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powersofterror 2004-10-15 00:06

Back in the game....
haha, how many lyrics now have I written with the same title:p:D.

Powers of Terror

It is black outside and I'm afraid to go out there
Cold wind, and rain trickles down the evening trees
Images, fearing a power great as lightening strikes
Great as if a figure was there, the figure of the night

There is a glow within my heart filled with darkness
As I stare out into the rain that traces paths of clearity
And light, as I watch with a silent touch of dispair
A dark light in the deep forest, beckoning my desires

There it goes now, fading in the diminishing colorless rain
Clear as a picture as if my life were to lower it's hold
Why do I stand still, fearing the curious nexus of hell
It is leaving, trailing its hate let go of my grasp in doubt

It is black outside and I'm afraid to go out there
Fearing a death bright and as clear as rain falling
A clearity that may bring my beast to the red fire
Yet my mind stayed, and I cannot understand why

Gone now is the light so dim to begin with

Here I stand, listening to the crickets murmer and eat
As a beast were to hold until the attack of death
Strange words begin to form behind my repulsive tongue
As I feel a growing anger rise beneath the depths

At heart as I now follow the whirlwind of rising color
Bleaking a safe passage towards my darkness
Languished to my death so colorlful and clear now
Hear a new roar, eat the flesh, dimmly colored in red

powersofterror 2004-10-16 00:17

:rolleyes:Am I fun to comment on anymore?...shhhhhit...maybe I should do a really bad one..muahaha.

L,B'XXX 2004-10-16 18:23

When powers' in trouble
I am not slow
It's hip, hip , hip
And away I go !!!

There's no need to fear
Metal mom is here !!!!!!

,,,,,,,, stolen from The Underdog Show

(SHIT !!!!!!! I commented on this but wtf did it go? Let me try it again. )

I was reading this earlier and listening to one of the songs in the Narsil thread for about the 5th time. I thinkit was Dream something or other ? But reading this and listening to that was perfect so unding together.

As for crtting it? The usual with you . Imagery was good. (as usual) Grammar was good.(as usual) Storyline was good. (yawn ) But I liked it better thatn some of your other ones for some reason. Maybe because there seemed to be more meat and taters in it.

Nice read with some great music.

powersofterror 2004-10-16 18:54

.....Now I need to write riffs to it.....:rolleyes:...I'm thinking riffage music like thrash/deathmetal. A lot of E mixolydian stuff...basically the E major scale with a lowered 7th.

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