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INVERTED 2002-04-27 23:13

Originally posted by Longjocks

Argh! How could I damn well forget him?!?! Take Fredrik out of my list and put Petrucci in. My list is in no particular order btw.

If that's the case, then I'm wondering how the fuck did you forget about James Murphy???

Katham 2002-04-28 11:00

Scott Ayers, Bill Steer, Steve Von Till, Adam Franklin, Steve Vai...

CtHuLhU DaWn 2002-04-28 16:06

In no order

Joe Satriani
Tom morello

An-Ri-Na-Sidhe 2002-04-30 19:26

Mikael Akerfeldt
Michael Ammot
Jon Schaffer
Alexi Laiho
Bill Steer

not nessecarily in order and not nessecarily picked for skill but for craftsmanship and sound.

Freke 2002-05-01 14:48

Jon Schaffer
Jeff Waters
Randy Shawver
Christoffer Jonson
James Hetfield (old Metallica)

MetalChef 2002-05-02 01:43

In no particular order...

Alex Lifeson(Rush)
Dave Mustaine(Megadeth-the person who made me want to play guitar)
Jon Schaffer (Iced Earth)
Dave Gilmore(Pink Floyd)
Randy Rhoads(Ozzy)

Honorable mention-Stevie Ray Vaughan-not metal..but one bad A#$ guitar player

nyoffe 2002-05-10 12:54

These are my favorite 5, not the 5 who I think are the best technically.

(in no order):

Kenny Hickey (Type O Negative
Dino Cazares (Fear Factory)
Jeff Loomis (Nevermore)
Kerry King (Slayer)
Pat O'Brien (Cannibal Corpse)

As far as technically... id go with Petrucci and Becker.

crispen411312 2002-05-18 04:44

1) Mike McCready
2) Zakk Wylde
3) Kerry King
4) Johnny Greenwood
5) Stone Gossard

OpethRules 2002-05-18 07:35

Originally posted by An-Ri-Na-Sidhe
Mikael Akerfeldt
Michael Ammot
Jon Schaffer
Alexi Laiho
Bill Steer

not nessecarily in order and not nessecarily picked for skill but for craftsmanship and sound.

Opeth guitarist.......nice.

Ozmodius 2002-05-18 08:34

Kirk Hammet
Kerry King
John Petrucci
Andrew Craighan
Trey Azagthoth

Squall 2002-05-19 00:29

also no special order......./
Steve Vai I
Joe Satriani I----------->DAMN!! the G3 i just went wednesday was AMAZING!
John Petrucci _I

Yngwie Malmsteen
(Jason Becker (is he dead??)

Euronymous 2002-05-19 12:37

in no order:

Kerry King (Slayer)
Jack Owens (CC)
John Pettruci (DT)
Erkekjeter Silenoz (Dimmu)

Henry Wolfe 2002-05-20 00:25

5. Chong
4. Tito Jackson
3. Anyone's dad who occasionally tries to act "hip" by playing Kumbiya
2. Charles Manson
1. The guy that did the theme song for Top Gun

(well no not really, but they all are entertaining, in there own comedic way)

3.KK Downing
4.Dave Mustaine
5.Daniel Svenson

herr spigelman 2002-05-20 03:08

My favourite 5 guitar players are:

1- Chuck Schuldiner
2- Alexi Laiho
3- Galder
4- Euronymous
5- Jeff Hanneman

wannabe 2002-05-20 22:56

  • JOE PERRY!!!
  • Eric Clapton
  • Jimi Hendrix
  • Jimmy Page
  • John Fruciante

There are lots more that I consider my very favorites.

Head_split_Open 2002-05-21 10:17

i have more than 5...

Kirk Hammett
John Petrucci
Jack Owen
Pat O'Brien
Jeff Hanneman
Zakk Wylde
Charlie (from Neverdead)

Becker rules 2002-06-03 15:40

Jason Becker
Marty Friedman
Yngwie malmsteen
Steve Vai
Joe Satriani

Becker rules 2002-06-03 15:47

Originally posted by Longjocks
This is a hard one...

Steve Vai (when he wasn't pumping out trash)
Jason Becker (RIP)
Alexi Laiho
Steve Lukether
Fredrik Thordendal (great player... just needs to expand a little)

Jason Becker isnt dead, he just cant play anymore.

Emperia 2002-06-03 15:56

2 Jeff hanneman
3 Kerry King
4 Pat O'brian
5 Brian Hoffman

Vortigern 2002-06-04 03:45

(in no particular order)

Axel Rudi Pell
Tony Iommi
Morgan Steinmeyer Hakansson
Erkekjetter Silenoz
Dino Cazares

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