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Innards-Decay 2004-10-16 19:34

Im gettin a E570!
I got hired at my local grocerie store! I calculated my paychecks and should have enough cash flow in 2 months to get a Engl 570 preamp, which i played and i cant give it enough praise... any recommendations for a power section or other effects/eqs/filters i should get?

Def 2004-10-16 19:55

a matching Engl poweramp if you want to get really heavy :D

ofcourse that's gonna take some more paychecks, lol.

depends on how big you want your rack to be, in my engl/peavey rack I don't need extra stuff, its just poweramp and preamp and thats it. Engl poweramps are great too though, but expensive... but hell, if you're going for a decent setup you might go all the way anyways ;)

for effects, hell, I'm not an fx guy, never feel like I need anything more then an allmighty powerfull distortion and some warm cleans!

Engl makes lower wattage poweramps too, they sound awesome... anyways how many watts do you need and how much have you got to spend?
If you want loud but cheap, Peavey is the way to go, hell I even saw a 120/120 dual mono poweramp of them around, thats insane! (not as insane as the engl hp poweramp though ;) )
Mesa has ok poweramps too, I like the 20/20 for at home stuff, the 50/50 sounds so/so to me.. 2:90's and up all sound neat, but they're incredibly expensive for what you get over here.
if you have an Engl preamp, don't even think about getting a marshall poweramp, god it would ruine the bright and open tone of the engl with that muddy ass-end marshall tone they got in those heavy bastards. I've tried them all, from el34's to the solid state poweramps, fuck em, I'de never get any. But thats because I don't like the marshall tone of their poweramps, they colour the sound way too much and thats not what you want now do you?? nothing against marshall tops though. (ok except for the odd avt/mg's :rolleyes: )

Innards-Decay 2004-10-16 20:07

ok, i probably wont need more than 50 watts, seeing as i wont be playing HUGE shows that require like 6 slaved powerballs going into 30 Avatar cabs all miced to the pa. If im getting anything engl, i have to order it from rocksolid because he has the best prices for engls in the us. I could also go with a VHT 2/50/2 or what ever its called, but yeah, thanks def.

Def 2004-10-16 20:27

I've used the Savage 60 I've got live too and it cuts through the mix fine without having to crank it to the max. it goes over halfway though, but we play pretty loud.

the VHT stuff is great, its more expensive then Engl here, but thats probably because its from the US? I'de probably go with a nice 20/20 type poweramp if you're gonna use it for band rehearsal and shit, maybe a 50/50, but you probably won't need it, but who knows what the future might bring.

Innards-Decay 2004-10-16 20:36

yeah mesa stuff is cheaper here too. any way, ill probably get a 50/50 just because itll have more head room, but i could get a 20/20 for rehearsal or practice?

Def 2004-10-16 20:40

20/20's have plenty of headroom. the whole headroom thing is overrated, I've played 150w mesa's and 120w Engl's, I'de only get a tube amp with more then 100 watts if I started playing bigger then medium gigs (more then 400ppl)
It's nice, but I wouldn't use it now, like my rack, its 100 watts but it never goes out loud, now the savage top is something else, I can crank it a bit and that makes it sound even better, powertube saturnation baby.

ofcourse you could get a power attenuator but oh well....

40w's of tube power is enough for most practise, unless you play in a super loud band, but hell I've seen death metal bands play live shows with engl screamer combo's (!) those are 50 watts and they where just mic'd up like normally, still sounded great...

Innards-Decay 2004-10-16 20:58

sick then, i have to spend less...

xdislexicx 2004-10-16 23:51

damn you... the e580(almost identical to the e570) is my favorite preamp ever.

for a poweramp you don't want to cheap out.. in rack gear your sound is only as good as your weakest link. i used to have a bunch of cheap shit hosa cable holding my shit together.... sucked out my highs drastically, and the noise is caused in my rig was unbarable... $50 for a set of custom cutable george L's and everything just got better...

with a head everything is alltogether and well, which is why some people prefer the sound of a head to a preamp+poweramp rack.

i find for me it's better to have more wattage than less.... my band plays loud... i have to dime my 50/50 pushing two 4x12's.... that kind of loud. but it sounds fantasticly heavy because it gives me even more drive and the cleans from the jmp-1 really spank. but i'm selling it so i can get a mesa 2:95. i like the simul class stuff because the tone is soo sweet. in each side it has two el34's running in class A for a total of 30 class A watts(per side) and then two 6l6's running in class A/B for a total of 65 watts(per side)... and class A is alot louder than A/B for some reason...
the 2:90 is different because it doesnt have the el34's running class A, but 6l6's instead... so it just doesnt sound the same...
2x95 simul class watts is plenty of reserves for me.
but anyways... mesa poweramps rock.

i also really like the vht 2/90/2..... something about it's tonal color fasinates me...

do you want or need fx?

you might want to look into a graphic eq, maybe some kind of aural exciter or sonic maximizer.... but the first things you need are a good preamp and a good poweramp... then shoot from there with toys and extra stuff you don't "Really" need.

Innards-Decay 2004-10-17 00:48

yeah, i was thinking that. Just get the essentials and then toy around with other stuff if you still want to improve your tone. Although the 570 sounds really good to my ears so im not sure if ill have to.

Innards-Decay 2004-10-17 02:13

im also thinking of getting a gsp21 legend just because. Hey XDX, what effects does the gmajor have?

Necro_Butcher 2004-10-17 08:39

what happened to the amp that suffo uses

Slabbefusk 2004-10-17 09:26

A 570!? fuckin rad...

btw can anyone tell me how the 530 is?

Innards-Decay 2004-10-17 12:18

i dunno necro, i really like the VH140, and i like the closed and really focused tone of it. But the E570 is midi, and has 4 channels. but still, im not sure if it would be a wise decision to pay 1600$ for an amp when im not even gigging yet.

xdislexicx 2004-10-17 14:56

Originally Posted by Innards-Decay
im also thinking of getting a gsp21 legend just because. Hey XDX, what effects does the gmajor have?

the g major does alot of shit.... you can look up all the exact specs and shit on the internet...
it's got a noise gate(suprisingly good), a parametric eq.... standard modulation fx like chorus, flange, phase, ect.... plus reverbs and delays. tons of goodies, it's soo easy to use. and the sound quality is pretty effin good too.. better than most floor based multi fx units. even better than alot of individual effect pedals imo.

the line 6 mod pro is a pretty good fx unit, but it only allows one fx at a time which may or may not be fine for you.

i'm really into rocktron rack fx stuff these days... the xpression is incredible, better than the g major imo... it's cheaper than the g major and sounds as good if not better. pretty much the same options too.

the intellifex is better sounding than the xpression for what it does, but it doesnt have nearly as many features or fx...

the replifex is almost identical to the xpression(the xpression is primarily based off of it.).

lexicon also makes really great souding units.
but i hear alot of shit about them not being ideal for live applications, some sort of lag in between preset cahnges... not to mention they are much harder to work and tweak than the gmajor or rocktron units. but if you're truely nerdy you'll master it and the many things they're capable of.

if i had the money i'd get an eventide or a tc g force personally... but those cost alot of money... $500 for a new g major, or $1,400 for a new g force... :eek:

xdislexicx 2004-10-17 14:59

Originally Posted by Slabbefusk
A 570!? fuckin rad...

btw can anyone tell me how the 530 is?

the e570 and e580 are the bomb, but the 530 is a totally differen preamp... good yet much different in sound and options.

it has a pretty poweball-like sound imo... but still different.

Innards-Decay 2004-10-17 15:10

i posted on the necrophagist forums and muhhamed said that the E530 couldnt go brutal.

Def 2004-10-17 17:40

who ever the fuck muhhamed is, he's right, it doesn't sound as brutal as a powerball/fireball or savage, much like my 620 preamp...

the cheaper preamps come really close, but no dice.. if you know what I mean. my savage top sounds way more agressive then my rack somehow... it really kicks you in the nuts with its distortion.

don't get me wrong, a 530 can sound pretty brutal, but not as brutal as the tops, IMO, even if you combine it with the gazillion dollar engl poweramps.

But eh, why do you want to get a rack exactly, you're not even giggin? :confused:

Innards-Decay 2004-10-17 17:54

i dunno, i like gear and having different tones and options, but i guess since im not gigging i should probably compile a cheaper rack, like a gsp 21 legend and peavey 50/50 or something similar. Anyway, yeah, my friend and i are close to gigging, but we need a drummer, and most around here cant keep up with the stuff we write, and we're really sick of making compromises.

Def 2004-10-17 17:58

so you got your whole band together except for a drummer? well find a decent one and get going, but you don't need a 14392035293402 dollar stack for gigging, expecially when you don't have any experience with gigs.

the first couple of gigs your gear will sounds shit anyways because you won't know how to set it up and handle it with the sound dude... trust me, its how it goes if you play your first big shows.

ofcourse you could get the engl and a 50/50 just for now and upgrade on the poweramp later on, but if I where you I'de probably buy a decent head/cabinet since you don't need much more at the moment.

xdislexicx 2004-10-17 18:06

530 not able to get brutal my ass... it might not be as insane as the savage or something... but it certainly can get pretty mean... super fuzzy distortion isnt required for brutality... with most amps more gain can lead to more mud.

but whether you gig or not, i think you should get an amp that will handle anything you want it to. the e570 can go from country to grindcore if you know what you're doing. and it will do it well. even if i wasnt in a band i'd still want a huge rig... more options.
beside come one day you get a band together with a drummer, "let me go pawn my cheap rack and buy a half stack"... you don't want that.

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