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NZ black metal drumm 2004-07-07 05:55

Your Kit.
Tell people about your kit:

I have a Pearl Export 5 piece with a ride and a splash both situated by the hi hat which makes for fun two handed stuff on the ride and splash, I also have an Axis Longboard double pedal which is awesome!

so what do you play?

MeTalManiac555 2004-07-12 23:17

I have an old kit... It's a Tama Artstar ES but kicks ass and has nice deep toms. All my hardware and cymbals are shitty. They are... Sonar pedal, pearl hi hat stand, no name cymbal stands, no name hi hat and crash, Planet Z crash/ride, umm... That's all that I can think of but anyways my kit normally came as a 4 peice 14 inch snare, 24 bass, 12 tom tom, 16 floor tom and I through on a peice of shit Percussion plus 12 inch tom that isn't as deep for now until I can find another 13 and 10 inch Tama ES toms to put on. I have been looking for them for a year now and I only see 5 peice sets (same as mine but with 22 inch bass, I can't find 24) and they are like 800-1000 bucks for the set and I don't wan't the whole thing and have no money for the whole thing. Well I am kind of wondering off the damn subject here so I will leave it up to the next person.

The Doctor 2004-07-13 07:22

i have a very old crappy maya set, fucked up snare and skins. My hi-hat broke in two and my ride......yeah my ride:D

But i dont drum often, it's at our rehearsal spot

SixfeetUnder420 2004-08-13 01:44

I have a Pearl Export Select. 8, 10, 12, 13, 14, 16, inch toms. 14 inch snare. 24 inch kick. Double pedal. 6 crashes, 2 cups, 4 splashes, 2 chinas, one ride and 2 hi hats. And my other drum set is a Tama Rockstar Double bass. 10 12 13 14 16 18 Inch Toms with 14 inch snare and 24 inch kicks. And I have 3 Crashes, a ride and a hi hat. Oviously my pearl is the one I play the most.

NZ black metal drumm 2004-08-13 03:16

thats some nice shit!!!

although I now have a ten piece, it is not a proper one, the toms are the same size (but one set is alot more bassy than the other set so it is okay)

Vargon 2004-08-13 11:15

Pearl MMX Kit, Charcoal grey finnish

rack toms
A - 9x10"
B - 10x12"
c - 11x13"
D - 12x14"

flor toms
E - 16x16"
F - 16x18"

G - Pearl free floating 14x6,5 bronze snare

H - 2x 22x16" B.drums

All on a Pearl Icon racksystem with pearl hardware.

I - 14" Medium hi-hat, Paiste
J - 14" Power hi-hat, Paiste
K - 22" K-custom ride, Zildjian
L - 20" Oriental china trash, Zildjian
M - 16" Stage crash, Sabian
N - 17" AAxtreme crash, Sabian
O - 16" AAxtreme crash, Sabian
P - 16" AAxtreme crash, Sabian
Q - 18" Alpha China, Paiste
R - 12" Wohan china
S - 10" Wohan Splash
T - 8" Istanbul Splash
U - 8" AAX splash, Sabian
V - 14" Zbt Plus China, Zildjian
W - Dw Delta nylonstrap 5000 pedal
and sometimes Sabian 18 aaxplotion and stage crash (studio work etc.)

Evans g2 heads on toms
Evans Emad bd.
Evans reverse muffle coated snare heads (or what the h*** they are named)
Sticks: Vicfirth 5b nylontip

And a custom made Pearl Throne with airflow.

O'yeah, almost forgot.... a k&m drink holder

pics in the pics of your kit tread!

BOSE 2004-08-13 17:57

I just wanted to keep shit simple on my kit so I got me a Yamaha stage custom with a natural oil stain 7 piece. (including both snares)
snares:3x13 piccolo(pearl firecracker,primary), 5.5x14(regular snare that came with kit, secondary)

Axis double A longboards <black>
Axis hi-hat stand

A custom ride 20"
Z custom: 18"projection crash
Z custom: 16"projection crash
Paiste 801 cymbal pack, 12" splash, 16" crash. 18" china
Paiste signature dark 13" hi-hats
12" zil bell
6" zil bell
16" Sabian Dave Weykel signature evolution crash.
18" Sabian Carmine Appice signature china
10" Ziljian titanium splash
16" Ziljian Saturation crash
16"Ziljian China boy high
13"Ziljian China (can't remember the name)

I also have DDrum triggers, and an Alesis DMpro module.

omdthrash 2004-08-13 18:42

Mapex Pro-M series caramel fade finish

12"x10", 13"x11", 16"x16" toms
14"x4" snare
22"x18" bass drum

18" Paiste 502 China
20" A Zildjian Ping Ride
16" Paiste 502 crash
12" Mystery China (came for free with some drumheads, I think its a wuhan)
16" A Custom Zildjian Crash
14" Paiste 502 Hats

Pinstripes on Toms, Powerstroke 3s on snare and bass

Pearl Eliminator Double pedal, other assorted hardware crap including a really really comfortable, ass-tastic seat. Its like im sitting on a cloud and a coin operated bull at those hick bars, its got springs in the base for whatever reason. roc n soc i think

I like to use promark 747s made out of oak, but anything around a 5A is cool

It also enjoys long walks on the beach, candlelit dinners, andd if it becomes miss america it will buy all the needy children a puppy

TheUnforgivenSoul 2004-08-23 15:29

Pearl Export ELX
I have a 5 piece Pearl Export ELX, Vintage Fade with a Zildjian ZXT Rock cymbal pack. In the pack was a 20 inch ride, 16 inch crash and a pair of 14 inch hi-hats. I got a pearl 16 inch crash and a pair of Pearl hi-hats that a got from my old kit set up on my new set. I also got a beat up Zildjian ZBT 14 inch crash on my kit too. For a pedal i have a Pacific double bass pedal, nothing special. Just for kicks i mounted my ride cymbal where the small tom over the right of the bass drum would be and put that small tom on the right of my kit next to my large tom. i put the pearl hi hats next to the large toms. I have the Pearl crash and the ZBT crash on the right of my kit and the ZXT crash over the ZXT hi hats on the left.

tylertherobot 2004-08-30 12:59

My set:

22" x 18" bass - Mapex Pro-M
22" x 14" bass - Pearl Forum (?)
10" x 9" tom - Mapex Pro-M
12" x 10" tom - Mapex Pro-M
14" x 12" tom - Mapex Pro-M
16" x 14" tom - Mapex Pro-M

14" x 8" 32-ply snare (Bought it off ebay, sounds GOOD but somewhat quiet)
14" x 3" steel piccolo snare (Cheapass brand)

22" Saluda Mist Ride
20" Saluda Mist Ride
20" Zildjian ZBT Ride
16" Saluda Mist Rock Crash
18" Saluda Mist Rock Crash
14" Zildjian Titanium High Hats
22" Wuhan China
18" Wuhan China

I use Aquarian, ATTACK, and Remo heads, 7a sticks with Nylon tips.

Axis Longboard double on 22x18" bass drum, Duallist on 22x14"
Stationary Hat.

NZ black metal drumm 2004-08-31 00:24

that is an interesting setup you have, do you do sorta dream theatre esque stuff (like progressive metal) or just want to have 2 differently tuned basses for the hell of it?

tylertherobot 2004-08-31 03:22

A LOT of style changes mostly, I use the 22x18 a helluva lot more. The other one has the duallist on it, if you're familiar with the pedal, and I can do some interesting stuff with one foot using the double bass function on it and single pedal on the other bass drum.

It's weird but it sounds great, I'll see if I can record something sometime soon.

tylertherobot 2004-08-31 03:25

Oh yeah, and CHECK OUT SALUDA MIST CYMBALS!!! I could not recommend another cymbal, for metal they're just amazing, they're LOUD and they make you feel like your head is going to explode whenever you hit them, the rides especially will rip anything you hear a new a-hole. I like them a lot better than the higher-end Zildjians just because of the pingy sound they make, personally, I think they sound better than the ping rides that are specifically made for the purpose of being pingy. (I'm an advertisement for Saluda. bah. but they're nice, plus you can have plain looking pretty cymbals cause the logos come off easy)

NZ black metal drumm 2004-08-31 05:53

is the dualist any good? becuase it is near impossible to get one in NZ without direct importing from the US and so I have never tried one, I have heard they are okay, but not that great, what do you think?

The Execrator 2005-01-03 17:54

I know this thread is pretty old but whatever.
My Kit:
Drums: Peace 5 peice
12x10 tom
13x11 tom
16x16 floor tom
14x4 snare
22x18 bass drum
Cymbals: Sabian and Wuhan
Sabian XS20
10" splash
14" hi-hats
16" crash
18" crash
18" china
20" ride
I also have a 12" Wuhan china and an 8" Sabain B8 splash but i never use the splash.
I have mapex and pearl boom cymbal stands
Tama iron cobra power glide double pedal
Tama iron cobra hi-hat stand
I have Remo Pinstripes on my tom batters, the heads that came with the kit on the other side. I usually tune my all my toms on the lower side. On my snare i have a Remo Emperor head and i tighten the head a little less than all the way up. On my bass drum i have a Evans EMAD head. Medium tuning.

Im also going to include all my specifications :)
I currently have my pedal springs tighened up all the way. I usually mess around with that. My beaters are about 3 inches away from my bass drum head. My pedal boards are at about medium height. Not to high, not to low. I have my toms all pretty close together. I dont keep my cymbals that high up. They are about a foot or so above my toms. My ride is realy low right above my floor tom. And i usually sit with my legs parrallel to the floor. I have a few different pairs of sticks but i mainly use 5As. Oh ya, i just got a pair of drumming isolation headphones the other day and they are pretty cool.

low-tech 2005-01-03 18:47

how do you guys tour with 30 piece drumsets?, and how long is the set up time?

i got a 3 piece drumset 24" bass 14"tom 70's ludwig clear vista lite 13" pearl piccolo snare<that guitar center 100 buck deal as advertised in those annoying catalogues>
check this out, dual 20" zil hi-hat<thier old and kinda wasted> and 20" zil ride cymbal<soon to be replaced by a 30"+ gong that im gonna drill a hole in the center and mount to a stand as soon as i get my hands on one>

axis single pedal, i use 5b zil sticks that look the same on both ends, absolute rock i think thier called

sets up in 5 minutes, breaks down all inside the bass drum, i ask this coz ive only been on the road in old toyo vans and minivans, i only take whats necessary, i couldnt imagine setting up a drum or cymbal i may only hit a few times as my band suffers being cramped day in day out in the rear with the gear

SixfeetUnder420 2005-01-03 20:20

Originally Posted by NZ black metal drumm
thats some nice shit!!!

although I now have a ten piece, it is not a proper one, the toms are the same size (but one set is alot more bassy than the other set so it is okay)

Thank You

NZ black metal drumm 2005-01-04 01:39

I will be posting piccies of my new kit setup soon,

as for setting up large kits, I set it up before I get on stage, and carry it out with 2 bass drums with my rack toms on them, my 2 floor toma and my snare and then my cymbals, since I do this almost instantly the other band comes off and I get everyone to help me it takes about 5 mins to set up, that includes tinker time and drum check/wanking off time.

I am looking to get a drum carpet with bass drum, pedal and everything else's position marked on to aid drum setup.

as for moving it around, my shitty old honda civic has enough space for all of my kit, so I just take that on 'tour' (which is to the various pubs and back that we play at) everyone else takes their own cars and we fit all our gear in 3 cars and then cruise to the gigs.

The Doctor 2005-01-04 08:23

most of the time there is a roadcrew, or people from the gig who will help you?

anway, were we played most of the time the backline was the same throughout the evening.

low-tech 2005-01-04 08:37

ive just noticed over the years most drummers<but not all, some people are very effecient> with huge sets take way too long setting up and breaking down and frequently someone on the line up suffers for it, the telltale sign is when they are thru the dude starts unscrewing his cymbal stands, intending to breakdown entirely from the stage, sometimes they have to coz there aint room, thats just something im very concious about, i'd own a terry bozzio/neil pert style kit if i could, id just hate to lug those sets around

also loading/unloading can be dangerous when youre outta town, it has been for me, i can carry my entire drumset in one run minus the rug<i use a golf bag for my stands>. and since im last to load in at the end of the night and sometimes alone, im the guy dealing with the drunks, the crackheads, watching meatheads trying to kill one another in close proximity to me locking up and securing thousands of dollars in gear, and i want that time to be as short as possible. i ve seen bands draw diagrams of thier load in, and follow it to a tee, everything is placed preciesly, i used to own a big kit myself, these situations have just caused me to slim it down

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