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Soulinsane 2004-05-16 19:56

Hey, I have ordered one of these guitars. It will be done in 4 days and shipped in a hard shell case. They built it custom for be. It's a dream come true since Jackson was going to change $4,000+.

> > > Invader guitar: 900 EURO
> > > Hard case: 70 EURO
> > > Shipping: 80 EURO
> > > Total amount: 1050 EURO
> > >
> > > Specification:
> > > R or L Handed - Right Handed
> > > Body Shape - Invader
> > > Construction - Neck Thru
> > > Material - Mahogany
> > > Body Binding - No
> > > Body Finish - Satin Black
> > > Headstock Shape - Jackson Style
> > > Neck - Material Maple
> > > Reverse - No
> > > Headstock Finish - Match Body Finish
> > > Neck Finish - Match Body Finish
> > > Fngerboard - Ebony
> > > Number of Frets - 24
> > > Fret Size - Extra Jumbo
> > > Inlays - Sharkfins
> > > Fingerboard End - Square
> > > Fingerboard Binding -Yes black
> > > Headstock Binding - No
> > > Nut - Locked
> > > Width - 1 11/16''
> > > Hardware Color - Black
> > > Bridge System - Kahler 2300 Pro Trem
> > > Tuning Machines - Schaller M6
> > > Pickups - EMG 85 - 81
> > > Control Pattern - 2 x Volume, 1 x Tone, 3-way switch

Cool isn't it?

Soulinsane 2004-05-16 20:35

Yup, the shipping wasn't as much as I thought it was going to be either, but it did cost me an extra $35 to convert and transfer the money to them. They had not become an official member of th unified Europe when I ordered so I couldn't use paypal with them. Everything has changed over there now I think, so if you do get one it might be easier to pay for it. If not then let me know and I can give you some info about getting the money to them.

The Kalher was brand new and I sent it to them for instellation ( another $15 ). I found it on E-bay ages back and was saving it for just this kind of thing!

Thanks for letting me know you like it, BLS. I will post here again once I get it and let everyone know if it really rocks or not. I pray it does because I have never bought a guitar without first playing it.

Soulinsane 2004-05-17 09:30

3 more days! Ya :D

Soulinsane 2004-05-18 12:36

2 more days... and you bet there will be pics. I know that you guys can truely appreciate this guitar.

Soulinsane 2004-05-19 08:10

Construction of mine started back on 2 Feb this year. They need about 3 months for custom builds, plus shipping time, about a week to the US, but even that is way shorter then the Jackson, ESP, or B.C. Rich custom shops wait time. I could die of old age before they get finished. I ordered a custom Jackson KV-1 in 98' with the only thing different being the 6100 fret size and it took forever.

If you E-mail Ran Guitars with their custom price quote from the web site then Dariusz ( great guy to work with ) will answer any question about shipping cost, build time, and fine details after his first reply. Also, their custom price includes a hard shell case. They can do just about anything.

Tomarrow it should be finished and on its way to me. Once I get it, ask as much as you like about it. US custom shops are nice but they really try to butt rape you with cost and wait time, so I would like to help a fellow Metalhead from this happening to them.

Soulinsane 2004-05-20 11:13

It is finnished :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

Now I just have to wait for it to get here. I can hardly wait to get it!

Soulinsane 2004-05-24 11:27

No it hasn't got here yet. I would give it about a week if not longer, but I don't care if it takes a month as long as it gets here in one piece.

It freaks me out that postal people are handling it 'cause they don't give a damn about how fragile it is. I will get a call once it gets to the US and then I go pick it up. :D

The hard shell case should protect it.... I hope! I keep telling myself that guitars are shipped all around the world and make it just fine, so mine will be OK too. I just keep getting the mental picture of it bring thrown into the back of a mail truck. :(

Soulinsane 2004-05-24 19:51

Thanks for you're prayers, but I don't think there is such a thing as insurance form Poland to the US or I would have got it :bawling:

I got everything for shipping that could be had. Do you think I'm a stupid... Of course you do... You're the great Undying_Hate... I have crossed you before.

I thought you wanted one, right? You started this thread! Well, I got one, will you? Maybe yours will get stolen by a black-african Canadian because you live in Nigger, Alaska US fuckin super A. I bet you would just love that?

I like you, Undying_Hate, so please keep in contact. No hard feelings, right? ;)

Soulinsane 2004-05-30 20:43

Still waiting, but soon, very soon, I will have it. Believe me, I'm more anxious than you are, but what's a few more days wait for a dream guitar?

Soulinsane 2004-05-31 00:35

AAHHH!!! Don't tell me that Ran only did a half ass job before I get the thing! I will not be able to sleep at night. I'm nurvious enough about this guitar. I'm sure that they have done a good job building it, but the shipping part has about made me loss my mind. It's all I have thought about for over a week! This is worse then waiting to know if some girl you didn't like to begin with is pregnant by you. :eek:

Soulinsane 2004-06-04 12:14

:kaioken: :kaioken: :kaioken: :kaioken: :kaioken: :kaioken: :kaioken:

Damn the US Customs office, DAMN THEM TO HELL!!!!!!!!

I should have got the guitar yesterday, which would have been on time, but oh no... US Customs had to keep it. They want their cut in the deal too. Can't get something nice from Poland without paying for it in the US as well!
Those fuckers put a $109 tax and duty charge on my guitar and are keeping it in New York. :kaioken: It's my guitar but they are going to keep it forever if I don't pay, so I bent over and took up the ass and payed the damn $109 :kaioken: But now I have to wait another week or longer until everything clears with Customs and it is finally sent UPS to my front door. I AM SO PISSED OFF!!!!!!!!!!

Maybe the IRS or the democratics or the ATF or the FBI or the CIA will want their cut too :kaioken:

Has anyone every had to deal with this shit before? I have brought stuff back that cost even more than this guitar from over seas before and didn't get charged a dime! What the fuck changed?

PISSSSSSSSED OOOOOOOOOFFF, shit! shitshitshitshit :kaioken:

Soulinsane 2004-06-04 16:08

Your right! I will not care once I get it, but only if it's as good as I hope it will play and sound. It had better rock my world. :eek:

I thought I had all this Customs shit done with, but at the last fucking second, pow, "fuck you, pay us or we keep it". God dammit I payed for it so they should let me have it. Foggot ass bastards :mad: Maybe Canada wouldn't be such dickholes about customs. I know that this is all because it's from Poland. Next time I'm flying there to get it personally!

I have been raging all day about this shit! I'm feeling better but those fuckers are lucky that I just don't drive up to NY and kick someones ass for this! I know where they are at.

My shipping cost does include insurence so if any thing happens to this guitar while they have it then... fuck... I don't know what I will do. US Customs will just claim they didn't do it. Plus, paper work and shit gets lost by those fuckers for years some times. Right, like I'm sure they would just loss it, those crooked assheads.

They said it's going to take a week + for the paper work to go through and for the guitar to get to me from NY, so maybe next week I will be able to post my review and pics. Sorry people :(

Soulinsane 2004-06-04 19:50

Well if they just wanted to play it they could come by my house. I would be glad to let them... Not really, not after this.

Either way, it had better show up spotless after customs handles it or else I will contact some of my peeps and get shit delt with, to hell with what Bush might think. I work for the government too. I have been here longer than Bush and I can make shit hit the fan from the inside out, because this is BS! No one should have to deal with this shit over a guitar. It's a guitar not a Polish battle tank being shipped to me! I have tracked this guitar half way across the world and now it's stuck in NY. Every time someone does something with it a barcode is scanned and I can track it online. Well just today the bar code has been scanned 9 times, only 3 from Poland to NY, and is still in NY and being held by Customs. I can't get an answer as to what is being done with it except it's being held, to pay them, and that I might get it next week.

I hope everything works out. How ever long it takes it had better get to me in perfect condition. I will pester them every day until I get it.

Soulinsane 2004-06-05 02:09

If I were rich I would get a guitar with a big "FUCK THE US CUSTOMS OFFICE" sticker on and have it shipped to me from Iraq. I bet they would love that.

Soulinsane 2004-06-05 02:42

Do those fucks really need to do that shit? It's stupid to keep other stuff and this time it's personal!

Soulinsane 2004-06-07 16:56

Well, the guitar was released form Customs today, but it's status is still "shipment held" in NY, WTF :( Tomarrow is a new day and I will call and bug the hell out of them once again. Patients is my only friend right now. This had better be one great guitar for all the shit I have had to go through.

Remember kids, US Customs is the devil, so make sure that you have an extra $150 of bribe money to pay Customs if you live in the USA.

Soulinsane 2004-06-08 16:54

Lastest news in the journy of the Soulinsane signature Ran guitar.

I learned today that when the shipping company went to pick it up from the Customs warehouse last night something was wrong. Customs tried to give the shipping company something in 9 pieces :eek: Yes, I freaked out because I thought that it was the guitar, but later found out that it wasn't. It was some other parcel with 9 pieces, but with what seems to have the same waybill # as my guitar... How does that happen I ask, because my tracking waybill # has 16 digits. Well, the shipping company is asking Customs to explain where the guitar is and fast. The shipping company has been kind and helpful to me. They got all the Customs paper work done super fast. They have a rep to keep and they pride themself on fast quality shipping, so it seems they are as pissed off as I am about this, as it makes their records look like shit.

Allow me to reiterate... Damn the US Customs Office :kaioken:

Soulinsane 2004-06-08 19:58

Look at this shit :mad: This is the actual tracking of my guitar:

Tue 06/08/2004 04:11 PM CI UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Shipment on hold Scan location : New-York - US

Mon 06/07/2004 11:22 AM CI UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Released from customs Scan location : New-York - US

Fri 06/04/2004 04:42 PM CI UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Shipment on hold Scan location : New-York - US
Status Code : Held Customs

Fri 06/04/2004 02:48 PM CI UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Shipment on hold Scan location : New-York - US
Status Code : Held Customs

Fri 06/04/2004 02:47 PM CI UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Shipment on hold Scan location : New-York - US
Status Code : Held Customs

Fri 06/04/2004 12:38 PM CI UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Shipment on hold Scan location : New-York - US
Status Code : Held Customs

Fri 06/04/2004 12:31 PM CI UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Shipment on hold Scan location : New-York - US
Status Code : Held Customs

Fri 06/04/2004 12:31 PM CI UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Shipment on hold Scan location : New-York - US
Status Code : Held Customs

Fri 06/04/2004 11:06 AM CI UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Shipment on hold Scan location : New-York - US
Status Code : Held Customs

Fri 06/04/2004 11:04 AM CI UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Shipment on hold Scan location : New-York - US
Status Code : Held Customs

Wed 06/02/2004 04:47 PM CI UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Awaiting payment of taxes and duties Scan location : New-York - US

Tue 06/01/2004 11:29 PM ROISSY INTER CHRONOPOST Arrival at outbound gateway

Fri 05/28/2004 01:09 PM Masterlink Poland Entry export scan Scan location : Warsaw - PL

Soulinsane 2004-06-09 09:54

Just got a call from the shipping company. They located the guitar and learned why Customs still has it. It seems that they have released it, but that only means they're ready to release it once they are done with it, because I payed for it. Seems my guitar has made its way to the Customs investigation dept for further inspection, and they will not tell the shipping company why. Only told the shipping company that it looked suspicious. What is there it investigate about it? It's a guitar made for me in Poland! I guess Customs has to play it and make sure that it isn't to nice to own, because if one of those things get into the US it could ruin the guitar rip-off industry here. Don't those fuckers have anything better to do then put finger prints all over my guitar? I know they are got to open it.

The bad news is that this shit could take another week or more :angry: I'm going to have a nervious brake down because of this shit.

Soulinsane 2004-06-09 19:25

Originally Posted by MoonRaven
thats really fuckin gay, you had better post some damn pictures of this ghuitar after making me wait akll this time, and it had better be tthe most killer guitar on the fucking planet.

That's was I think too. I will post pics, promise, if I ever get the thing. Ppppff, maybe next year at this rate :rolleyes:

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