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VeXxX 2004-06-05 16:02

what are you guys favorite tunings...and y? :homer:

Dissection 2004-06-05 16:04

D. But I keep it in normal because my guitar teacher will have a fit.

I use my RP7 to de-tune it to D, though. But take it from me, you will fuck up your guitar if you are constantly chaning tunings. Pick one and stay with it.

Transient 2004-06-05 17:03

c# and standard

Corpsevomit98 2004-06-05 17:08

Standard, D, and B. I use B for the sole reason that my band uses B and also when I am tabbing out songs from Amon Amarth, that is mostly their tuning.

MoonRaven 2004-06-05 17:09

standard, on both my 6 and 7 string guitars, its easier for playing with other people, since standard is the standard, plus its alot clearer sounding than with drop tunings.

BLS 2004-06-05 17:11

One step down

younguitarist 2004-06-06 00:09

drop C# or Eb.

rapeandruin 2004-06-06 00:25

I personally like standard c and standard e tuning. I like C because I wanted to test out why all these bands were playing in it and that it is still clear and heavy at the same time. I like E because of lots of bands playing in it and I've really liked the sound I'm getting with it currently.

DEAD 2004-06-06 01:10

Eb, C#, and B. I have 3 guitars so it's easy.

EDIT: In standard intervals, I hate drop tuning.

BeastOfCarrion 2004-06-06 03:08

i play in drop C because im slack, and because its more meaty than drop D

Slabbefusk 2004-06-06 04:49

I play in standard E, ive tried all sorts of tunings , C#, drop B, drop C, Eb and i figured that its best to learn stuff in standard E tuning before you start exploring other tunings.

Undying_Hatred 2004-06-06 09:01

Standard, because Im now a faggot.

fritz 2004-06-06 09:30

I play in D tuning because I like the way it sounds. A good balance between heaviness and tightness of strings.

A lot of bands make really lame use of drop tunings, but it can sound really cool. I think a lot of Pantera's Vulgar Display of Power is in drop D, and sounds heavy as fuck.

Dissection 2004-06-06 11:55

Can anyone tell me how to drop it to C? My tuners are all gay and don't tune in between tunings.

rapeandruin 2004-06-06 12:20

go buy a Korg Chromatic Tuner CA-30. It can pick up any note so you can easily tune to C. I believe they are like 30 bucks but they are well worth the purchase.

ShredIsNotDead 2004-06-06 12:37

I stay in standard and rarely ever learn stuff if its not in E tuning.

fatdanny 2004-06-06 16:33

I find with Eb you can use a 'pack 'o tens' and its not too tight. Plus i play along to slayer CDs alot.

Originally Posted by Dissection
Can anyone tell me how to drop it to C? My tuners are all gay and don't tune in between tunings.

I tune by ear these days. Tune it to a song on a CD, or if your guitar is in standard, tune your bottom E to C using the C on 3rd fret A-sting as an octave higher comparison. (if that makes sense)

Or buy a tuner that tells you what note your playing...

DeathCS 2004-06-06 17:29

On my main guitar, I tune to Eb.
Recently, I've been getting more and more into Nile so I set my Jackson up it to Drop A.

ramstien22 2004-06-06 18:26

on my 6 string i tune down to a c# and on my 7 string i tune it 1 step down :sickface:

andrewc 2004-06-08 01:31

whatever tuning the song is in.

it is an aboslute bitch tuning up and down but i have a good ear so it's fairly easy for me. :smash:

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