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guitar_demon 2004-10-28 18:35

time to give
i was gonna wait till december to post this but fuck it
what would you give everyone for the holidays???

soulinsane-one of those cool 14" figuers of himself
some rubber tips ends to put on all those spikes so he doesnt poke holes in his cover and a custom made jackson king-v to replace his old one

powers- year supply of pizza sauce! and some dominoz gift certificats

memnoch- a fucking fan cause its gotta be so hot down there in hell

def-whatever beer he hasnt had(there gotta be atlest one) a home studio for his band(at a glance check em out!)

shred- a signed guitar by becker

FBS- a kangaroo, he can think of something to do with it :D

fearfrost- another dime guitar

wally-a personal nuclear sub

john-the secret to quantom physics

phishface-some poop :p and i trip to iceland

delete-britney spears for a night..or week

bassB-a trip to the us so he can beat up dissection and phishface

M=L give him the priviledge of being a zombie

the doc- a personal performance from pantera (you better invite us all!!)

BOC- a new hellow kittie doll

brokencrimson-the powers of wonderwoman

and last but not least

nomad-the world

:birthday: :birthday: :love: :beer: :beer:

guitar_demon 2004-10-28 18:37

oh and nihily willy gets a cat hug from me :love: :p

manowar-the offical rules of baseball book

ManOwaR 2004-10-28 18:45

Originally Posted by guitar_demon
manowar-the offical rules of baseball book

That sonds like a good idea :D

ManOwaR 2004-10-28 19:01

guitar_demon - a big picture of his avatar to hang on the wall

soulinsane - a costum ran t-shirt (cant afford to give you a guitar so a t-shirt is the next best thing :D )

fearfrost - shitloads of shampoo :p

Transient - a trip to iceland and the english version of some snorri sturluson book :beer:

and I'm tired now and I'll do the rest later :drunk:

TheDreadfulHoroscope 2004-10-28 20:10

I agree, that ca avatar is the best one ever.

guitar_demon 2004-10-28 20:14

Originally Posted by ManOwaR
guitar_demon - a big picture of his avatar to hang on the wall

sweeeeet i would hang it up over my gear too

Soulinsane 2004-10-28 20:22

Awwww :love:

Thanks GD and ManOwaR! You dudes rock.

If I could afford it I would get everyone the Ran guitar of their dreams. Ran guitars would get the orders all at once and be like, "WTF!!! :confused:" and then, "$$$ :idea:".

memnoch 2004-10-28 20:59

I'd give everyone a pornstar after i've had my way with them....yeah! :cool:

BLS 2004-10-28 23:07

Id give BLS a tampon..

HAHAHA Now no one else cna be whitty and say it!!

FearFrost 2004-10-28 23:32


Def: Canadian Beer
Mem.: A keg of Blue.
Powers: the shampoo I was given
ATIF: Peavey XXX (hes in love with them)
Darko: a bottle of air my guitar pick of jon from cryptopsy touched.
The doc: a box of condoms
M=L: all the internet porn he can take
Wally: Canadian Beer
tatterd: A warwick
BassB.: A new bass rig.
Delete: the habs
Nihilist: a deal at metalblade records.
nomad: A BMW (why the hell not)
F_B_S: His own TV show or HBO special
guitar_demon: A BC Rich Stealth
Soulinsane: A sign on his lawn that says "THE SHIT HOLE OF AMERICA", and a to own a store full of rans... its only fair.
BrokenCrimson: a bag of nuts.
johnmansley: a show by Nile to play at his house
MetalThrashingMad: A baseball bat to hit Transient
CANNIBALCORPSE: 98 dead babies, with a pat O'brians guitar.
XDX: Some gear object that he does not have. (if there is a thing)
Trendkill: A bag of shrooms
Necro_butch: Some peace of gear that you cant get in the maritimes
Shread: a visit form Jason becker
Transient: a tampon
Obrian20: to play a gig with Cannibal Corpse
XXLB (I think I got it right...): to have wally come home without safe and drunk.

Fuck I know im forgetting someothers... I'll get back to you on the rest.

powersofterror 2004-10-29 02:03

I always forget people.....

Fearfrost - a hair cut:rolleyes:
Atif - a bottle of water
Memnoch - a pornstar
Nomad - my praise and respect
JohnMansley - a disco ball...and the theory of everything
BLS - a can of tuna
Credit to Dementia - the secret to better pizza
Dissection - a weight gain program
Guitar_Demon - Papa Johns pizza.....haha just kidding, more like DiGorno stuff crust for a year
Nihilist - 3 cans of pizza sauce
PST 88 - a can of piss and a bottle of rum
Def - a numerous amount of beer keigs
Soulisane - all the hellraiser dolls
Darko - a chick with a beaver

andrewc 2004-10-29 02:06

Def: a slab of VB
BLS: tickets to a carpathian forest show (just to piss him off)
Powers: some pizza hut vouchers
ATIF: not too sure soz mate :o
The doc: some new denim :p
Dissection: A right kick up the arse
tatterd: A warwick
BassB.: slab of VB
Delete: britney and a keyboard with entirely capslock keys.
Nihilist: a years supply of jim beam
nomad: metal mayhem (non-melburnians, its an all metal store)
guitar_demon: a cat lol
BrokenCrimson: anything she chooses
johnmansley: CEO of his own accounting company
MetalThrashingMad: An apology letter and take him out for a drink (so a fake ID too :p)
CANNIBALCORPSE: a cricket bat to hit andrew1331 with ;)
Trendkill: 3 grams
Transient: a set of contact lenses :smash:
Obrien20: the position formerly held by jack owen
Disincarnate: A post-pimp ;):p and some corpsepaint
Andrew1331: a cricket bat to smash chokehold's face with (the CC thing is nothing personal from me :p )
S_H_S: his very own gang.
timedragon: have mithotyn get back together for a show at his house

sorry if they suck or if i missed out on anyone.

BeastOfCarrion 2004-10-29 02:34

the easiest way is to just steal someone else's list and change, that way you are less likely to forget people

Def: how could def not get beer - specifically "Chopper Heavy" the serial killer beer
BLS: soething better to do!
Memnoch: Some kind of magnet that is the reverse of the polarity of newbies (to drive them away)
Powersofterror: a bag of hair care products and scented soap
Fearfrost: as above (you pack of metros!)
Atifman: an audience
Agent-Orange: A SLAB of XXXX Gold (i think thats the one)
Darko: Cephelic Carnage!!!
The doctor: more patches!!
M=L: an asian shemale party
BassBehemoth: a mohawk wig
Nihilist: Hidden burbon (just like easter!)
nomad: ausie beer!
Far_Beyond_Sane: a domain, and an army of nerds to code for him
guitar_demon: a "cat-man" theme song
Soulinsane: a metal style sailor suit (with skills and blood and such) with a matching, smaller one
BrokenCrimson: a hockey mask (so as not to hit herself in the face while drumming)
johnmansley: a new working mp3 player (that wont break .... now thats the most imposible thing of all)
Shread: his verry own tent (dont ask why)
Transient: Red suspenders
Obrien20: some kind of grim picks
LB'XXX: A stick to beat people who get her name wrong
andrewc: tickets to an underage gig that will actually happen!

if i forgot you it could be
1) because i couldn't think of something for you to have
2) its a friday night

Infinity 2004-10-29 03:22

Obrien: Chance to audition for CC's new guitarist, if they aint got one yet.
Shred: Trip to Jason Becker's monastary
Andrewc: Gig alongside The Kill, Cpatain Cleanoff and Fuck... I'm Dead. Hope you got a band... :P
Powersofterror: I dunno... like, a gift voucher... from Dimmy's AHAhaha
John: Kindergarten Text Book: Numerals and Mathematics 1, for begginers :P
BLS: Maxipad... hehehe, so WITTY!

Infinity 2004-10-29 03:23

Oh, the rest off you cunts get coal. Bastards. lol jk

johnmansley 2004-10-29 05:43

Def: A crate of Amstel that I'll rob from his neighbours.
BLS: KY jelly
Atifman: BLS
Memnoch: a degree in physics
Powersofterror: a job as an orchestra conductor
Fearfrost: L'Oreal, because your worth it
Agent-Orange: A world tour for Grimbecile
Darko: the meaning of life (42)
xdislexicx: a Boss MT-2
Moonraven: A raven
Timedragon: a week in the most northern reaches of frostbitten Norway
Delete: the Stanley Cup for Montreal
The doctor: an evening with Lemmy at the Hammersmith Apollo
M=L: a years subscription to
BassBehemoth: a tattoo that says, "We put the 'eh' into fuck you, you American pigs"
Credit to Dementia: a nomination for Presindent
PST: a nomination for President
BoC: an ultra rare old-school computer game
Nihilist: some sleep
nomad: supernatural powers
guitar_demon: Cat Stevens
Soulinsane: protection from 'the stranger'
BrokenCrimson: A new appendix
Shred: Jason Becker's underpants
Transient: A Jesus Wept tab
Obrien20: Milan to be European Champions
LB'XXX: the complete works of Shakespeare
andrewc: a boxing ring
S_H_S: a boxing ring
Andrew1331: Effigy Of The Forgotten
Corroded Soul: an interview in Terrorizor for Narsil
Disincarnate: his own whorage thread
SpikeyHairz: a squirrel
Dissection: his own sergeant to 'drill' him
MetalThrashingMad: lamb of god\m/'s head on a stick

andrewc 2004-10-29 06:04

Originally Posted by johnmansley
andrewc: a boxing ring
S_H_S: a boxing ring

ahh....what about my 100 cousins? :D

oh and beast, you also may have anything you desire. jeez infinity i just keep over looking you i think!!! you may be in my band as i dont have one, lol.

Infinity 2004-10-29 06:25

hehehe ^

Noone mentioned me in metaltabbers you'd like to meet either, i feel so left out :( Waaaa! lol JK

andrewc 2004-10-29 06:37

i know. i should remember you, considering your about the only other sadistik exekution fan i know lol (only heard one mp3 admittedly, must buy an album!)

EDIT: you were a general mention of me :p cos i said everyone on the east coast of australia. would like to meet ya someday though...

Infinity 2004-10-29 07:09

Oh, I feel SO much better, it's so COMFORTING to hear you say THAT! lol jk. :P

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