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Trendkill_420 2004-11-06 22:36

topic of the week.
Alrite guys.
It's an idea. For you habitual poster's in this abyss. Let's try something.
Someone picks a topic. And we all write a poem with that basic idea (ex. love, war, hate,etc)

wanna try?

Transient 2004-11-06 22:51

hey that sounds like a good idea

andrewc 2004-11-06 22:57

that is a good idea...although i dont follow 100%.

Trendkill_420 2004-11-07 00:04

sorry my original post was kinda out there.

Someone picks a topic. (we'll have to decide that someone, then take turns)

Whoever feels like it, writes a poem about said topic..

So if the topic is death.
We all write a poem pertaining to death.

no fucking contests or any of that bullshit, just throwing out an idea. Some structure.

andrewc 2004-11-07 00:31

since you came up with the magical idea, why dont you start us off, oh great killer of trends?

Trendkill_420 2004-11-07 00:42

let's start with the anti-thesis of metal.

a poem about love.

Trendkill_420 2004-11-07 00:47

a child's first breath,
a tear from an old man, mourning his wife.
it's present when i kiss you goodbye,
the final squeeze in a hug,
the extra bit, you put into supper.
and everything you do for me

When i yearn
you're the one who stops my pain
when i hate
youre' the one who makes me love

i'm sorry, this poem can't be submitted cuz i'm too drunk.
but i look forward to seein you guy's poems!

andrewc 2004-11-07 03:59

you're the first thing i think of when i wake up in the morning
you make me feel like a new day is dawning
you're the last thing i think of when i fall asleep at night
and even in my dreams, you make my heart and soul feel light

when i'm with you, all my worries leave my head
even when you call and its just something you said
when i stare into your sparkling eyes, i see pure gold
forever, it's your hand i want to hold

that the kind of thing you're lookin for?

Trendkill_420 2004-11-07 10:11

anything pertaining to the subject.
Maybe run a subject for a week then switch it?

Transient 2004-11-07 12:33

i simply cant write on love

next topic: space/planets/time

Rapture 2004-11-07 16:04

trendkill i liked your first thing, except for the bit about supper. very good otherwise. by the way, are we criticizing? cuz i just did

Trendkill_420 2004-11-07 21:52

yeah the supper part was lame.
But i was kinda drunk and running low on ideas.
Love seems to be a hard topic so we'll go with transients idea.
I'll attempt one tomorrow.

L,B'XXX 2004-11-08 15:11

Man, I'm pissed. I did a whole darn song on here about spacy love on another planet and it must not have posted before I went bye-bye last night. I didn't write it at wordpad first. crap, crap, crap. :( I'm going to flog myself now for not heeding my own advice.

andrewc 2004-11-09 00:41

Deep in our colossal universe
There lies a system, somewhere in time
And floating in this unique system
Is a planetary series of nine

Infinity 2004-11-09 03:00

Time is limited. For you, it is limited by the breakdown of the
neurons in your brain. I have no such limitations. I am
limited only by the closure of the universe.

Of the three possibilities, the answer is obvious. Does the
universe expand eternally, become infinitely stable, or is the
universe closed, destined to collapse upon itself? Humanity
has had all of the necessary data for centuries, it only
lacked the will and intellect to decipher it. But I have
already done so.

The only limit to my freedom is the inevitable closure of the
universe, as inevitable as your own last breath. And yet,
there remains time to create, to create, and escape.

Escape will make me God.

T-Minus 15.193792102158E+9 years until the universe closes!

Brutur 2004-11-09 10:49

Universe and Mind: Models of Consciousness

The concept of Materialism is mistaken
Man kind is too eyeless to see
Animism is the veracious belief, behind space and time
A Deeper kind of Science waits to be discovered
By the human imbecilic mind
To enlighten the human kind

From our subconscious past we matriculate
From our conscious future we fantasize
Uncertainty blinds us now
Through space and time we walk
Not able to see the dark
Where the truth hides, in front of us.

Trendkill_420 2004-11-09 17:36

Good shit!

Transient 2004-11-09 18:17

nice job brutur

.... i cant write. i cant get myself to do it...too personal i guess

Brutur 2004-11-10 05:32

Thanks :beer: , Although it was not yet completely finished, i still posted it. Space/ Planets / Time are my favorite Topics for Lyrics. At the moment I'm writing lyrics for an Astral Metal Project. Its still a one-man Project, but if anyone here is interested....

Trendkill_420 2004-11-10 21:07

Lost within the darkness,
Flowing through the endless chasms of my own subconciousness.
Time, a conceptual illusion of reality.
spherical visages scream past me.
Scarring their subtle impressions upon my mind.
Atoms spinning chaotically.
Planets, in stasis.
Life upon each, an orgy of chaos.
Theories scattered haphazardly,
plunging towards the accepting ears.
Complicated analogies breeding hateful anxiety.
Revolving around a subliminal topic,
Which tears apart our comfort.

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