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h4x5k8 2004-09-03 23:29

Ryan Parry, the Master of Music!!
Well i happened to fall upon this site thanks to BLS's sig, and thank all i did because he has become my number one insperation to play guitar *cough*, So me and my friends decided to get together and cover his song My Life. I asked ryan to send me ther lyrics and "tabs" to his "song" and he actually did, he was exited to see that someone wanted to cover his "music", but he wont be to excited after he hears our shredolific cover.

First i must recomend that all go to his site Ryan Parry and see the video My Life Video or hear the song My Life Song and then you can hear our cover of his song My Life Cover or if that doesnt work get it here My Life Cover (mirror site). (The sad part is our cover of his song is actually better than the original song, our cover was based of the video which is completley differant the mp3, but they still both sound shitty)
10 minutes after i made this original post
ledzepdude1989: wow...
h4x5k8: did you listen to the cover
ledzepdude1989: no
ledzepdude1989: im about too
h4x5k8: ok
ledzepdude1989: wow
ledzepdude1989: u went through all that trouble
h4x5k8: trouble?
ledzepdude1989: just to record a hate cover
ledzepdude1989: yea
h4x5k8: it was it wasnt hate
h4x5k8: it was just pure entertainment
ledzepdude1989: well obviously u were mocking me
h4x5k8: yea pretty much but i still love your music, its just so awesomly homosexual
ledzepdude1989: lol well i know ur just playing with me
ledzepdude1989: but i liked the solo
ledzepdude1989: it was cool how u did
ledzepdude1989: it
h4x5k8: lol
ledzepdude1989: lol blows mine away
ledzepdude1989: but yea im sure u were making fun of my voice
ledzepdude1989: but uhh... i liked the music part
ledzepdude1989: well... why'd u have to add at the end ryan parry sucks at the end
h4x5k8:cause you do......
ledzepdude1989: oh

BLS 2004-09-03 23:47

AHAHAHA Dude you kick ass!!

I like how you just start laughing :p I wouldnt be able to sig like that and not laugh.

God damn you rock!!!




h4x5k8 2004-09-03 23:51

Lol thanks, yea i sang and played the guitar, and my other friend played drums and some guitar, and help with another person on the YOU SUCK PART. But all in all it was 30 minutes of good recording, this is pretty much the main source of entertainment right now between me and my friends is ryan parry so we decided to do this ranodmly today.

BLS 2004-09-03 23:55


Ive already listened to this song like 32423434 times!

younguitarist 2004-09-03 23:56

hahahha this thread made my day. MORE COVERS!!

h4x5k8 2004-09-03 23:57

oh dont worry my friend there will be more, we might try to make one of his songs sound like actual metal or anal cunt style singing and guitar, we are probably gonna get a camera and make some homotastical music video just for shits or somthing. :vampire:

BLS 2004-09-04 00:01


DeathCS 2004-09-04 00:11

HAHHAHAHAH!!! +10000 points for you!

Dystopia 2004-09-04 00:36

you...fuckin....kick ass! My Hatred to Ryan Parry + that thing is just awesome! Thank you!

DeathCS 2004-09-04 00:50

How can you actualy hate him?

h4x5k8 2004-09-04 00:51

Originally Posted by CANNIBALCORPSE
How can you actualy hate him?
me or mtv?
I definitly dont hate him, i admit he has balls for doing this shit, and he takes a lot of shit from people but sticks to it, its just to bad the music he likes doesnt really appeal to me.

BLS 2004-09-04 00:55

Originally Posted by CANNIBALCORPSE
How can you actualy hate him?

I love the kid, hes halarious! Watch his new video for "Baby"


Dystopia 2004-09-04 00:56

I exagerate (sp) when I say I hate him (depending on how much you have to dislike someone in order to hate them).

h4x5k8 2004-09-04 01:08

New e-gang, Ryan Parry Fan Club

DeathCS 2004-09-04 01:47

haha, im making a cover of 'the world is terribly infested' with death metal vocals and blast beats. Should be done tommorow. :D

BLS 2004-09-04 01:50

Im gonna try and cover Fire


I got blast beats... 3 houirs of random thunder and stupid shit

and sloppy guitar work. Should be a hit! Oh yeh and the song talks about tree's NECRO!!!

Dyldo 2004-09-04 02:39


Dystopia 2004-09-04 03:51

Can you copy the code for the Ryan Parry Fan club? All those colors are a little work for me, like making this post understandable.

h4x5k8 2004-09-04 10:38

[COLOR-=Red]R[/COLOR][COLOR-=Orange]y[/COLOR][COLOR-=Yellow]a[/COLOR][COLOR-=Lime]n[/COLOR] [COLOR-=Blue]P[/COLOR][COLOR-=Indigo]a[/COLOR][COLOR-=Red]r[/COLOR][COLOR-=Orange]r[/COLOR][COLOR-=Yellow]y[/COLOR] [COLOR-=Lime]F[/COLOR][COLOR-=Blue]a[/COLOR][COLOR-=Indigo]n[/COLOR] [COLOR-=Red]C[/COLOR][COLOR-=Orange]l[/COLOR][COLOR-=Yellow]u[/COLOR][COLOR-=Lime]b[/COLOR]

In order for it not to turn into color i had to put a - before every = sign, so just delete that and it will show up all colorful.

atifman 2004-09-04 11:57

heh, this kid sucks pretty bad
but i admire that he's actually giving a shot, and is trying to improve (look at his video version)
all he needs to do is learn how to sing, make his guitar sound better, and how to solo. and maybe better lyrics while he's at it.

the cover was alright, the voice sounded like a cross between Big Bird and Cartman getting raped in the ass.

the, it was better than Ryan Parry's but it could've been better :)

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