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trumpetjoetechie 2004-09-11 21:02

"New" guitar
so my cousin gave me this old bastard guitar, and i just cant figure it out, its got 5 knobs one for volume, and the othere ones, witch by the way are not set up with the same orientation, some times clock wise is up, sometimes its down, any whoo, if i tunr any given one all the way down, it stops playig on a corisponding set of pickups, 2 knobs for each pick up btw, and i just dont know what the hell they are for

guitar_demon 2004-09-11 21:51

how many pickups are there? im gonna assume two for now

one volume and one tone knob for the bridge pickup

one volume and one tone knob for the neck pickup

and the fifth perhaps a master tone or master volume

Guilermo 2004-09-11 23:02

Theres one thing you must know, if there there they have a purpose so dont liek rip off or nething like that. lol

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