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killbot2000 2004-05-26 18:31

i'm new here, and i'm not completely sure as to how to go about this, but i would like to request one or two tab uh requests. the band is Dead Elizabeth, and up and coming band from fresno, CA.

you can find mp3's of their songs here:

the song i'd prefer to be tabbed is called Beauty In Details, the website above is where you can find it. thanks in advance.

ImmortalHate 2004-06-01 17:05

if someone whos tabbing that and is familiar with Dead Elizabeth could also tab out Of Succubi in Violent Rapture that would be much appreciated.

ImmortalHate 2004-07-10 23:31

can someone please tab any of the 4 songs on their demo!! they are all so great. just go to their website and listen. please!

Infinity 2004-07-11 00:00

Ill give it a TRY.

Infinity 2004-07-11 01:17

fukk me. that song is shit. maybe ill tab it in some spare time or something, but im deffinately not making it my lifetime goal.

Sorry, just not my stuff. Still i may have a go at it

ImmortalHate 2004-07-11 12:39

thanks anyway. thats all i ask for.

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