again. It could have been much better if there were more than 5 different enemies, and had those levesls where you went back and forth through the same place. The graphics weren't even that good. From what I saw of the E3 movie for halo 2, it looked pretty spiffy though.

philkilla 2004-11-09 03:07

The action is all the same but the game itself will only take you 10 or so hours to beat!!! The multiplayer is where its really gonna kick ass though.

Infinity 2004-11-09 03:13

Well the prequals, the 'Marathon' series was better than all of them

Cloaca 2004-11-09 04:13

I just got it for free a bit earlier today! I'd already played a pirate version that was in french, fuck its a good game!

One of my friends works at Target. He sealed 3 copies of it in bags, gave it to me and another friend and we walked out cause it looked like we had already payed for them. One copy each, too fuckin easy!

Sodomaniac 2004-11-09 09:55

I don't like halo. I am waiting for HLČ !

BLS 2004-11-09 18:07

Its a fucking video game.. it couldnt wait 12 more hours?

MetalThrashingMad 2004-11-09 18:15

I know a kid who stayed home with his dad today to play halo 2 all day. Im not a huge fan myself. Its okay.

FearFrost 2004-11-09 22:43

beat it, ending sucks, don't waste too much time.

MetalThrashingMad 2004-11-10 12:24

Most of the people I've talked to were somewhat dissapointed, ecpecially with the storyline.

ShredIsNotDead 2004-11-11 17:28

Fuck the story, though I haven't beaten it. Xbox live is where it's at. There is no online console game with this much detail. You can check every game you've had in the last month at and where you were killed from, and where you killed. I've been playing online for a long time. We don't have school today or friday so it is fucking sweet

lamb_of_god 2004-11-14 01:16

I played an X-Box for the first time Friday and the first game I played was Halo 2. THAT GAME FUCKING RULES!!

MyOwnSavior 2004-11-14 01:29

Originally Posted by FearFrost
beat it, ending sucks, don't waste too much time.
Agreed, it really confused me. I bought it for the multiplayer, not the story. The multiplayer fuckin' owns!

YOUR_GOD_IS_DEAD 2004-11-14 01:35

Originally Posted by Infinity
Well the prequals, the 'Marathon' series was better than all of them

HELL YES! Marathon fucking ruled.

Def 2004-11-14 07:47

two threads about a fucking video game.


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