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Metallica Man 2002-04-23 19:14

5 Favorite guitarist
James Hetfield-MetallicA
Kirk Hammett-MetallicA
Dave Mustaine-Megadeth
Dimebag Darrel-Pantera

memnoch 2002-04-23 19:51

Jeff Hanneman
Trey Azagthot (his name's a big tricky)
Chuck Shuldiner
Pat O'Brian

And last, but certainly not least, Dave Suzuki. That man is fucking brilliant. (probably the most talented of the 5 i've chosen)

If someone disagrees, i highly recommend listening to Vital Remains. Suzuki is a drummer, but he writes and play all the solos....ALL of them. He also does effects, plays classical solos when needed, synth, and a few other instruments.

The Crying Orc 2002-04-23 20:35

Top 5 favorite Guitarists:
1. Jon Levassuer (Cryptopsy)
2. Jon Levassuer (Cryptopsy)
3. Jon Levassuer (Cryptopsy)
4. Alex Auburn (Cryptopsy)
5. Jerry Cantrell (AIC)

ADE 2002-04-23 21:55

Oh well...

1. DimeBag
2. Malmsteen
3. Slash
4. Albert King
5. Me =)

Longjocks 2002-04-23 23:59

This is a hard one...

Steve Vai (when he wasn't pumping out trash)
Jason Becker (RIP)
Alexi Laiho
Steve Lukether
Fredrik Thordendal (great player... just needs to expand a little)

INVERTED 2002-04-24 01:46

Speaking in terms or "Metal"

1.) Peter Tagtren
2.) James Murphy
3.) Jeff Henneman
4.) Chuck Shuldiner
5.) Allen West

In no particular order.

Darkenelf 2002-04-24 03:28

re: 5 favorites
1. Duane Allman
2. André Olbrich (blind guardian)
3. Niklas Sundin (Dark Tranquillity)
4. Albert King
5. And of course myself

DerMeister 2002-04-24 04:18

No particular order:
1. Alexi Wild Child Laiho
2. Roope Latvala
3. Yngwie Malmsteen
4. Jani Liimatainen(or however you spell it)
5. Mark Knopfler

MetalPoldi 2002-04-24 08:50

Eklundh (just noticed him some days ago, but ha plays weird things on the guitar)
Morello (because he gats weird sounds out of his guitar)

CradleOfFilth 2002-04-24 15:05

heres's my list

1. kirk hammett (before hte black album...:rolleyes: )
2. alexi (children of bodom)
3. dimebag
4. timo tolki (stratovarius)
5.andré Olbrich (blind guardian)

but there's a lot of good guitar player:D

shatered sanity 2002-04-25 16:25

My favorite metal guitarists are:

- Zakk Wylde
- Dimebag
- Alex Skolnik (ex-Testament)
- Hetfield
- Glen Tipton

Riffmeister 2002-04-25 17:28

Here's mine:
1. Chuck Shuldiner
2. Jon Levassuer (sp?)
3. Jeff Hanneman
4. Peter Tagtgren
5. the dude in Suffocation(forgot his name)

DigitalCrack 2002-04-25 23:44

1. Andreas Kissier (Sepultura)
2. Marty Friedman (Megadeth)
3. Jeff Hanneman (Slayer)
4. Stevie Ray Vaughn
5. Randy Rhoads. (Ozzy)

DissectedCarcas 2002-04-26 03:34

most aren't metal...sorry

jimi hendrix
thurston moore
bill steer
kim thayil
tom morello (until he started playing with sounds too much, he should have stuck to guitar...hehe)
jeff hanneman too, just to throw in another metal name.
dimebag too (how can one do just five?!!)

by the way, kirk hammet has to be the most overated guiatarist in the world
(no one reply to that above statement or we might get this thread locked)

dave navarro...

Longjocks 2002-04-26 09:29

Originally posted by MetalPoldi

Argh! How could I damn well forget him?!?! Take Fredrik out of my list and put Petrucci in. My list is in no particular order btw.

Pablo 2002-04-26 11:02

my 5 favourite guitar players (in no special order)

Vinnie Moore
Yngwie Malmsteen
Paul Gilbert
Eddie Van Halen
Jason Becker

Obviously, there are a lot more....


OpethRules 2002-04-26 19:03

Re: 5 Favorite guitarist
Originally posted by Metallica Man
James Hetfield-MetallicA
Kirk Hammett-MetallicA
Dave Mustaine-Megadeth
Dimebag Darrel-Pantera

Damn u read my mind....those exact 5 for me too.

Freezer666 2002-04-27 15:50

i dont know him but its probably 'jean levasseur' perhaps?

HELLBLASTER-666 2002-04-27 17:45

in no particular order
1.Ritchie Blackmore(funny I've seen no one else put him)
2.Jeff Haneman
3.Jimmy Hendrix
4.Tony Iommy
5.Trey Azagthoth
Come to think about it 5 are not enough maybe 10 would
be better!:stoned:

The Crying Orc 2002-04-27 20:29

No, your right, that's how you spell his name.

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