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dying-oath 2004-05-31 17:15

Torture Chamber
Welcome to the Torture Chamber. This is the place where you submit the worst torture you can think of. I encourage you; we're going to kill him eventually, don't hold back. Do not try to be merciful, just torture, psychological or physical, whatever's worst. I'll start it off.
Make him stand against a wall. Pin his arms to the wall with knives or whatever works. Next we'll take a hot coal, have himstick his tongue out, and then have him sit there with the coal on his tongue, if he tries to retract his tongue, stick the coal in his mouth. Then you can take a cockroach and hold it under his nose until it goes in, wait and watch him squirm. Next, start disecting his right leg, watch the muscle quiver until he finally gives out, then you can kill him, i think a slit throat would be best, then you should hook him up to a big bungee cord and let him bugee jump while he's dead so he can be an example to all others.

Try to keep the tortures slow and very painful, we want this to take at least a day.
Once again---Have Fun.

FearFrost 2004-05-31 17:16

Ok... :confused:

The Doctor 2004-05-31 17:25

Put him on a table, take a knife and slit both his cheeks open to his ears and let him eat something very salty.
After that cut each toe and finger of and let some bugs knibble on the wounds.
That put some rats and cockroaches on his belly and place an iron box over them. Heat the top of the box so that the bugs and rats are getting it tremendously hot, they will try to escape and the only way is to eat through the belly and the intestins.

That should nail the fucker down.

brainsforbreakfast 2004-05-31 17:28

Well...nothing beats the old sense deprivation chamber...

Fill a soundproof room with lukewarm salt water and put him in it. Give him a oxygen mask so he wont suffocate, but make sure he hears nothing and sees nothing. Also, the lukewarm salt water would give him the feeling there is no difference between the water and his body, so he wont feel with his skin.

After a day (or even a few hours) he will lose his mind forever! Why kill him if taking someones sanity is so much more fun?

BLS 2004-05-31 19:26

forceing someone to read one of your shitty poems

AHAHAHAH! :flame:

younguitarist 2004-05-31 20:40

Shoot him

AnubisXy 2004-05-31 20:44

Originally Posted by BLS
forceing someone to read one of your shitty poems

AHAHAHAH! :flame:

Is he Vogon? o.O

Soulinsane 2004-05-31 22:18

Put a weighted belt on him, about 25 lb.; hands and feet tied up. Place him naked standing in a large container filled with water and biting fish just over his head with a small drinking straw helded in his mouth to breath through.


Plenty of water to drink so he will not go fast.

Must remain standing ( not hard to do in water so he will last even longer ) or drowned due to the weighted belt... this means no sleeping!

If straw is lost then he drowns... he must remain focused on holding the straw in his mouth and fight with spit build up... mouth cramps will eventually start!

His fate is up to him. Giving up is suicide... bad for religious folk. You're not really the killing him so you can sleep at night :)

Explain to him that if he survives a week then he is free, not true of course, plus give him no way to tell time.

If he drowns and your not happy with how long he lasted then revive him promptly and tell him he must start over :D

BeastOfCarrion 2004-06-01 00:07

having to read through usless threads

whats next, the "my nice steady middle class upbinging was totally shit" thread?

Soulinsane 2004-06-01 00:20

Yes, but you like it because you are going to look hear again in the future to see what every one else has wrote.

If you make a new post then I know I'm right ;)

dying-oath 2004-06-01 12:14

Hah. that's good. let's keep it going.
Take the liquid Co2 that the doctors use to freeze off warts, then start spraying it beneath his genitals. Not ON his genitals mind you, only near, you want a slow freeze down there. when his genitals start to freeze and he's in the first stages of frostbite, put him in 100 degree water and watch him squirm as his genitals come back to life. take him out of the pool and let him stand in the cold. then nail his feet to the floor and have him put his arms out to the sides. if he moves them down even an inch they will get cut off piece by piece. then start making him spin around. there is no moving floor, so he'll have to do it on his own, but if he moves his arms down...
then you start shoving pencils up his nose.

Transient 2004-06-01 13:57

you guys are fucking weird

Soulinsane 2004-06-01 14:31

:D I'm going to have so much fun ripping this virtual mans soul apart!!!!!!

Pineappleystuff 2004-06-01 15:11

1.Make the poor man watch bad movies from the 70's until they just aren't funny anymore.
2. Scalp him, light his scalp on fire, shove it in his mouth so he suffocates on the smoke from his burning scalp (after filling the nose with play-doh)
3. Steal his toothbrush and not let him buy another
4.Fill a room with a bout two inches of nail polish remover and crucify him in there.
5. Make him watch British porn. Never seen it myself but it sounds terrible. Oooooaaaawwww Yess Dahling loik thaht. Bollocks hit meh hada oontil Ah Blead!! (phonetic, kiddies)
6. Drench him in cold spam whilst being forced to stare at his naked grandmother whilst he is in handcuffs and being stuffed with angry angry kalimari. (ewww)

angry kalimari hehehe.

Mordor 2004-06-01 15:40

1)hang him by his nipples until the skin breaks,
2)give him that disease where this bacteria eats his flesh
3)stretch him
4)drive over his legs
5)attach him to some horses and trail him through stinging nettles and horrible oddgy bushes
6)chop each of his limbs off, one by one until he's still alive
7)take out his eyes
8)put him under local anaesthetic and open up his skull and take away bits of his brain and then he'll be :uzi: dead :)

The Doctor 2004-06-01 16:23

attach him on a table by hitting 3 inch nails throuch his balls

BLS 2004-06-01 16:29

Atif likes it when i do that to him

The Doctor 2004-06-01 17:18

stop that man

Soulinsane 2004-06-01 20:38

Originally Posted by The Doctor
attach him on a table by hitting 3 inch nails throuch his balls

Youch :eek:

Simple but also wonderful!

Cybris 2004-06-01 21:01

chain him onto a wooden pentacle...and have the room pitch black...slowly start to rotate the pentacle so he starts to freak out...also helps if u have a loved one of his hanging right above him so that they are looking down, eyes open staring at him with their dead cold eyes...just when he thinks hes gonna crack turn the lights on and make it so that he feels that he can go free...then as soon as he gets his hopes up release the dead body so it drops on him then burn him slowly alive with his loved one

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