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MeTalManiac555 2004-08-11 16:11

Well I am wanting to get my own recorder but not sure on what to get.... Something that will record the music onto a CD not tape. I have some songs down on the guitar and I wan't to record it and then be able to lay my lead guitar in and then throw in the drums when I am done. Does anyone know a good recorder to do this with because I am just going to make my own shit up now since noone around here is into the same music as me so I am going to do everything myself.
I need something that is not too expensive but also not really shitty where it will only last me a year.
Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

MeTalManiac555 2004-08-11 16:12

Also what all will I need to record my own shit with like mics, etc etc.
Thanks again.

rapeandruin 2004-08-11 16:17

I would just record to computer to tell you the truth...lot easier...Get cooledit pro 2 or something it has 128 multitrack recorder...For a mic get shure sm57 or some other mic like boss i think is the name. for a mic stand if you need one you can make your own... here I created the tutorial and stuff and it has worked great. gets the job done for recording and saves a shitload of money.

Main thing though on recording is not so much the quality of the mic always but rather where you are recording from. I use to use this old shitty mic that I would throw around and I got some good recordings off of it. Mess around with distances and read the manual on the mic you choose because it can help you a lot on where to put it for the sound you are looking for.

did that help?

MeTalManiac555 2004-08-11 16:30

Thanks a lot man. That mic thing helped too dude, I have a welder at home so I will just weld everything to save money instead of all that threaded shit like the elbows and all. Actually at my church they got a mic stand there in the shed that never gets used so I might try to get my hands on that thing.
But yeah you helped me a bit there. I don't know though I would like to have something that is good for recording because I have a few guys that want to record some stuff as well because me and a friends dad have some stuff that we made up on guitar and I wan't to record it then get on my drums and add some stuff in there as well....
So if I don't wan't to go the computer way then what will I need? If I got a recorder will I need a mixer and all too? If I even have to spend abut 2000 or around there I might do that as well too but am going to try to stay in the 1000 range at first IF ITS POSSIBLE.

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