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SixfeetUnder420 2004-08-13 14:14

Favorite Vocalist?
Whos your favorite vocalist?

Def 2004-08-13 14:14

who hasn't found the search function?

andrewc 2004-08-14 06:44

Mikael Åkerfeldr by a country mile. followed by johnny morrow of iron monkey, and varg.

Transient 2004-08-14 08:29

varg, but holy shit of course this thread already exists on non metal forums too. jesus, look around a little

Trendkill_420 2004-08-15 18:19

fred durst.

Knight 2004-08-15 18:25

Jens Ryden from Naglfar.

Trendkill_420 2004-08-15 18:25

willie nelson.

Transient 2004-08-15 21:00

hey yeah jens does have a great voice... it sounds almost childish...really creepy

rapeandruin 2004-08-16 00:13

Johan Hegg of Amon Amarth
Dani Filth of CoF
Trevor Strnad of The Black Dahlia Murder
Shagrath of Dimmu Borgir
Galder of Old Man's Child

Hallucinating Death 2004-08-16 07:15

Matti Karki (DIS-fucking-MEMBER! Also Murder Squad, Carnage)
Martin Van Drunen (Comecon-Convergin.., Pestilence)
Craig Pillard (early Incantation)
Ross Dolan (Immolation)
Tomi Koivusaari (early Amorphis)
Barney Greenway (Napalm Death)
Joe Ptacek (early Broken Hope)
Antti Boman (Demilich)
Lord Worm (Cryptopsy)
George "Corpsegrinder" Fisher (Monstrosity, CC)
Jason O. (Infester)
Ares (Aeternus)
Chris Reifert (Autopsy)
3 Guys/whoever did vocals for (Dismembered Fetus)
Brett Hoffmann (Malevolent Creation)
John Tardy (early Obituary)
J.R. Hayes (Pig Destroyer-Prowler)
Mike van Mastrigt (early Sinister)
Gronibard fella
N.C.C fella

many more..

Nihilist 2004-08-16 07:50

John Paoline!

AbbathGS 2004-08-16 10:02

Chuck Schuldiner (Death)
Frank Mullen (Suffocation)
Ross Dolan (Immolation)
Mikael Akerfeldt (Opeth)
Antti Bowman (Demilich)
Hansi Kurch (Blind Guardian)
Luc Lemay (Gorguts)

Most all of the rest are generic.

The Doctor 2004-08-16 10:16

The guy from Amon Amarth, the guy from Darkane, Phillip Anselmo and Chuck Schuldiner

Trendkill_420 2004-08-16 19:36

phil anselmo
jim morrison
bob marley
eric clapton
tom petty
leonard cohen
roger waters
john lennon
layne staley
kurt cobain
neil young
robert plant
david glimour
eddy vedder
snoop dogg
bradley nowell

Anubis 2004-08-16 20:35

Hansi Kursch
Bobby Blitz
Steve Souza
Warrel Dane
Sean Killian
Kai Hansen
Matt Barlow
Vortex has a pretty good voice
Loana dp Valencia

Chris Rezendes 2004-08-17 03:45

10. James Brown
9. Tom Jones
8. John Cougar Mellancamp
7. Rod Stewart
6. Ruben Studdard
5. Prince (also known as The Artist Formerly Known as Prince)
4. Rick James (RIP)
3. Boy George
2. Iggy Pop
1. Kevin Millar

1 being the highest, of course.

BOSE 2004-08-17 10:09

God damn this was a thread like 2-3 weeks ago. GREAT :idea:

obrien20 2004-08-17 11:19

Brett Michaels!!!

:sickface: :sickface: :sickface: :sickface: :sickface: :sickface: :sickface:

Stay Brutal...

Metalhead_Dave 2004-08-17 11:38

Here are mine in no apparent order.

Phil Anselmo(Pantera, NOT Superjoint Ritual)
Pat Lachman
John Bush
James Hetfield(minus yeah, baby, and all the dumb sounds he makes)
Tom Araya
Brian Fair
Ron Marchini

Winter_Wrath 2004-08-17 17:26

Johan Hegg-Amon Amarth
Warrel Dane-Nevermore
David Vincent-Morbid Angel

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