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MRX2099 2004-07-23 10:05

Digitech 2112/2120 preamp/FX processor
Has anyone used one of these, I know digitech has discontinued them, so I cannot find any real info on them. I know they have 2 12AX7 tubes and the distortion is suppossed to be massive by being able to use tube distortion and solid state distortions both at the same time somehow. Anyone have any pros/cons about this unit compared to a GNX3 or something similar to today's equipment
1) Are they able to output digitally into a PC to record digital?
2) Are they better/worse than a GNX3?
3) Are they just for studio recording or can you use them at gigs and or for just practicing

Thanks :beer:

Jeff in Ky :scatter:

xdislexicx 2004-07-23 14:59

hmmm... im not to familiar with em'. one of the dudes from severed savior was playing one last night through a mosvalve 50/50 tube poweramp... it sounded pretty good imo...
definately better than th gnx3.

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