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BLS 2004-07-28 10:08

Public Groups
Are these just a way to classify people so they can gain access to a certain part of the forum? (Like Mods would be a Public Group, allowing them access to the mod forum) or what??? :confused:

Father Death 2004-07-29 10:19

well its nothing special for mods...if it is i don't know about it...

i don't tihnk anyone uses those anyways, just ignore it.

Nihilist 2004-07-29 10:28

That's probably the case with mods, but as Father Death said - ignore it. I don't think it is used.

BLS 2004-07-29 14:56

I wanna make a public group though!!

Soulinsane 2004-07-29 15:01

For La Lucila order. We have some poeple that would like our own public group.

Def 2004-07-29 15:32

I'm pretty sure you're allowed to stick your public group up your own bunghole :)

Father Death 2004-07-29 16:10

Originally Posted by Soulinsane
For La Lucila order. We have some poeple that would like our own public group.

yeah you're all about the circle jerks eh.

BLS 2004-07-29 16:15

Why yes we are, wanna join?

Father Death 2004-07-30 20:00


Soulinsane 2004-07-30 20:07

Your with the MTPD anyway, but the offer is still open? We could use some crocked fuzz in our e-gang yo.

BLS 2004-07-30 21:22

no one ever answered my question, whats a public group?? what purpose does it serve?

nomad 2004-08-18 05:12

"I'd search Google before asking dumb questions" (c) Bart Simpson :p

BLS 2004-08-18 20:56

Grrr, i search google for everything. But the ONE thing i dont use google for somone directs me to google...

thanks for making me look like an ass Nomad :bawling:

johnmansley 2004-08-19 03:19

You don't need Nomad to make you look like an ass! :D

Def 2004-08-19 04:38

rofl, nomad just enhanced his ass-y-ness

BLS 2004-08-19 11:36

Atleast my ass is SEXAY

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