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BLS 2004-08-20 13:26

Rules?? Whats the purpose of this forum? :confused:

guitar_demon 2004-08-20 13:27

yea, when the hell did we even get this?!

BLS 2004-08-20 13:28

like 10 mins ago??

nomad 2004-08-20 13:37

ask doc ;)

guitar_demon 2004-08-20 13:40

hey nomad can u put this forum below gear , i dont know why but it just bugs me

its not that big a deal though

nomad 2004-08-20 13:47

Well, guitar, bass, drums and vocals are part of a band... and gear is, well, gear :)

Also, I think the gear forum is spotted better if it's the last one, otherwise it's lost between drums and vocals ;)

guitar_demon 2004-08-20 13:48

yea i see your point

BLS 2004-08-20 14:33

Keep gear last, its easier for me to just click the last link then acually read the forum titles :p

The Doctor 2004-08-20 15:07

some usefull threads were this is discussed:

L,B'XXX 2004-08-21 15:53

I think I will ask at my forum for opinions and see if we can get a vocal thing going at TC. I think it's a grrrrrrroovy idea myself. :)

L,B'XXX 2004-08-21 16:09

Originally Posted by The Doctor

I read through those threads and I know it probably isn't correct to post my opinion about the other topics here but since you post ed those threads here I will.
Again, I'm speaking about 'where I come from' and we have a home recording forum that usually is pretty helpful and gets lots of feedback and ideas. Some people do record more professionally and they offer tips sometimes ,too.

And I like the idea of having a vocal forum seperate from the L/P forum.

metalpro 2004-08-23 10:45

i know this is off topic, but nomad u have a kick ass pic. by ur name

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