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BLS 2004-08-27 21:54

inntonation i would belive.

Chris Rezendes 2004-08-28 03:11

Originally Posted by BLS

yeh cause god knows we wouldnt want Slayer to progress!!!!!??!?!!??!?!


7 strings can be used to great affect.

It worked for Cannibal Corpse, they sound great now. I'm not sure why they always need to tune flat, though. Their tunings have been Eb, Db, and now Bb. Why?

On topic, I sure hope Slayer are working on a new album. That way I'll know whether or not their last 2 albums were a fluke or if they really DO suck now. It's too bad, too, Diabolus sounded promising from the first song and went to shit from there.

DeathCS 2004-08-28 15:29

I did like GHUA a bit. Not their best work, I just hope their new one is better. Ill pretty much always be a fan though.

Tattered 2004-08-28 17:36

went off topic there for a bit.. yeah cant wait for slayers new album, god hates us all wasnt that bad really.. some good riffs and songs and stuff. and IMHO i dont think reign in blood was that legendary.. it was very just fast and thrasy, i think south of heaven was more of a classic.

BLS 2004-08-28 17:46

I thought GHUA was awesome, some excellent riff's, original solos. Plus the whole it was released on 9/11 and the first track say flight 794 or whatever.. which was one o0f the hijacked planes... pretty weird shit.

guitar_demon 2004-08-28 18:06

Originally Posted by BLS
and the first track say flight 794 or whatever.. which was one o0f the hijacked planes... pretty weird shit.

where does he say that?

BLS 2004-08-28 18:13

its on Deviance, "flight 27" then screams. Fucked up shit

DeathCS 2004-08-28 21:16

Originally Posted by BLS
its on Deviance, "flight 27" then screams. Fucked up shit

yeh I know thats weird.

PopDevourer 2004-09-05 20:05

Yeah, well a year or two ago, I read something Kerry said in an interview. And they were experimenting with 7 strings. That is never. EVER. A good sign.

Dissection, what clownery. It's f#cking SLAYER dude, have a little faith.

7 strings could be used and are a great idea, but they have been used by mostly a bunch of queers from what I have seen

MetalThrashingMad: What about the literal plethora of death and grind bands that use 7 strings?

I remember Kerry saying he wanted the album out by late April (in 2004), but admitted he was being a bit optimistic. He also said that he hoped Slayer wouldnt do Ozzfest because 'Slayer fans pay all that money for a 45 - 60 minute set.' As soon as they were annouced at Ozzfest the interview was taken down.

But at the time, the album sounded like it was in it's late stages. On a recent update I heard December/January.

Chris Rezendes 2004-09-06 04:52

Originally Posted by PopDevourer
Dissection, what clownery. It's f#cking SLAYER dude, have a little faith.

It's easy to lose the faith when two mediocre albums and one shitty album are their last three releases.

SixfeetUnder420 2004-09-08 15:47

Personally i think ever since Lombardo left Slayer has gotten worse and worse. but since Lombardos back it should be pretty kick ass. But im hearing this talk about 7 strings I dont really know how kick ass it will be. I just hope its not another God Hates us all.

SuNioj0369 2004-09-08 15:58

I've heard Kerry talking about how the album will sound like GHUA with some SITA mixed in...I suppose that couldn't be TOO long as he doesn't write any more lyrics.

Tattered 2004-09-09 09:50

Of course it cant be bad, Seasons was a good album, and the riffs in GHUA were pretty chunky.. 7 strings?.. err i dont think slayer would do that.. well hopefully not.. if they did say they were gonna use 7 strings.. surely it was ment in a piss-take way?.. and who knows if they do use 7-ers on there new album, it could sound amazing, and start off a trend, hahahaha

SuNioj0369 2004-09-09 13:14

I'd be open to the use of doesn't, however, mean I'll like the results.

PST 88 2004-09-10 00:00

Slayer's notorious for delivering new albums somewhere about two to three years late. It will come, and when it does, you'll know, because suddenly every Slayer fan in town you didn't know existed will rush to the cooler CD store and buy it, then fill the parking lot with a bunch of modified car stereos playing the CD, staggered in time with when they actually bought it, and there will be beer and moshing and bleeding and people standing off to the side, calling the CD gay and cursing Kerry King for drugging the rest of the band and forcing us all to listen to his crappy, nu-metally, sell out crap. And they'll be wrong.

God Hates Us All was great. I can see why people don't like it, but it's good. Clearly, though, they're going in another direction, or have been, and they're getting better at it. It ain't gonna work for everybody, but that's why there are douchebags in the world.

And didn't they use the 7 strings on God Hates Us All? I remember hearing about it then, I figured it was for that record. Anyway, an extra string isn't the kiss of death, it's just doing what Iommi wished he could've done when he was forced to detune to C# because of Ozzy's range.

Dystopia 2004-09-10 00:26

Originally Posted by tatter3d
Its been a while since slayer did 'God Hates Us All' 2001 in fact, 3 years and no album.. whats taking them so long.. any rumours or obvious news that they will be doing one soon?


You go make another Slayer album.

BassBehemoth 2004-09-10 10:37

God Hates Us All Could have been soooo much fucking worse, suck it up.

SuNioj0369 2004-09-10 14:11

Originally Posted by BassBehemoth
God Hates Us All Could have been soooo much fucking worse, suck it up.

Good point.

Chris Rezendes 2004-09-11 14:30

Originally Posted by BassBehemoth
God Hates Us All Could have been soooo much fucking worse, suck it up.

Six Feet Under could be worse (i.e. they could be Burzum), but they still suck. Pig Destroyer could be worse, but they still suck mustang cock.Mortician could be worse, but they still eat wildebeest jizz. God Hates Us All could have been worse, but it still ate donkey shit.

PST 88 2004-09-11 14:46

That's a good point, but cut the animal abuse. The last thing nomad needs is for the ALF to come in and bomb the shit out of everything because, goddammit, keeping a mustang and a wildebeest to suck off and eat the jizz of's a form of animal slavery, just like the Holocaust. Just like it, motherfucker!

Anyway, more on topic: the amount of time this record's taking should be a bad sign for anybody who disliked their last few albums, since I'm pretty sure that they only started writing and recording slowly more recently. If you're the type to take these things as a death knoll, well, it's a death knoll. Or maybe it just means that they, while writing, sat and listened to the music, though 'this eats donkey shit,' and did some re-writing. I'm cool with it going either way. I haven't been really into a Slayer album since Divine Intervention, but I'm still waiting to see how the direction they've been going in since Diabolus pans out. And I'll keep waiting, goddammit, because Slayer's earned my eternal suspended judgment until they do something either really great or fucking terrible.

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