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philkilla 2004-10-23 00:24

Heaviest, Sickest Guitar Tone
What guitarists has the tone that you idealize and worship....or which guitarists of any metal band do you think has the most bad-assed tone(other than yourself of course)

trumpetjoetechie 2004-10-23 00:29

Michel J. Fox in back to the future, "Johny B. Good"

just kidding, i dunno, im kinda bored

DeathCS 2004-10-23 00:30

Wow, AWESOME thread.

The tone on Effigy of the forgotten is pretty awesome. Also, on Tomb Of the Mutilated.

Transient 2004-10-23 06:16

impaled - mondo medicale!!!!!

andrewc 2004-10-23 06:49

cypress hill has tha ass-baddest, s1kkest, kvltest, l33test sound.

heh, i like the sound that is on "brujerizmo" so ill go for that.

Credit to Dementia 2004-10-23 06:57

Originally Posted by CANNIBALCORPSE
The tone on Effigy of the forgotten is pretty awesome. Also, on Tomb Of the Mutilated.

You like flat and difficult to make out, eh? So do I. Who doesn't?

johnmansley 2004-10-23 07:43

Severed Savior's tone on Brutality Is Law is nothing short of phenomenal - pristinely clear yet at the same time as powerful as your dad's curry-induced flatulence.

hiimjosh 2004-10-23 07:48

The Red Chord (I'd give my legs in a heart beat to pull of those pinches), Pig Destroyer, Burnt By The Sun, Dark Tranquility, Death, Deicide (that lead tone in Bible Basher), Cannibal Corpse. For clean tone, definately Dysrhytmia though (Body Destroyed, Brain Intact has the best clean I've ever heard. Good crunch too.) There's so many and I'm just too poor to afford the equipment and they could all kick my ass in playing anyways. I hate playing guitar.

HELLBLASTER-666 2004-10-23 08:04

Probably Entombed's Left Hand Path

guitar_demon 2004-10-23 08:14

treys on gateways
i really dug the tone on wretched spawn
death-symbolic (probably one of my fav tones of all time)
the tone on the song mother by danzig is pretty cool

Ademus 2004-10-23 08:26

the solo bit in the black sabbath cover Planet Caravan by Pantera, sounds fucking sweet, the nicest ever clean tone. for distortion, umm, i duno really, slayers live tone, that tis tres cool

Necro_Butcher 2004-10-23 09:51

i already started a favorite tone thread like 3 months ago

TheDreadfulHoroscope 2004-10-23 10:26

I like the tone sepultura gets on "beneath the remains", same with "sounds of perserverance" by death, everyones gotta love the "Tomb Of the Mutilated", I'd also like to get similar sounds as nocturnus does on "The Key".

Transient 2004-10-23 10:35

Originally Posted by Necro_Butcher
i already started a favorite tone thread like 3 months ago

doesnt that piss you off when someone makes a thread that you already made

shit i hate that

ManOwaR 2004-10-23 11:02

Dimebag's tone in cowboys from hell and primal concrete sledge

kraz666 2004-10-23 11:23

The guitar tone on Vile's Stench Of The Deceased album is fuckin evil :vampire:

SuNioj0369 2004-10-23 11:57

Originally Posted by trumpetjoetechie
Michel J. Fox in back to the future, "Johny B. Good"

Nothin' wrong with that. I'd have to say Hetfield's tone was the first time I ever perked up and payed attention to the quality of guitar tone. Right now I'll have to go with the tone of Bloodthirst by CC.

DeathCS 2004-10-23 12:31

Overkill's tone. Damn. I love that tone.

Overmind 2004-10-23 19:34

Mayhem's tone on De Mysteriis. It's godly. I'm getting close to it on my GNX3 too.

Hammerfall's tone is unparalleled when it comes to clear yet full sounding distortion.

Innards-Decay 2004-10-23 19:56

Leng Tches tone on ManMadePredator! Thickest tone ive pretty much ever head with it being as clear as it is. I like decrepit births tone too, thick, and synthetic sounding, almost mechanical.

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