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timedragon 2004-08-30 15:41

Best Cover Songs
I dont know if it has been done before, but fuck it, do it again :)
What are your favorite, or most well done, cover songs you've heard?

In flames-world of promises
Norther-whichever offspring song it was
Estuary of calamity-a mansion in darkness
Cradle of filth-hallowed be thy name, sleeples... (most of their covers)
Graveworm-fear of the dark
Dimmu borgir-metal heart
COB-aces high

naming the band who wrote it isnt necessary, but go ahead if you like.

guitar_demon 2004-08-30 15:53

bands name in (..) originally wrote the song

death-pain killer (judas priest)

dimmu-burn in hell (twisted sister)

darkfuneral- dead skin mask, the make their own solos for it which are WAY better then slayers solos for it(slayer)

and if the sound qulity was a bit better

emperor- a fine day to die (bathory)

DeathCS 2004-08-30 16:03

Originally Posted by guitar_demon
death-pain killer (judas priest)

Transient 2004-08-30 16:04

death-god of thunder

BLS 2004-08-30 17:47

any Children of Bodom cover
Cradle of Filth - Fear of the Dark
Dark Tranquility - 22 Acacia Avenue
Death - PainKiller
Megadeth - These Boots
Pantera - Planet Caravan
Racer X - Children of the Grave
anything off Graveyard Classics
Slayer - Guilty of Being White
Slayer - Memories of tommorrow
Nile - Ramses Bringer of War

i know im forgetting alot

Nothingface4TehWin 2004-08-30 17:47

shadows fall - welcome to the machine (pink floyd)
pantera - paranoid, planet caravan (black sabbath)

Eternal_Sorrow 2004-08-30 18:39

Cryptic Wintermoon - Nightcrawler (Judas Priest)
Siebenburgen - Jawbreaker (Judas Priest)
The Crown - Burnin Leather (Bathory)
Decapitated - Mandatory Suicide (Slayer)
Crematory - One (Metallica)
Children of Bodom - Rebel Yell (Billy Idol)
Graveworm - Fear of the Dark (Maiden)
Children of Bodom - The Final Countdown (Every version i have heard skips at the second chorus)

And there is a hell of alot more but i can't be bothered to remeber them.

The Doctor 2004-08-30 18:52

Monstrosity - Angel of Death (slayer)
Morbid Angel - Troops of Doom (sepultura)
Pantera - Planet Caravan (black sabbath)
Megadeth - Paranoid (black sabbath)
Sepultura - Orgasmatron (motorhead)
Krisiun - In League with Satan (venom)

guitar_demon 2004-08-30 19:45

i heard a decent cover of angel of death by fear factory it was at a live show that i think someone taped but the quality wasnt that bad

Anubis 2004-08-30 20:50

Dark Angel-Creeping Death
Death Angel-Trapped Under Ice
Voivod-Chemical Warfare
Anthrax-Got the Time
Anthrax-Phantom Lord
Megadeth-These Boots
Metallica-Am I Evil?
Sodom-Surfin Bird
Blind Guardain-Spread Your Wings
Slayer-I Hate You
Corrosion of Conformity-Redemption City
Therion-Summmernight City
Exodus-Low Rider
Exodus-Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
Overkill-Hole in the Sky
Overkill-Fuck You
Testament-Nobody's Fault
Nevermore-The Sound of Silence
Iced Earth-Screaming fo Vengance
Iced Earth-Highway to Hell

guitar_demon 2004-08-30 21:05

who orignially did got the time? i didnt know that was a cover

SixfeetUnder420 2004-08-30 21:23

Megadeth- No more Mr. Niceguy
Testament- Nobodys Fault
Pantera-Planet Caravan
Death- Painkiller
Sixfeetunder- Smoke on the Water

VeSSlaN 2004-08-31 02:10

Iced Earth - Electric Funeral(black sabbath)
Cradle Of Filth - Fear of the dark(Iron maiden)
Norther - Final Countdown(europe)
Manowar - Nessun dorma(?)

Chris Rezendes 2004-08-31 03:36

BEST Covers-
Megadeth- School's Out (Alice Cooper)
Megadeth- No More Mr. Nice Guy (Alice Cooper)
Cannibal Corpse- No Remorse (Metallica)
Malevolent Creation- Perish in Flames (Dark Angel)
Monstrosity- Angel of Death (Slayer)
Decapitated- Mandatory Suicide (Slayer)
Emperor- Funeral Fog (Mayhem)
Emperor- A Fine Day to Die (Bathory)
Anthrax- Remember Tomorrow (Iron Maiden)
Mercyful Fate- The Ripper (Judas Priest)
Vader- Silent Scream (Slayer)
Vader- Raining Blood (Slayer)
Vader- Flag of Hate (Kreator)
Vader- Merciless Death (Dark Angel)

WORST Covers
Cannibal Corpse- The Exorcist (Possessed)
Cannibal Corpse- Confessions (Possessed)
Nuclear Assault- Good Times, Bad Times (Led Zeppelin)
Dark Angel- Immigrant Song (Led Zeppelin)
Slayer- Dissident Aggressor (Judas Priest)
Emperor- Gypsy (Mercyful Fate)
Exodus- Low Rider (War)

People should stop trying to cover Led Zeppelin, as they always fail. People should focus on covering Iron Maiden and Slayer, as they always succeed. Megadeth and Vader can do no wrong with covers. Cannibal Corpse should stop covering Possessed. What few Dark Angel covers there have been were all good.

Anubis 2004-08-31 04:01

Originally Posted by guitar_demon
who orignially did got the time? i didnt know that was a cover

Joe Jackson.

Infinity 2004-08-31 05:03

Anal Cunt - Unbelievable!

your unbelivable, du,dun dun dun, dun dun dun,

The Doctor 2004-08-31 06:58

and ofcourse cat scratch fever by pantera (and motorhead, but pantera's version is better)

Undying_Hatred 2004-08-31 07:02

Staying alive. Oi! version

In Flames - World of Promises (The fucking intro asdlkfhaslkdjhfklajsnckjasnkj)
Children of Bodom - Rebel Yell
Slayer - Ina gadda da vida

BeastOfCarrion 2004-08-31 07:25

Impaled - Carneous Cacoffiny
Regurgitate - Genetal Grinder
Disgorge (Mex) - Hepatic Tissue Fermentation

i have a carcass tribute cd

Agent-Orange 2004-08-31 07:33

Sodom - Iron Fist (Motorhead)

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