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Exploding Lobster 2004-09-05 23:46

Who here likes this band? They are my favorite! Why do you like them? Which songs? Album? Member?

BLS 2004-09-05 23:49

Who the hell dosent listen to Pantera??

younguitarist 2004-09-05 23:53


Exploding Lobster 2004-09-06 00:01

Thats pretty cool guys, I am a current MX one usually likes Pantera

DeathCS 2004-09-06 00:13

what bls said.

whats mx?

Exploding Lobster 2004-09-06 00:15 have like 77,000+ members........most of them are gay

DeathCS 2004-09-06 00:40

most not into metal or what?

Exploding Lobster 2004-09-06 00:48

Yeah, or they just dont like good metal, they like slipknot and gay shit

DeathCS 2004-09-06 00:52

Well.. Welcome to Metaltabs! Where Slipknot fans are flamed.

Exploding Lobster 2004-09-06 00:53

Finally some justice for Slipknot haters, You guys rule :smash:

Dystopia 2004-09-06 01:55

Welcome to the forums!

Chris Rezendes 2004-09-06 04:49

Pantera are one of the most overrated metal bands ever. I like them though. Cowboys from Hell is okay, Vulgar Display of Power is much better. Power Metal is their best. Great Southern Trendkill has some good tracks.

Def 2004-09-06 05:09


Chris Rezendes 2004-09-06 05:20

Originally Posted by Def


The Doctor 2004-09-06 05:59

Pantera's the best band in the fucking world. All the albums als killer (the old one's too), but i especially like CFH.

Cemetery Gates will be played at my funeral:)

Agent-Orange 2004-09-06 06:55

Originally Posted by Exploding Lobster
Finally some justice for Slipknot haters, You guys rule :smash:

No, just I rule. The rest here are just stupid cunts who are jealous of my greatness.

FearFrost 2004-09-06 09:43

beware of Darko he does not like Pantera :mad: but hes cool.

I myself, am a HUGE pantera fan.

Def 2004-09-06 09:50

Originally Posted by ChrisRezendes

that wasn't meant for you.

I just felt like saying cunt.

Pantera rocks, that goes without saying.

MetalThrashingMad 2004-09-06 10:09

Ha, I got thrown off by this guy's avatar, but he seems alright.

johnmansley 2004-09-06 10:10

Who are Pantera?

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