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johnmansley 2004-08-03 15:11

Thanks for the explaination.

Hahaha! Good stuff, Dissection!

Dissection 2004-08-03 17:13

Originally Posted by mtv_is_gay
I think it's something like a benifit program for poor people. (I have no idea)

A few local bands did I benifit show for something called Jerry's Kids. They were giving out free food and drinks.

Jerry's Kid = Retards

I don't know if thats right, but I picked it up somewhere, and it sticks.

Thanks, John. :D

morbid_priest 2004-08-05 13:22

Originally Posted by AbbathGS
Man, they're as bad as like.... Cannibal Corpse or Six Feet Under.


Cannibal Corpse? :confused: you are joking right? :confused:

TheDreadfulHoroscope 2004-08-05 18:58

i hate both kittie and otep :p well six feet under is bad but CANNIBAL CORPSE?!

Dissection 2004-08-05 19:10

Originally Posted by morbid_priest
Cannibal Corpse? :confused: you are joking right? :confused:

Cannibal Corpse have become a walking Cliche', so I think its safe to assume that no, we aren't joking.

CC died when Barnes left, and SFU sucks to begin with.

Cunty Shunt 2004-08-05 19:47

Stoner Rock = Unida, Kyuss, Orange Goblin, etc. Not bullshit Nu-Metal.

I know that's why I said TRYED.

Dissection 2004-08-05 19:59

"TRYED"? Nice spelling, moron.

They were trying to be metal, not Stoner Rock, you idiot.

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